Peffermill School

Peffermill School  -  Late-1990s

Peffermill School

  Andy Tulloch. Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Peffermill School

Thank you to Andy Tulloch for sending me the photograph above that he took of Peffermill School in the late-1990s.

Andy has lived in Craigmillar for many years and was a member of The Whitehouse Pub's award-winning darts team in 1974,

Whitehouse Darts Team, Craigmillar - 1974 

Peffermill School was situated in Craigmillar Castle Road, not far away from The Whitehouse Pub.

Acknowledgement:   Andy Tulloch, Craigmillar:  July 15, 2009

Recollections of Peffermill Tin School