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Glasgow Studio

Louis Saul Langfier commenced his photographic business in Glasgow in 1893.  His studio address was:

c.1894 - 1898 202 Hope Street, Glasgow



Move to Edinburgh

The book, Industries Art Commerce Century XX, reports that  in  1904, Louis Saul Langfier established his principal premises at 60 Princes Street, Edinburgh.

“Commodious  -  a 1st floor reception room furnished in Chippendale style, and two studios” and  “Portraits in black & white, water colour, carbon, other media, miniatures in ivory; also wedding groups and shooting parties and large portraits in oil.  The company produces work for postcards, prints, etchings, etc. for art publishing firms.”     [IA]



Edinburgh Studios

Louis Saul Langfier's first Edinburgh studio address was:

1904 - 06

60 Princes Street


In 1907 the business became Louis Saul Langfier Ltd., continuing as photographers, but also advertising amateur developing and printing.

 Louis Saul Langfier Ltd's Edinburgh addresses were:


60 Princes Street


127 Rose Street Lane South


4 West Maitland Street

 Louis Saul LANGFIER applied for UK citizenship in 1898

  [Joan Hall:  October 7, 2007]


London Studios

Louis Langfier

Langfier Ltd had a studio in London:

 1899 - 1908 (or later)

 23a Old Bond Street, London, W

NOTE:  Joan Hall (née Ireland) is a member of Louis Langfier's family. She points out that the London photographer, Louis Langfier of Langfier Ltd (above) was not the same person as the Edinburgh photographer,  Louis Saul Langfier.

Joan adds:

Louis Langfier

"Louis Langfier married Ellen Ireland in 1883 in Blackburn and moved to Renfrewshire by 1891.  They had two sons, James Maurice, born in Blackburn, and Adolf, born in Scotland.  They lived at 23 Queens Crescent, Cathcart in 1891 when Louis applied for citizenship.   Louis Langfier died in 1916.


"Louis Langfier had studios at:

-  23 Old Bond Street

-  16 Brook Street

-  Hanover Square

-  234 Finchley Road

Other Langfier Photogaphers

If you look at the phone book, it says that Louis Langfier was 'not connected in any way with the other Langfier advertising in the West End'.

This was Saul Langfier who had studios at:

-  34-36, Oxford Street

-  123a Victoria Street

You can view the information on the web site in the phone directories.   It has the Royal Coat of Arms alongside Louis Langfier and Langfier Ltd.  The other photographer is Saul Langfier."

Joan Hall (née Ireland):  October 5 +7, 2007.

I have no further information about Saul Langfier in London.  Below are the other photographers named Langfier that I have found, working in London.

I don't know which (if any) of the Langfier photographers were related to each other.

Peter Stubbs:  October 6, 2007.

Adolph Langfier

Adolph Langfier (the brother of Louis Saul Langfier) had studios at:

1906 - 07

154 Holland Park Avenue (1906-1907)


95 Wigmore Street


Pearl Langfier

Pearl Langfier was the wife of Louis Saul Langfier.  She died in 1950s.  Her studio was at:

1907 - 08

 24 Westbourne Grove, London





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