Louis Saul Langfier's Studio

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   Photograph of Louis Saul Langfier's studio.  Was this in Glasgow, Edinburgh or London?


   A sketch by Louis Saul Langfier  -  "A Hielan' Chieftain"

Louis Saul Langfier  -  Studio Addresses

Louis Saul Langfier  -  Background

Louis Saul Langfier  -  Family Tree

Louis Saul Langfier  -  Patronages

Louis Saul Langfier  -  Gravestone

Adolph Langfier

Kenneth Rive

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3.   Was this his Glasgow studio or his Edinburgh studio or his London studio? 
      Please email me if you know.


Zoom-in to see the photographs on the walls of Louis Saul Langfier's studio.  Was this in Glasgow or Edinburgh or London?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Karen, grand-daughter of Louis Saul Langfier