Louis Saul Langfier



Louis Saul Langfier


Louis Saul Langfier appears to have married Pearl Langfier.  They had two children, Eric Samuel and Iris.

Eric was born in Glasgow, 29 September 1903, and emigrated to New York, USA c.1923 then moved to Miami Beach, Florida, 1971.  He died on 1 March 1986. 

Iris was born in London a few years after Eric.

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With acknowledgement to the following (most of whom are named on the chart above:

-  Doreen Brady, Leonardo, New Jersey, USA, for the family history details and for passing on copies of Louis Saul Langfier documents, a sketch and a photo received from Karen Alcorn and belonging to Iris.

-  Frances Rive, for further details of the Langfier family.


Louis Saul Langfier

Photographic Businesses

Louis Langfier  AND Louis Saul Langfier

Louis Saul Langfier had photographic businesses in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.

His daughter, Iris, reports that Louis Saul Langfier was "the official court photographer in London".  Here is a document in which  Langfier claims an impressive list of patronages.  However this document may relate to Louis Langfier rather than Louis Saul Langfier.

Joan Ireland, descendant of Louis Langfier, tells me that Louis Langfier was a different photographer from Louis Saul Langfier, and that it was Louis Langfier who displayed the Royal Coat of Arms against his name.

Louis Saul Langfier

Louis Saul Langfier and his brother, Adolph, came to Britain from Poland .  The date of their immigration is no known.  He was living in London at the time of the 1901 census with his wife, Ellen, and son, Adolph.  (All of this paragraph, or perhaps just the second sentence may actually refer to Louis Langfier, not Louis Langfier.)

Louis Saul Langfier died in 1925.  Please click here to see a photograph of Louis Saul Langfier's gravestone with his brother Adolph standing beside it.   [Frances Rive]




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