AH Baird

The 'Lothian' Book Slide


Photographic Apparatus  -  AH Baird  -  1895  -  The 'Lothian' Book Slide  -  1895

  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society


AH Baird

The 'Lothian' Book Slide

The Magazine: 'The Practical Photographer' included the above illustration of A H Baird's Lothian Book Slide in September 1895.  It reported:

"Mr Baird is an ingenious man, and one of his latest productions is a simple arrangement in brass to stand on any library table, shelf, or desk, for the reception of a few books.

It extends by means of brass tubes, which fit one into another, and is rigid when open as when closed.  Wooden arrangements for holding books have been on the market for some time, but at best they are rickety affairs.

This slide is a most useful addition to our editorial desk and will serve to remind us of its donor."

[The Practical Photographer,  September 1895, p.282]

The book slide was also described in the journal 'The Photogram' in August 1895  [p.195]   This journal described the instrument as:

"made of solid gun metal, and adjustable to a large or small number of books;  well made and decidedly good value.   Price 5s 6d."."



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