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Photograph from Robert Turnbull's Studio  -  Four in a Boat

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk   -  Photograph taken April 1991

Studio Photo  -  Portobello

The post-card size photo has been mounted on board about 9.5 ins x 7 ins.  The mounting board lists Robert Turnbull's studios.

The studio 'boat' is on a support painted to match the sea in the backdrop. 

This view looks from the sea back towards Portobello Pier and Edinburgh, with Arthur's Seat, the extinct volcano 823 ft high in Queen's Park, in the background.


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Studio Addresses

Addresses of Robert Turnbull's Studios - as they appear on the mount of one of his studio portraits


Zoom-in to the postcard size photo mounted on card as a studio portrait  -  Four in a boat  -  Portobello Pier and Edinburgh on the backdrop.





Studio Photos

Boat and Pier    Zoom-in (studio addresses)    

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