Campbell Harper

Photographic Services

13 South St David Street  -  Early Days

Campbell Harper Photographic Services was the retail side of Campbell Harper's business.

The company was based at 13 South St David Street from 1958 or earlier.  The premises had previously been occupied by another photo retailer who did his own developing and printing in the basement.

The Managing Director (in 1963) was Alan Harper, son of John Campbell Harper.

Around 1969 or 1970 the upper end of South St David Street was redeveloped and the company moved to 11 South St David Street.

The company also appears to have had a retail photographic businesses at 50 Dalry Road in 1975, but its main premises for most of its life were at South St David Street.

11 South St David Street  -  1980s

With the demise of he retail side of the group, Dave Pearson took over the retail side of the Campbell Harper business at 11 South St David Street and traded in the name of Pierson Photographic Services.

He later sold out in 1983 to Williamson & Wolfe but remained the shop manager until his retirement.

11 South St David Street  -  Today

Today [May 2003] 11 South St David Street is still a photographic shop, selling cameras and offering developing and printing.  The name of the shop now is:

'Photo Factory'

Many thanks to Mike Nagel, who worked for Campbell Harper Group, 1963-1968.  He provied extensive notes of his recollections of the business.  Most of the information above is taken from the notes provided by Mike Nagel.