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William Crooke



Picture by William Crooke  -  1890

Picture by William Crooke, 1890  -  Run away horse and cart

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Butch and Eloise Johnson

William Crooke


Picture by W Crooke

What is known of William Crooke as an artist?  This 1890 picture of a runaway horse and cart is the only drawing by Crooke that I have seen. 

It has been sent to me by Lloyd and Eloise Johnson who are keen to learn more about it.  If you can help please email me and I will pass the message on to them.

Thank you.    Peter Stubbs:  April 4, 2004


Oil Painting sold on eBay

I have now been told of another painting, possibly by William Crooke.

I don't know whether or not it was painted by him.  The title of the painting was 'Roundhead Galloping'.  The painting was described as:

-   oil on canvas, 14.5ins x 10ins.

-  estimated date 1870-80

-  signature of artist at bottom right corner:  W Crooke or F Crooke.

The painting was offered for sale on eBay, item No 320037038087), in an auction that closed on October 20, 2006.  The painting sold for 26.

Peter Stubbs:  October 25, 2006



William Crooke

William Crooke - Photographed by Walter Barnett



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