AH Baird

The 'Lothian' Stereoscope

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Photographic Apparatus  -  AH Baird  -  1895  -  Stereoscope

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The Lothian Stereoscope by AH Baird, 1895

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   The Lothian Stereoscope by AH Baird, 1895


AH Baird

The 'Lothian' Stereoscope


The first photo above is taken from 'The Practical Photographer' magazine, September 1895. 

The second photo is of one of these instruments that has survived with its box until today (2011).  Thank you to David Gordon owner of 'Now & Then', a shop in West Crosscauseway, Edinburgh, selling old toys and antiques, for telling me about this instrument. and allowing me to photograph it.

'Here is The Practical Photographer description of this instrument


"A writer in 'The Photographic Times' of a month or so back mentions a much needed improvement in the stereoscope, and regrets that such an instrument is not yet to be had.

'All that is required' he says 'is an easily controlled uniform simultaneous movement of lenticular prisms from or towards each other through a very small distance, thus enabling each individual rapidly to bring before each eye the combination of the particular pictures before his eyes.'

It is rather singular that almost simultaneously Mr AH Baird has introduced his 'Lothian' Stereoscope, which possesses just those points which Professor Himes, who writes the above, urges the need for.

The eye can be placed in close proximity to the lenses, and the broad flange on the latter cuts off direct light.  The carrier slides easily to and fro on two tubes.

It is an instrument to be highly recommended, and one which is calculated to assist many who find a preliminary difficulty in acquiring proper stereoscopic visions.

[The Practical Photographer,  September 1895, p.282]

The stereoscope was also described in the journal 'The Photogram in August 1895  [p.195] and illustrated the following month  [p.219].  This journal described the instrument as:

"well finished and very ingeniously constructed.  Price, post free, 14s."

The journal added added:

"It will be on view in 'The Photogram Museum during August."


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