I created and launched the EdinPhoto web site in 2001.  The site has been hosted since its launch by FastHosts.

The guestbook has been provided since 2001 by Bravenet.


By 2004, I was concerned that some of the guestbook messages might be lost, because they were being held by Bravenet rather than by myself.

So I arranged for all the messages in the guestbook to be archived.  Here are links to the pages that I archived them to:


The guestbook received a lot of messages from 2001 to 2013.


Guest Book


36 messages


102 messages


169 messages


116 messages


248 messages + 104 replies


222 messages +   98 replies


155 messages + 157 replies


288 messages + 225 replies


312 messages + 375 replies


233 messages + 310 replies


308 messages + 435 replies


290 messages + 579 replies


182 messages + 293 replies

However, only a very small proportion all messages for the web site were sent to the guestbook.  Most messages during this period were sent to me by email. 

When a message was sent to me by email, I was able to decide which part of the web site to add each message to  As a result I hope that the web site achieved a better structure, and that visitors would be able to find messages on their chosen topics more easily.

In 2013, I began to encourage all contributors to send all their messages to me by email.  Thank you for your co-operation in complying.


The number of guestbook messages declined in 2014-18, and many of those that were posted in the guestbook in this period turned out to be spam.  I removed all the spam messagesas soon as I found them in the guestbook, but this involved me in a disproportionate amount of effort.

I decided, about a year ago, to end  the guestbook at its next renewal date - January 2019 - so I am expecting it to vanish imminently.  I've now archived all the 1,000 messages that I found in it.  Here is a link to where these archived messages can now be found,

Messages on the EdinPhoto web site are held in pages grouped by subject but there is no matching structure to the way that the archived messages are held.

However, it should be possible to search these archived messages along with the remainder of the web site if you are looking for names of any individual contributors or subjects.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  11 January 2019




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