Robert or John Turnbull?


Turnbull  (- Was it Robert of John?) advertised on one of his photos:

Turnbull, Nicolson Square
  Edinburgh;  London;  Glasgow.


Another visitor to this web site reports that she has a photograph by Robert Turnbull giving studio addresses of Glasgow, and others in Paisley, Saltcoats, Portobello and Greenock, and that the Head Office and Works were in Eglinton St, Glasgow.

 [Thank you, Sheila, for this information]

A third visitor to this site refers to her photo  by Turnbull & Sons giving the following studio addresses:

1,  Artistic Photographers, 10 Jamaica Street, Corner of Argyle St, Glasgow

2.  23 Garfield Street, Opposite New Post Office, Belfast

3.  Bijou Studios, 37 Hamilton Street, Greenock

 [Thank you, Cathy Craft for this information]





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