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Photographs and Other Images  -  These include portraits of photographers  -  photographic outings -  Princes Street views  -  Newhaven Fishwives  -  etc.  Early Photography in Edinburgh  -  Talbot, Brewster, Hill & Adamson, Early Professional Photographers in Princes Street, etc.  Professional Photographers in Edinburgh  -  1840 to 1940  -  Their names, dates of business and studio addresses.  The Photographic Society of Scotland  -  1856 to 1873  -  Lectures, Exhibitions, Outings, etc.  The History of Edinburgh Photographic Society  -  1861 to date  -  Lectures, Exhibitions, Outings, Poems, etc.  EPS Publications - EPS Handwritten Records  -  Photographic Journals  -  Trade Directories  -  Books  -  etc.  Thanks to all who have encouraged and supported me in creating the EdinPhoto web site  -  including descendants of photographers  -  researchers  -  providers of photographs and other material  Background notes on the research thal led up to the creation of this site  -   together with lists of new material added to the site since its launch.  Brief comments on how this site might be used  -  Just browsing?  -  Seeking specific information?  Please add your questions, suggestions or other comments to the Guest Book.  Links to other web sites  -  Photographic Societies  -  Photographic History  -  Family History  -  etc.  Click here to find the link to the Edinburgh Photogrpahic Society web site.


A selection of my photographs, many from Edinburgh throughout the year.   Also photos from Scotland, London, Iceland, Italy, Hong Kong and elsewhere     Many old maps of Edinburgh (Old Town, New Town, while City), Leith and Newhaven.  Includes several old transport maps and a comparison of old maps with recent aerial photos.   Old engravings, mailly of Edinburgh scenes.  Some from the 1820s, some from the 1890s,  some others - includes many hand-coloured examples from the 1820s.   News from Edinburgh today  -  Events, Collections, Buildings and Gardens, Transport   This site includes     1. Post card portraits taken in studios in Edinburgh:    2. Post card views either takeen/published by Ediburgh photographers or views of Edinburgh, or both.y Edinburgh    Views of Edinburgh, grouped into three sections:     1. Street views:    2. Buildings:    3. Around Edinburgh   Views of transport around Edinburgh  -  Horse drawn trams and buses, cable cars, electric trams, buses and a few railway photos.  Also several maps of Edinburgh's bus and tram routes.   Links to pages with Photos of Groups   Frequently Asked Questions

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Thanks also to those from Edinburgh, the rest of Britain, and at addresses not known to me.


A - Images on EdinPhoto web site, Seattle, Washington, USA

A (Scotty) - Where is it?  St Leonard's Lane + Dumbiedykes recollections, Canada

Aadarsh - Search Engine optimisation, India

Aaran - Edinburgh Castle, Nashville Rescue Mission, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Aaron - Value of a 1d King Edward VII 1d stamp, LeRoy, New York, USA

Abby - Reproduction of a map of Scottish whisky distilleries,  Beijing, China

Abiola - Nigeria

Abraham - photos and correspondence from Iván Szabó, Budapest, Hungary

Abraham - Correspondence: Hercules Ross & Nelson, The Hague, Netherlands

Acacio - A W Elson carbon print of The Capitol, Washington, Dallas, Texas, USA

Adam - Queensferry Street, Edin., Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Adam - Studio backdrops - request, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Adam - Winter photos of Montreal, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Adam - Underwood & Underwood stereo views of China, China

Adam - Underwood & Underwood stereo views of China, China

Adam - J Horsburgh print or lithograph, Bayonne, New Jersey, USA

Adden - Copper plates for old engravings of Edinburgh, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Adele - Souvenir from Edinburgh Exhibition 1886, New South Wales, Australia

Adele - Photos of Leith Street Terrace, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Adeline - Photos of Montreal in winter, Brossard, Québec, Canada

Adrian - Morrison's postcard portrait, 1920, South Saskatchewan Photo Museum, Canada

Adrian - Processing labs in Edinburgh, 2006, Madrid, Spain

Adrian - Photo restoration, North Hobart, Tasmania

Adrie - South Leith history, Holland

Adrienne - Lizars photography - family history and booklets, New Zealand

Agnes - Niddrie Mill Sunday School, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Agnes - Hossack family history, South Africa

Agnès - Paris, France

Ahmed - Paintings by Horsburgh, 1888 and 1894, Dubai, UAE

Aideen - Postcard views of Old Edinburgh, Dublin, Ireland

Aimee - Recollections of St Hilda's school, Dublin, Ireland

Aimilia - Edinburgh Festival photos, 1951-55,  Athens, Greece

Ajay - Seeking employment, working on web sites,  India

Ajit - The family of William Prophet, Dundee,  India

Akiko - Gilbert Cousland, Edinburgh Professional Photographer, 1920s, Tokyo, Japan

Al - Photograph taken in Candlemaker Row, 1960, Inverness, Illinois, USA

Al - Carbon print by George Innes, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA

Al - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, New Jersey, USA

Alain - Researching Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Alan - Postcards from London photographic studios, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Alan - Bomb at Roseneath Place, Edinburgh, Mittagong, NSW, Australia

Alan - Finding hand grenades at Colinton Mains, Albany, Western Australia, Australia

Alan - Changes in Wester Hailes and Leith, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alan - Photos of West Pilton, Edinburgh,1950s, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Alan - Jougs on the wall outside Restalrig Church,  British Columbia, Canada

Alan - Trace horses in Leith Walk, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Alan - History of Kirkcaldy, Fife,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Alan - Glasgow carte de visite query, Canada

Alan - SMT garage, New Street AND Craiglockhart School, Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

Alan - Steam-powered lorries, Squeamish, British Columbia, Canada

Alan - Stereo views of Edinburgh, London, Ontario, Canada

Alan - Dates of A&G Taylor photos, Kanagawa, Japan

Alan - Photographs by Ovinius Davis, Lillian, Alabama, USA

Alan - Photo: JC Bambrick studio, Edinburgh, 1930s, Los Angeles, California, USA

Alan - Photography: 'Luminous-Lint' web site, Los Angeles, California, USA

Alan - Troop train at Edinburgh Waverley station, Rensselaer, Indiana, USA

Alan - James Clerk Maxwell, Honeoye Falls, New York, USA

Alan - Royal High School engraving; Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, New York, USA

Alan - Valentine postcards, Akron, Ohio, USA

Alana - Prophet photographers, Perth and Dundee, Scotland, Australia

Alasdair - Old photo of Shakespeare Square, Edinburgh, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Alastair - Granton in the 1930s, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Alastair - Wightman Egg Merchant, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Alastair - Granton Castle in 1930s, Pattaya, Thailand

Alastair - Recollections of Musselburgh, New Zealand

Albane - Kenneth Balmain, photographer,  Chantilly, France

Albano - Photograph of bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong, Italy

Albert - Looking for an old photo of 139 High Street, Edinburgh, Australia

Albert - Early small tintype photos, USA

Albert - Houston, Texas, USA

Alberto - Photograph from the studio of Richard Brown, Liverpool, Spain

Alberto - Venezuela

Albino - Painting by Crooke, Italy

Albrecht - Photographs by Alex Ayton, Edinburgh, Germany

Alec - Recollections of Middle Arthur Place, Reichenbach, Germany

Alec - School photo, early 1900s, possibly Dundee, Jensen Beach, Florida, USA

Alecsandra - Croatia

Aleksander - Old Edinburgh Transport photos, Wroclaw, Poland

Alena - EdinPhoto web site,  Czech Republic

Alessia - USA

Alex - St Leonard's:  Infirmary Street Baths and King's Park for football, Australia

Alex - Recollections of Royal Mile and James Clark school, Australia

Alex - Recollections of Gorgie, Australia

Alex - Are photos on the EdinPhoto web site for sale?  (Sorry, no), Canada

Alex - Duncan's Chocolates, Edinburgh, Canada

Alex - Leith Coat of Arms, Canada

Alex - Tintype studio photos, New Westminster, British Colombia, Canada

Alex - Recollections of Gorgie, Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada

Alex - EdinPhoto web site, Ontario, Canada

Alex - Recollections of Stockbridge, London, Ontario, Canada

Alex - Meaford, Ontario, Canada

Alex - Modern Daguerreotype photography, Holland

Alex - Recollections of Gorgie and of Dalry School, Spain

Alex - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Alex - Recollections of Castle Hill School, Rocky Hill, Connecticut, USA

Alex - Moir & Baxter, Apprenticeship, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Alex - Photograph of cable car at Tollcross, Edinburgh, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Alex - Pennsylvania, USA

Alex - Photographs of old stamps on postcards, Vietnam

Alexa - Paris, France

Alexander - formerly Newhaven, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alexander - Craiglockhart Primary School, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alexander - Memories of Dumbiedykes and Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, France

Alexander - American Photo Co copyright, Mexico City, Mexico

Alexander - Searching for a photo of Battery Bar, Portobello, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Alfred - Johnston's Hotel, Waterloo Place - query, Germany

Ali - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ali - Edinburgh Photographic Society competitions and exhibitions, Iraq

Ali - Photo from Howie studio:  is it a passport in the photo?  Dublin, Ireland

Alicia - Cartes de visite, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Alicja - Growing up in Poland, USA

Alice - Former pupil at Leith Academy, Edinburgh Canada

Alice - Recollections of Leith, Leith contacts and photos of Farrier St children, New Zealand

Alice - Memories of Hermitage Park School, Edinburgh, Christchurch, New Zealand

Alice - History of Dean Orphanage, Edinburgh, USA

Alice - Sequim, Washington, USA

Aliec - New Year wishes, 2013, Christchurch, New Zealand

Aliki - Photographs by Dimitris Harissiades, Benaki Museum, Greece

Alina - Second hand lenses and film processing in Edinburgh, Romania

Alina - Exhibition of photography in Edinburgh, Ukraine

Alina - Photographic exhibition at Scotland-Russia Institute, Ukraine

Alina - Photographs of Ramsay Garden, Edinburgh on EdinPhoto web site,  Romania

Alina - Photographic exhibitions in Edinburgh, 2005 and 2008-09,  Ukraine

Aline - Old map of Colinton, Edinburgh, San Diego, California, USA

Alisa - Cassell's 'Old & New Edinburgh' books, Lelystad, Holland

Alison - Postcard of Canongate Church, Mt Morgan, Queensland, Australia

Alison - Memorial cairn at Craiglockhart,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Alison - WW II aircraft crash in Edinburgh, White Rock British Columbia, Canada

Alison - Old engraving of White Horse Close, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Alison - Photos of theatrical groups in Edinburgh, County Sligo, Ireland

Alison - Edinburgh photographers:  JC Bambrick + a Portobello photographer, Netherlands

Alison - Photographer, Robert McLelland, Portobello, Netherlands

Alison - George Dobson Valentine, New Zealand

Alison - Horatio Ross and family, Texas USA

Alison - Recollections of Polton Farm, Wellsville, Utah, USA

Alistair - Recollections of Leith Pubs, 1970s, Australia

Alistair - Recollections of Portobello, Edinburgh, 1950s, Australia

Alistair - Photo of a group of WWII ladies, Cessnock, NSW, Australia

Alistair - Recollections of Tynecastle, Edinburgh, Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia

Alistair - Horsburgh painting, Auckland, New Zealand

Alistair - Carte de visite by James Howie, Junior, Hastings, New Zealand

Alister - Early EPS Members, Alex McGlashon and James de Maus, Victoria, Australia

Alister - Alexander McGlashon and family, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alister - Box Hill, Victoria, Australia

Allan - Cafe at Golkdenacre, Edinburgh, Barbados

Allan - Public transport from Edinburgh, Millet, Alberta, Canada

Allan - Pet Contest at New Victoria Cinema, Edinburgh, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Allan - Thomas Vernon Begbie family history, South of France

Allan - Book published by Valentine: 'Beautiful Ireland' , North Island, New Zealand

Allan - Recollections of Pilton, Edinburgh, Saudi Arabia

Allan - Cabinet print by Peter Lothian , Edinburgh, Austin, Texas, USA

Allen - What happened to CD Crooke's plates used in WWI?  Ashburton, New Zealand

Allen - Durie Brown & Co 7-day clock, USA

Allen - Photograph, possibly of the Prophet family, Georgia, USA

Allen - Ashburton, New Zealand

Allister - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alum - web site promoting Edinburgh, Germany

Alvin - Washington, USA

Alyssa - Early photographers, Jefferson City, Missouri or Tennessee, USA

Alyssa - EdinPhoto web site, Canada

Amanda - Old family photographs, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Amber - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, France

Amber - EdinPhoto web site and Elwell, Milville, New Jersey, USA

Amelie - Portrait by Kenneth MacLeay.  It may be Anne Hay MacKenzie, Austria

Amna - EdinPhoto web site, Pakistan

Amy - Todd family military history, South Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Amy - Engraved picture painted by William Douglas, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Amy - Painting by Frank Forsgarg Manclark, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

Amy - Keystone viewer and slides, Central Kentucky, USA

Amy - Crown Hotel, Edinburgh, Massachusetts, USA

Amy - Request to reproduce images of stamps from EdinPhoto web site, Oregon, USA

Ana - Photos of Edinburgh for university course, University of Alicante, Spain

Ana - Cabinet prints and family history, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Anders - Valentine Postcards:  puppies, Sweden

Andrae - Identifying the subject of a Brown, Barnes & Bell photo, Tasmania, Australia

André - Photographs of Sir David Brewster, Brazil

Andrea - Heriot Mount, Edinburgh, Australia

Andrea - Pictures of Edinburgh Castle, Roccaraso, Italy

Andrea - Scottish stamps, California, USA

Andreas - Pinhole Photographer, Gutau, Austria

Andreas - Maps and photos on the EdinPhoto web site, Germany

Andrea - Thomas Annan and Edinburgh Photographic Society Outing, Italy

AndreOld photo of the harbour, Volendam, Netherlands

AndréGrange district of Edinburgh, France

Andrée - Old voucher from John Knox House, Edinburgh, Brest, Brittany, France

Andree - Infra-red photography with digital cameras, Indonesia

Andrew - Ross family history, Australia

Andrew - Photographs from the studio of W K Munro, Edin., St Ives,  NSW, Australia

Andrew - Recollections of cycling in Edinburgh, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Andrew - Newhaven, Edinburgh, and Eyemouth storm, Brighton, Victoria, Australia

Andrew - 1881 storm at Eyemouth, Scotland, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Andrew - The Turner family:  family history research, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Andrew - Building  web sites with 'hot spots', Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Andrew - Royal Engineers' service records, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Andrew - Bronshoj, Denmark

Andrew - St Clare's + St Bede's Grammar schools, Bradford, Charente, France

Andrew - Photos of shop at 40 Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Hong Kong

Andrew - Old family photos taken in and around St James' Square, Edinburgh, Hungary

Andrew - Value of George V halfpenny stamps my reply: negligible value, Dublin, Ireland

Andrew - EdinPhoto web site, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Andrew - EdinPhoto and Old Leither web sites, Devonport, New Zealand

Andrew - Photographer, New York, New York, USA

Andrew - EdinPhoto web site, Texas, USA

Andrew - Edinburgh Architecture, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Andrina (Andi) - Heriot Hill Terrace, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Andy - Dumbiedykes recollections, Australia

Andy - Edinburgh photos 1940s-50s, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

Andy - Searching for fire fighting records from Edinburgh, Victoria, Australia

Andy - ex- Portobello + Stockbridge, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Andy - British beer in France, Brittany, France

Angel - Carbon print of a painting by Burne-Jones, Northern Michigan, USA

Angela - Keir Street, Edinburgh, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Angela - St Cuthbert's Women's Guild, [on holiday in] Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Angela - Photos from C D Crooke's studio, Edinburgh, Near Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Angela - Cartes de visite for sale on Delcampe, Netherlands

Angela - Andrew Allan, Artist., North Vancouver, British Columbia, USA,

Angela - Do I wish to protect EdinPhoto trade name in China?  (No) Huli Anhui, China

Angela - Old engraving of Moray Place., Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA,

Angie - Whale on display at The Meadows, Cruzy, The Herault, South of France

Angie - Knox series postcard of Greyfriars Bobby, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Anita - Old Edinburgh cinemas, Canada

Anita - Castle Hill School photo, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada

Anita - Old Edinburgh cinemas and Boroughmuir school, Canada

Anita - Family History Reseach, Western Canada

Anita - Value of an old postcard, Johannesburg, South Africa

Anita - Valentine postcards of dogs, Alvsjo, Sweden

Anitsa - Guestbook, Nanoose, Vancouver Is., British Columbia, Canada

Anja - Allan and Findlay families, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Ann - A Dunbar cabinet print and ER Yerbury photograph,  Australia

Ann - Patrick family descendant,  Australia

Ann - White Horse Close,  Australia

Ann - Tallebudgera, Queensland, Australia

Ann - Leith ice cream shops and vans,  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Ann - Campaign to save and restore Limekilns Pier,,  Ann, Perth, Western Australia

Ann - Recollections of All Saints' School, Edinburgh, British Columbia, Canada

Ann - Seeking a photo of Bruntsfield School,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ann - Paton family ,  Wellington, New Zealand

Ann - James Howie, carte de visite ,  New Zealand

Ann - Hugh Paton lithograph,  Maryland, USA

Ann-Caroline - Sweden

Anna - Memories of Flora Stevenson school,  Australia

Anna - Recollections of Fleshmarket Close,  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Anna - Photograph of Ramsay Garden,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Anna - American Studios, Aberdeen,  Comox, British Columbia, Canada

Anna - Recollections of Craigmillar, Edinburgh,  Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Anna - Royal Scots Greys Statue, Edinburgh,  Houston, Texas, USA

Anna - Photograph of girders on the Forth Bridge,  New Zealand

Annajane - Recollections of James Clark school,  California, USA

Annalisa - Warriston Cemetery photo for Gargoyle Books, Rome, Italy

Anne - Contacting an EdinPhoto contributor, Australia

Anne - More prints from photographs taken in 1940s, Queensland, Australia

Anne - St Anthony's school, Leith, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Anne - Images of Leith Pier and Harbour for an ArtBlog, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Anne - Books of photographs published by Valentine & Sons, Belgium

Anne - Castle Series 'Real Etching' Postcards Canada

Anne - Golf Club at Lochend, Leith, Edinburgh Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Anne - New Vic cinema, Edinburgh Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Anne - Cattle Series 'Real Etching' postcards Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Anne - Old photograph of outdoor curling, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Anne - Two photos from a Jerome studio:  which studio?, Ireland

Anne - John Sellers stamp on a cheese knife, Auckland, New Zealand

Anne - Bertram  & Sons foundry, 165 Leith Walk, New Zealand

Anne - The Hildersley Family, Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland

Anne - Ross & Thomson, Somerset West, Western Cape Prov., South Africa

Anne - Cropped at Downfield Place, Dalry, Switzerland

Anne - Web site, Orange Park, Florida, USA

Anne - Web site, Orange Park, Florida, USA

Anne - Family photos from Ovinius Davis' studio, Glasgow, 1880s,, New Mexico, USA

Anne - 'The Lady of the Lake', book published by Valentine & Sons, Dallas, Texas, USA

Anne - Dumbiedykes:  family history, Houston, Texas, USA

Anne - Descendants of Anthony James Hinnigan, Houston, Texas, USA

Anne - Senegalese Village at 1908 Edinburgh Exhib., Hampton University, Virginia, USA

Anne-Geneviève - Saint-Brieuc, France

Anne-Marie - Family tree of Louis Saul Langifer and Adolf Langfier, Nice, France

Anne-Marie - The Paulin family, Toronto, Canada

Anne-Sophie - Engraving of George Heriot Hospital, France

Anneke - Portobello Bathing Pool and wave-making machine, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Annette - Tallebudgera, Queensland, Australia

Annette - Dunedin, Otago, South Island, New Zealand

Annette - The Cassidy Family, Portobello, Montana, USA

Annie - Glasgow photographers and Campbell Harper postcard portrait, Australia

Annie - Jerome Photographs, Kingston, ACT, Australia

Anya - Research for Australian 'Who Do You Think You Are?', Network SBS, Australia

Anya - formerly Wardie, Edinburgh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Anthea - Photographers in Paisley, Scotland, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Anthony - Craiglockhart Primary School, Edinburgh, Peterborough, South Australia

Anthony - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Anthony - Photos on glass Malverne, New York, USA

Antoine -  Photography of Oscar Gustav Rejlander, Bordeaux, France

Antoinette -  Balmoral Primary School, South Africa

Antonia - Old photo of Lasswade, Mid Lothian, Scotland, New Zealand

Antonio - Buttercup Dairy Farm, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, Dublin, Ireland

Antonio - Exporting esparto grass to Granton, Edinburgh, Aguilas, Spain

Antonio - Robert MacPherson’s Vatican Photo Album, Ottawa, Canada

Antonio - Madrid, Spain

Antonis - Paintings by F F Manclark, Greece

Arch (Archie) - Recollections of Gorgie, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Arch - Niddrie recollections, 1940s-50s, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Archie - Gorgie and Tynecastle schools, Edin., Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Archie - Craigmillar and Toronto, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Archie - Visits to Roslyn Chapel, Scotland, Newport Beach, California, USA

Arden - St Catherines, Ontario, Canada

Arlo - Photographers: Moffat family history in Scotland and USA, Key West, Florida, USA

Arshia - Iran

Arnold  BAC name stamping machines at stations, Los Angeles, California, USA

Artem- Offer to exchange transport tickets, Russia

Artie - EdinPhoto web site + John Henniker, Henniker, New Hampshire, USA

Arthur - Looking for John Murray + friends from Royston, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Artur - Magic Lantern made by E Lennie, Edinburgh, Ekerö, Stockholm, Sweden

Ashlee - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Ashli - The Kyles family, New York City, New York, USA

Astrid - Carte de Visite by Ross & Thompson, Trossingen, South Germany

Audrey - Photo of Leith Cycling Club, 1892, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Audrey - Photographers: Morayshire + Aberdeenshire, British Columbia, Canada

Audrey - Use of old photo of Granton Gas Works workers in a documentary, Paris, France

Audrey - Iowa, USA

Augusto - James Clark Maxwell's colour photography, University of Alicante, Spain

Aurelien - Underwood & Underwood stereo views France

Averil - Sparta Boxing Club, Edinburgh, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

Avi - Forth Rail Bridge photograph, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Avril - Recollections of Trinity Academy, Edinburgh, Australia

Avril - Recollections of Trinity Academy, Edinburgh, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Avril - Recollections of Royston, Edinburgh, Strathdale, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Avril - Recollections of Longstone, Canada

Avril - Crewe Grove, Edinburgh, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Ayako - Photos of a wedding in Edinburgh, 2012, Niikura, Japan

Azi - Family history research for the Langfier family, New York, New York, USA


Barclay - Post  Falls, Idaho, USA

Barb - Early photographers in Perthshire and the Scottish Borders,  Alberta, Canada

Barb - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Barb - A & G Taylor's photographic studios, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Barb - W & T Mayfield series of Edinburgh postcards, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Barb - Postcards with 'cut-outs' by W H, Berlin, Bayonne,  New Jersey, USA

Barb - Photographer's gravestone, near Edinburgh, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Barb - USA

Barbara - Illustration of Saint Andrew Square, Edinburgh in 18th century,  Australia

Barbara - Photo of Edinburgh graduate students, 1953-55,  Northern NSW, Australia

Barbara - Research into the Banks family,  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Barbara - William and WJC Barry, photographers,  Blackburn, Victoria, Australia

Barbara - East Cottages, Granton, Edinburgh, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Barbara - Books published by Valentine & Sons, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Barbara - Etchings by Robet Smith Forrest, California, USA

Barbara - Powderhall sprinters, Playa Vista, Los Angeles, California, USA

Barbara - Old map of Edinburgh, Hanford, Central Valley, California, USA

Barbara - Photos by 'Treadway Photographer', S Africa,  Longmont, Colorado, USA

Barbara - Pettigrew & Amos cabinet print, Longmuir, Colorado, USA

Barbara - Ocala, Florida, USA

Barbara - Palm Coast, Florida, USA

Barbara - Edinburgh photographs, Blairsville, Georgia, USA

Barbara - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Collinsville, Mississippi, USA

Barbara - Photo of Queen Mary's Bedroom, Holyrood, by J Patrick,  New Jersey, USA

Barbara - Dates of early photography, New York, USA

Barbara - John Sellers & Sons, Steel plates for engraving,  New York State, USA

Barbara - Swan Watson photo, Middletown, Hudson Valley, New York, USA

Barbara - Postcard of Jock Howieson's house at Cramond Brig, Edinburgh, Ohio, USA

Barbara - Temperance Pledge, 1837, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, USA

Barbara - J Smith, Glasgow professional photographer, 1867-68, Oregon, USA

Babetta - South Australia

Babs - Petrol pumps, Nigeria, West Africa

Barclay - USA

Barry - Possible presentation to Edinburgh Photographic Society, October, 2014, Australia

BarryJohn Lamb, painter, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

BarryJohn Center bagpipes, Sydney,  New South Wales, Australia

Barry - Murrayfield Ice Rink and The International Club, Princes Street,  Canada

Barry - Date of Valentine postcard, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Barry - Fort Primary School, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Barry - Old engraving of Liberton, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Barry - Postcard image of St Giles for possible use on a web site, South Carolina,  USA

Barry - Photos of Tuscany, Eastern Connecticut,  USA

Barry - AW Elson photos, Alexis, North Carolina,  USA

Barry - Postcard: Victoria Park, published by Marshall Wane, near Miami, Florida, USA

Barry - New Zealand photographers and studios, New Zealand

Bart - Canary Wharf photograph for Dutch schoolbook cover, Belgium

Bartek - Warsaw, Poland

Basia - Black Watch statue, Edinburgh, Canada

Beata - Photos on Edinphoto web site, Cheektowaga, New York, USA

Beata - Frances Frith, Giant Postcards, Red Beach, Auckland New Zealand

Beatriz - Leith Walk Primary School, Edinburgh, Madrid

Bec (Rebecca) - Books by Valentine, Surfers' Paradise, Queensland, Australia

Beccy - Old postage stamps, Northern Ireland

Becky - Stereo viewers and stereo cards, Hesperia, California, USA

Becky - Photograph taken by Royden Wilkinson, Abingdon, Virginia, USA

Beki - Photo of a highland cow in Scotland. Mother Lode Region, California, USA

Belinda - Edinburgh cable cars and trams, Australia

Belinda - Old engraving of Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh,  Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Belva - Family history: the Low family, Canada

Ben - Los Angeles, California, USA

Ben - EdinPhoto web site, Queensland, Australia

Ben - Leith Walk, Edin. image, Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts USA

Ben - AW Elson print, SW Virginia, USA

Benoit - Stereo photographs and viewer, Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada

Berenice - St Margaret's Convent, Edin., Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia

Bernadine - Old engraving of Calton Prison, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Bernadine - Old Postcards, San Jose, California, USA

Bernard - Comrie Garage, Perthshire, Belgium

Bernard - Postcard sent to Panama, 1910, Panama

Bernardo - Brazil

Bernd - Valentine postcards of the Japan British Exhibition, 1910, Leipzig, Germany

Berenice - Attending St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, Western Australia, Australia

Bernhard - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Bernt - Old engravings of Edinburgh, Motala, Sweden

Bert -  Dumbiedykes, Lochinvar and The Inch,  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Bert - Photo of Cooper Street Primary School class, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bert - Travel in Edinburgh, Apeldoom, Holland

Beril - Old coloured engravings of Edinburgh, near Gothenburg, Sweden

Beryl - History of 18 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Australia

Beth - James Howie Junior photographs, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Beth - American Red Cross Service Club, Edinburgh Information Winchester, Ohio, USA

Beth - Hospitalfield House, Arbroath: glass art,  Bethlehem Pennsylvania, USA

Beth - Photograph by John Weir, Moffat,  Annandale, Virginia, USA

Bethany - Photographs of Edinburgh,  Australia

Bettina - Map of Europe  Munich, Germany

Betty - Granton, Royston, Broughton, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Betty - Jerome studios in Lancashire, England, Victoria, Australia

Betty - Photos from Parisian Photo Co, Edinburgh, British Columbia, Canada

Betty - Recollections of C&A Modes, Princes Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Betty - Recollections: Flora Stevenson School, Edinburgh, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Betty - Craiglockhart School, Edinburgh, 1947-54, Italy

Betty - Police on Point Duty at West End, Edinburgh, Italy

Betty - Fountainbridge Recollections, Waikanae, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

Betty - Carters + horses returning to Cowan's yard, Easter Road, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Betty - San Francisco, California, USA

Betty - St Pat's School, Edinburgh, New York, USA

Betty - Charles Sinclair, Edinburgh photographer, Beaumont, Virginia, USA

Bernard - Old cameras, Chamalieres  France

Bev - History and photo of Stubbs family, Australia

Bev - Milton House Primary School badge, Littlesea, Victoria, Australia

Bev - Canada

Bev - Blinkbonny Farm, Portobello, Fraserville, Ontario, Canada

Bev - Photograph of Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Bev - Edinburgh at Work photographs, Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Bev - Collecting old postcards, including James Patrick postcards, Virginia, USA

Beverley - Carte de visite, Marshall Wane, Edinburgh, Arizona, USA

Bill - Alex Crowe, exhibitor in PSS Exhibition, Edinburgh, December 1861, Australia

Bill - Photograph of SMT workers, 1930s, Bateman's Bay, NSW, Australia

Bill - Recollections of Candles Close, Leith, Winston Hill, NSW, Australia

Bill - C19 ancestors living in Lower and Upper Viewcraig Row., Sydney, NSW, Australia

Bill - Attending Peffermill school, Edinburgh, from 1939, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Bill - His Edinburgh groups, 'Jury' and 'Writing on the Wall', Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Bill - Recollections of St Anthony's School, Edinburgh, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Bill - Recollections of Slateford, Edinburgh, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Bill - Marshall Wane, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Bill - Photos from the studio of Colin Campbell, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bill - Photographer - Alternative Photographic Processes, France

Bill - German WW2 Air Raids in the Culloden village area, Canada

Bill - Nisbet Reid, photographer with T & R Annan, Glasgow, Canada

Bill - Drummond Street, Edinburgh, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Bill - Edinburgh stage coaches + early photographer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Bill - Boxmaster, Scotland, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Bill - Edinburgh photographer, John Chalmers, Leslie, Toronto, Canada

Bill - Recollections of Royston School Annex, 1941-48,  Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada

Bill - Value of Swan Watson photographs, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Bill - Photographers, Charles and W Reid, New Zealand

Bill - Collecting pottery made by  Buchan's, Portobello, Hastings, New Zealand

Bill - Family history research, 132 Pleasance, Edinburgh, (middle of) France

Bill - Photograph of Canongate Church, Edinburgh, Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Bill - HMS Dolphin's travels around the world, Samoa

Bill - Recollections of Wardieburn shops, Edinburgh, Doha, Qatar

Bill - Deacon Brodie's Tavern, Edinburgh, USA

Bill - AW Elson's copy of 'The Indian and the Lilly' painting, Arizona, USA

Bill - Photo of men on steps of Woodmuir Junction Signal Box, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Bill - Memories of Canonmills, Edinburgh, in the 1950s, Livonia, Michigan, USA

Bill - Tintype photographs, Cayuga Lake, New York, USA

Bill - History of 'Ecuire Ecosse' racing Jaguars, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Bill - Photographs by Alex Ayton, Beeville, Texas, USA

Bill - James Clerk Maxwell, St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas, USA

Bill - Recollections of Kirknewton AUS Air Base in 1960s, Missouri City, Texas, USA

Bill - Early British telescopes, Weatherford, Texas, USA

Bill - Publishers of stereo views, Spearfish, South Dakota, USA

Bill - Newport News, Virginia, USA

Bill - 'Not on your Tintype', Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington, USA

Billie - 'A W Elson print, Fritch, Texas, USA

Billy -  Searching for a ontributor who sent 'Recollections of Bingham, Edinburgh', France

Billy - 'Photograph of The Titanic, Ellisville, Missouri, USA

Blair - A W Elson print of Dartmouth College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Blackford - History of Blackford and Blackford Hill, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA

Blake - Photographers in Washington DC, Washington DC, USA

Bo - Early photographic exhibitions, Editor, FOTO, Bankeryd, Sweden

Bo - Daguerreotypes and other early photos, Wyoming, USA

Bob - Memories of Portobello up to 1949,, Australia

Bob - Engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bob - Reminiscences of Edinburgh, Queensland, Australia

Bob - Inverleith Park Pond postcard, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Bob - James Drummond drawings of Old Edinburgh, Australia

Bob - Recollections of Fountainbridge and Merchiston, Edinburgh, Brussels, Belgium

Bob - Black Watch memorial photographs, Canada

Bob - Valentine book, 'The Romance of Mary Queen of Scots', Canada

Bob - Use of postcards in Britain, 1905-1915, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Bob - Barron's Rag Merchants, Dumbiedykes, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Bob - Which Public School was in Rose Street, Edinburgh?, Southern Ontario, Canada

Bob - Boroughmuir School, Class Mates and Rugby Colleagues, Palma, Majorca

Bob - Parisian Photographic Co studio, Princes St., Edinburgh, Auckland, New Zealand

Bob - United States Air Force at RAF Kirknewton, USA

Bob - EdinPhoto web site, Birmingham Alabama, USA

Bob - John McKean, photographer, Napa Valley, California, USA

Bob - Kyles & Moir cartes de visite, Venice, Florida, USA

Bob - Old postcards, Marietta, Georgia, USA

Bob - FrontPage web site advice, Columbia, Maryland, USA

Bob - EdinPhoto web site, New Baltimore, Michigan, USA

Bob - Old petrol pump in Auchengray, Lanarkshire Scotland, Osyka, Mississippi, USA

Bob - A W Elson print, Adirondock Park, New York, USA

Bob - Camera bearing the name Cooke, Middletown, New York, USA

Bob - EdinPhoto web site, North Carolina, USA

Bob - Kirknewton RAF Base and 'The Gatekeepers' folk group, Edin., 1965-66, Ohio, USA

Bob - Recollections of Kirknewton, 1961, Germantown, Tennessee, USA

Bob - Early photographic processes, Wylie, Texas, USA

Bob - Paintings by John Horsburgh, McLean, Virginia, USA

Bob - Trying to find old negatives, Morrisville, Virginia, USA

Bob - Class photos: Bonnington and Broughton schools, Tacoma, Washington, USA

Bobbi - Old photos by A & G Taylor and others, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Bobbi - Wisconsin, USA

Bobbie - Canongate Girls' Club photograph, nr Gympie, Queensland, Australia

Bobbie - Frank Manclark prints, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Bobby - Alexander Ayton's studios in Londonderry, Crossgar, County Down, Ireland

Bodo - Rutherford's Bar, Edinburgh, Germany

Bonita - Family history and cartes de visite, Victoria, Australia

Bonnie - Photos of Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Bonnie - Tom Curr religious painting, Blue Rapids, Kansas, USA

Bonnie - Colour-Vision, Kingston, New Jersey, USA

Bonnie - New York, USA

Bonnie - A W Elson photograph, Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, USA

Bonnie - Photograph by Charles Reid, 'In Shetland Vail', Green River, Wyoming, USA

Bonita - Does Beaumont Place in Edinburgh still exist?, Australia

Boris - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Brad - Do I sell engravings?  (Answer: 'No'), Norway

Brad - Very large coloured photo from 1930s, Hawaii, USA

Brad - John Sellers & Sons, Tacoma, Washington, USA

Braden - Photograph of gravestones at Leith , Los Angeles, California, USA

Bram - Early George Washington Wilson postcards, Delft, Netherlands

Brenda - Edinburgh at Work photos, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Brenda - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Brenda - Edinburgh's Royal Mile, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Brenda - Professional Photographers' Association Play, PPA Congress 1930, Hong Kong

Brenda - Dumbiedykes + Canaan Lodge, Morningside, Edinburgh, Ireland

Brenda - Edinburgh's churches, USA

Brendan - 'Wojtek' and his keeper at Edinburgh Zoo, Los Angeles, USA

Brennan - Santa Ana, California, USA

Brent -  Shakespeare Theatre, Edinburgh + J L Toole, Hamilton, New Zealand

Brenten -  Horsburgh portrait: ggg. grandfather, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Brett - Old maps and pictures of Edinburgh, Co Tipperary, Ireland

Brett - Edinburgh' photographer, H Graham Glen, Tauranga, New Zealand

Brian - Who was the official John Watson School Photographer?, Abu Dhabi

Brian - What happened to Hislop & Day?, Australia

Brian - The Totalisator at Powderhall stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brian - Contacting EdinPhoto contributors, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Brian - Fitzpayne, Edinburgh Transport Manager, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Brian - Family at East Arthur Place, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Brian - Recollections of Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh, Canada

Brian - Photograph of Longstone Dramatic Society, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Brian - Parts for a stereo viewer, Cathcart, Ontario, Canada

Brian - Pictures of Stockbridge, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Brian - Photograph of Imperial Hotel, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Brian - Perth, Ontario, Canada

Brian - Swimming classes at Broughton school, Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brian - EdinPhoto web site, Dunedin, New Zealand

Brian - Memories of Pilton, Edinburgh, 1952-77, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Brian - Photograph of a school class, probably at Islington, London, Ireland

Brian - Edinburgh transport photographs, Durban, South Africa

Brian - Florence, Alabama, USA

Brian - Stereo viewer, Cathcart, Ontario, Canada

Brian - What happened to St Leonard's Church, Edinburgh?, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brian - Pilton + Trinity Academy, Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

Brian - Tracing family history advice, Uppsala, Sweden

Brian - A dirk made by R-HB Kirkwood, Cordova, Alaska, USA

Brian - George Stewart, Photographer, Alloa, Scotland, Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Brian - Frequenting an Edinburgh pub, 1980s-90s,, Oakland California, USA

Brian - Contacting an EdinPhoto contributor, Southern California, USA

Brian - Advice on problems with web site, San Diego, California, USA

Brian - Keystone View Company viewer, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

Brian - Photographic process  for photos with added skies, New York, New York, USA

Brian - Stereo view cards, Tennessee, USA

Bridget - Canada

Brien - HMS Lochinvar, Port Edgar, South Queensferry, Australia

Bridget - Books published by Valentine & Sons, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Brittany - Picture of Dr Alexander Wood, North Hollywood, California, USA

Brittany - Carte de visite by William Barry, Pa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bronwen (Bron) - Horsburgh, Edie and Anderson family history research, Australia

Bruce - Queensland, Australia

BruceQuestions, Industrial Historian, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Bruce - Warriston Cemetery, Ashtonfield, New South Wales, Australia

Bruce - The Mission Yacht, 'Albatross', Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

Bruce - Lizars' stereo camera, Tasmania, Australia

Bruce - Glasgow photographer, James Bowman, Ottawa, Canada

Bruce - Edinburgh clubs and discos, 1960s, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Bruce - Family of James Good Tunny, New Zealand

Bruce - Hand-coloured engravings from 'Modern Athens', New Zealand

Bruce - Charles Reid, photographer, Holden, Massachusetts, USA

Bruce - Family history: John Player, Fremont, San Francisco, California, USA

Bruce - Photos of old petrol pumps, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Bruce - Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Bruce - Etching of John Knox House by AW Sinclair, Lewiston, New York, USA

Bruce - Engraver, H Dickinson, late-1800s, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

Bruce - Putney, Vermont, USA

Bruce - Stereo views of Scotland, Washington, USA

Bryan - Seafield Railway Cottage,  Western Australia, Australia

Bryan - Stereographica web site + painting of Leith,  New York, New York, USA

Buck - Scotland, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Bud - Valentine & Sons book: views of Edinburgh, Bunnik, near Utrecht, Netherlands

Butch - William Crooke picture - San Diego, California, USA


C - J Beverley carte de visite, Blackpool, England, Oceanside, Oregon, USA

Cal - A W Elson print of Stratford-on-Avon, Dallas, Texas, USA

Calvin - Searching for old maps of Edinburgh, New Zealand

Cam - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Cammy - Edinburgh Council cutting down trees, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Campbell - Memories of Broughton, Edin., Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia

Camron - Early Scottish photograph, McMinnville, Oregon, USA

Candace - Photograph of foundry workers, Schaumburg Illinois, USA

Cao Tien - Photos and books about Scotland, Nghe An, Vietnam

Carl - Recollections of Liberton, Edinburgh, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Carl - Photos from School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Carl - Old photos on round metal disks, 8in diam., Canisteo, New York, USA

Carla - The name 'Noga', Portugal

Carla - Photo on EdinPhoto, Great Oak High School, Temecula, California, USA

Carlee - Looking for school photo from Moray, c.1924, Australia

Carli - Q W Elson print of Joan of Arc, Wyoming, USA

Carlo - Writing a book on Scotch Whisky:  photos needed, Ghent, New York, USA

Carlos - Waterston, Sealing wax manufacturers, Brazil

Carlos - Painting of St George's Church, Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

Carlos - Edinburgh Photographic Society exhibitions, Elmhurst, New York, USA

Carmen - Edinphoto web site, Bucharest, Romania

Carol - Looking for old images of Leith for a family history project, Australia

Carol - Possible presentation to Edinburgh Photographic Society in October, 2014, Australia

Carol - Recollections of Gilmerton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Carol - Searching for Ellwoods, Glasgow, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Carol - Photos of Star Ferry, Hong Kong, Chantilly, Virginia, USA

Carol Ann - Laing family history, Central Ohio, USA

Carol - Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Australia

Carol - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Carol - Lake Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia

Carol - St Patrick's school uniform, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Carol - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Carol - Polar Ices, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Kuala Lumpur

Carol - Afton Dance Club + Leith Academy Recollections, Taupo, New Zealand

Carol - Bookmaker's shop in Musselburgh, New Zealand

Carol - Montague Fryer, Manchester, Sun City West, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Carol - James Clerk Maxwell's tartan ribbon, El Prado, San Diego, California, USA

Carol - Universal View Company stereo views, Tampa Florida, USA

Carol - Photo by A Dunbar & Co, Edinburgh, Southampton, Massachusetts, USA

Carol - 1840 map of Edinburgh,  Cheltenham Pennsylvania, USA

Carol - Kilburn Brothers, stereo views, Washington state, USA

Carole - Mining at Gilmerton, Edinburgh,, Australia

Carole - Recollections: Royston +Old Chin Pier, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Carole - Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Carole - London, Ontario, Canada

Carole - Rag and bone man at Prestonpans, East Lothian, USA

Carole - Dalkeith photographer, Robert T Craigie, Ohio, USA

Carole - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Jerusalem, Antelope, California, USA

Carolina - WS Moir carte de visite, Curitiba, Brazil

Caroline - Growing up in Gilmerton + working at Jerome's,  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Caroline - Pupil at George Heriot's School., Italy

Caroline - Hyvot's Bank School, Edin., Palmerston North, N Island, New Zealand

Caroline - Photos from the studio of Philip E Low, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Caroline - Rossindale, Massachusetts, USA

Caroline - West Virginia, USA

Carroll - Pharr, Texas, USA

Carolyn - Mississauga. Ontario, Canada

Carolyn - History of the Bracewell family New Zealand

Carson - Photographs of Boston, Washington DC, USA

Carson - Date of a WR&S postcard, Richmond Virginia, USA

Carsten - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Oldenburg, Germany

Cary - Richard Demarco, Edinburgh, Paris, France

Carry - The Underwood Travel Library, Volume 1, Palestine, Netherlands

Cath - James Drummond drawings of Old Edinburgh, Australia

Catharin - Bottle from Buchan's pottery, Portobello, Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada

Catherina - Photo from Tron Studio, Glasgow, Ireland

Catherine - Scottish Photographers, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Catherine - Highland Cattle photo for Las Vegas show, London, Ontario, Canada

Catherine - Morison family history, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Catherine - Recollections of The International Club, Edin., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Catherine - The Fraser family, Gorgie, Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Catherine - Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Paris, France

Catherine - 'Notice to Tenant', Edin., National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Catherine - St Giles Church picture, Sun City West, Arizona, USA

Catherine - Tollcross + Darroch schools, Edinburgh, San Diego, California, USA

Catherine - Oil painting by Edinburgh photographer and artist, William Barry, Florida, USA

Catherine - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Catherine - Engravers, Ewbank and Lizars, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Catherine - Valentine & Sons colour postcard of Winnipeg, Salem, Oregon, USA

Catherine - Photographs by Pettigrew, Dallas, Texas, USA

Catherine - Is there an archive of B Wohlgemuth C19 photos? South Carolina, USA

Cathie - Recollections of Gorgie, Balgreen and Whitson, British Columbia, Canada

Cathie - Music Club at St Thomas' School, Edinburgh, USA

Cathie - St Ignatius School, Edinburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Cathrine - Family history:  the Ross family, Christchurch, New Zealand

Cathy - Phillimore picture of Fetter Lane, London, Australia

Cathy - Buccleuch Street, Glasgow, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Cathy - Leith Walk buildings, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cathy - Searching for a photo of Fort Place, Leith, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Cathy - Recollections of Portobello, Edinburgh, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Cathy - Links not working: EdinPhoto to some sites on Early Photographic Processes, Chile

Cathy - Photograph from Renfield Studio, Leith Walk, Independence, Missouri, USA

Cathy - Morrison's Photographic Studio, Edinburgh, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

Cathy - Old engraving of Moffat, Scottish Borders, Williston, North Dakota, USA

Cathy - Old photos and union cases, Oklahoma, USA

Cathy - Tom Curr pain ting found in a church attic, Oregon, USA

Cathy - Troutdale, Oregon, USA

Cathy - Recollections of The Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Catriona - Books about Edinburgh, West Windsor, New Jersey, USA

Cedric - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Celia - Recollections of Edinburgh Old Town, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Celeste - Looking for info on grandfather, William Leonard Madden, b. Edin,.1922, Australia

Celso - The ship, 'Colombo', Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Celvin - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Cem - Where best to sit for photography at Edinburgh Tattoo, Ankara, Turkey

Channah - Photographs by Keith of the Holy Land, Malaysia

Channelle - South Africa

Chantal - Photos of Montreal requested for a calendar, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Charlene - Old photograph of National Galleries, Edinburgh, London, Ontario, Canada

Charlie - Photos from Cargilfield School, Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada

Charlie - Sepiatone prints of Edinburgh by James C H Balmain, Missouri, USA

Charles - Painting Edinburgh Views, Yackandandah, NE Victoria, Australia

Charles - History of South Queensferry Post Office, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Charles - Contacting contributors to the EdinPhoto web site, Copenhagen, Denmark

Charles - Vintage cars, Kathmandu, Nepal

Charles - Photos of old petrol stations, Rabat, Malta

Charles - Picture of John Knox, Sacramento, California, USA

Charles - John Horsburgh painting, Michigan, USA

Charles - Charles Auld, photographer, Ellon, Ironton, Missouri, USA

Charles - Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Charles - Memories of Fountainbridge, Vietnam

Charlie - Stereo views from 1860, Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Charlotte - Ingram Ltd photograph of a labyrinth, Salzburg, Austria

Charlotte - Sun Ray treatment in Leeds, around 1950, USA

Charlotte - Edinburgh Castle for Google Earth Forum, Camille, N.California, USA

Charlotte - Stereoscopic photos of Bible Land, Gladstone, Montana, USA

Charmane - APIS 2004 Proceedings, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Charters - Growing up at Forbes Street, Edinburgh, 1950s, Canada

Chelsea - Robert Kemp Thomson photo, Savannah College, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Cheri - Underwood & Underwood stereo views of USA, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Cheryl - Painting by John Horsburgh, possibly of two of his children, USA

Cheryl - Brown, Barnes & Bell photos, Seattle, Washington, USA

Cheryl-Lee - Old engravings of Scotland, Eltham, Victoria, Australia

Chiara - MacLucas photo of newspaper seller, Milan, Italy

Cher - Claude Low postcards, Spokane, Washington, USA

Cherie - Drum House, Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Cheryel - Looking for info about an old postcard, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cheryl - Engraving of Signal Tower, Leith, Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia

Chiara - Photographic Society of Scotland Exhibition, 1856, Florence, Italy

Chloe - Musicians in Edinburgh, France

Chloe. - James Bacon & Sons photographers, Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, USA

Chr. - Articles by Sutton in 'Photographic Notes' on Adolphe Braun, Colmar, France

Chris - Australia

Chris -  Lord & Lady Polwarth's Children's Home, Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Chris - Estimated age of old equipment, Boronia, Victoria, Australia

Chris - Horsburgh oil painting of boy with model yacht, Perth, Western Australia

Chris - James Naysmith Paton, Canada

Chris - What is the age of my Shakespeare book? Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Chris - James Jameson, early Edinburgh photographer, Basel, Switzerland

Chris - Man in uniform in a Jerome photograph, New Jersey, USA

Chris - A W Elson print, , Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Chris - Ann Taylor family history, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

Chris - Lithograph by D O Hill, Southern USA

Chris - Cleveland, Texas, USA

Chrissie - Durham, North Carolina, USA

Christa-Maria - Belfast, Sean Hudson, photographer, Northern Ireland

Christer - Help in solving computer problems BBS Forum, Sweden

Christian - Old maps on Edinphoto web site,  Leipziz, Germany

Christian - Photographs of Tuscany, Italy, Dublin, Ireland

Christie -  Robert 'Smiggy' Smith, Virginia, USA

Christien - Holland

Christina - Frank Dodd, the model for the Royal Scots Greys statue, Canada

Christina - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Christina - Photo of 'Elderly People' road sign, New Zealand

Christina - Leslie Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, California, USA

Christina - Painting by J Flemming, Martinez, California, USA

Christina - Dating old tintype photos, Kentucky, USA

Christine - Late C19 photograph from The Glasgow Photographic Co.,  Australia

Christine - Ancestors buried at Warriston Cemetery,  Australia

Christine - Recollections of 9 Davie Street, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Christine - St Anthony's Primary School.,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Christine - Engraving: St Andrew's Church, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia

Christine - Family history + old Edinburgh engravings, University of Tasmania, Australia

Christine - Photograph from Jerome's studio, Canada

Christine - Recollections of Leith, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

Christine - Correspondence of the PSS exhibitor, John Pouncey, Carolina, USA

Christine - Photos by A Diston, Fife, Wellington, Colorado, USA

Christoph - Photo of traffic cones in Leith Walk, Freiburg, Southern Germany

Christopher - Engraving of an old Edinburgh map, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia

Christopher - Photo by James Bacon & Sons, Newcastle, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Christopher - Photographic journals, articles on calotype, Ithaca, New York, USA

Christy - The singer, Robert 'Smiggy' Smith, San Diego, California, USA

Chuck - Early American postcard, Indiana, USA

Chuck - Formerly at Kirknewton with USAF, 1960-63, Rusk, Texas, USA

Chang-Sheng - Tram photograph, Cheng-Kung Univ., Tainan City, Taiwan

Christine - Photos of Edinburgh for family history, Mandurah, Western Australia

Chrystal - Family History:  Running the Scottish Mint, 1600s, Denver, Colorado, USA

Cicely - Cyril Benton - early colour photography in newspapers, Australia

Cindy - Old photos of Edinburgh for a book, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Cindy - Reginald P Phillimore paintings, Sydenham, Ontario, Canada

Cindy - DevotedToScotties web site, Knowlton, Quebec, Canada

Cindy - Photos of candle making at Carberry Candles near Edinburgh, Israel

Cindy - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Cindy - Mary King's Close, Edinburgh, Barneveld, Upstate, New York, USA

Cindy - A W Elson photograph, Carthage, New York, USA

Cindy - Photo of Christmas Ice Skating Rink in Edinburgh, Oneonta, New York, USA

Cindy - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Schoharie, New York, USA

Cindy - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Schoharie, New York, USA

Cindy - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Schoharie, New York, USA

Cissy - Is there a market for stereo views?  Bergen County, New Jersey, USA

Claire - Photos from James Clerk Maxwell's colour photography, Victoria, Australia

Claire - Searching fr old school photos, Les Films du Poisson, Paris, France

Claire - Mary King's Close, Edinburgh, Barneveld, Upstate, New York, USA

Clare - Broughton Secondary School, 1947-52, Ontario, Canada

Clare - American Studios, Patrick Street, Cork, Cork, Ireland

Clare - Sydney C Salmon descendants in New Zealand, New Zealand

Clare - Recollections of Edin: South Side and Craigmillar, North Island, New Zealand

Clark - Personal artwork and portrait painting, Austria

Claude - Photography and Travels of Wishaw-based photographer, Charles Reid, France

Claude - Kodak Exhibition, 1897, Librairie Photographique, Paris, France

Claudia - Drawing of Edinburgh Castle Esplanade: JW King, British Columbia, Canada

Claudine-Mariko - Drummond Young photograph of Lord Wm D Patrick,, Lyon, France

Claus - My photos of Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, Dobbertin, Germany

Clayton - Old tintype photos, St Catherines, Ontario, Canada

Clayton - Underwood & Underwood views, Southampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Clea - Photographic courses in Edinburgh, France

Cleto - Photo on EdinPhoto web site, Italy

Clifford - Family of Horatio Ross, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Clifford - Family of David Ross and Horatio Ross, Portsmouth, Virginia, USA

Clifton - Photo of the 1894 Photographic Convention of UK, Bossier, Louisiana, USA

Clive - Paintings by John Horsburgh, Cordoba, Spain

Clyde - McNaughtan Clan family history, Townsend, Tennessee, USA

Cody - Photograph by Joseph McKenzie, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Coleen - The Mackay family from Ayrshire, Scotland, Australia

Coleen - Montgomery's picture of George Heriot Hospital, Georgia, USA

Colleen - Tennessee, USA

Colin - T H Douglas + J&R Diouglas studios, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Colin - Brown Brothers' Engineering Works, Edinburgh, Australia

Colin - EdinPhoto web site, Armadale, Western Australia, Australia

Colin - Portrait of PSS member, David Rhind, Como, Western Australia, Australia

Colin - Coal deliveries in Viewforth area, Edinburgh, Canada

Colin - Charlie Haliday and his milk cart, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Colin - St Vincent's Bar, Edinburgh, Formerly EPS Member, Canada

Colin - Family history and Wardie School, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Colin - Nimmo postcard of Newhaven fishmarket, Edin., St Mary's, Ontario, Canada

Colin - Memories and photographs of Edinburgh, Denmark

Colin - Ross Family History, Seaforde, Co, Down, Ireland

Colin - Photo taken from the Forth Road Bridge, Noordwijk, Netherlands

Colin - Photo Precision and Alastair White in Scotland, New Zealand

Colin - Crawford's Cafe on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Wellington, New Zealand

Colleen - Ambrotype photo, Woolloomooloo, New South Wales, Australia

Colleen - History of Princes Street, Edinburgh, Canada

Colleen - H Paton descendant, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Colleen- Link to Artfact, now Invaluable, web site, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Colleen- Searching for friends from Broughton High School, 1962-63, South Africa

Connie - Recollections of Granton, Edinburgh, Norfolk Island, South Pacific

Conor - Postcard of White Horse Close, Edinburgh, Northern Ireland

Conrad - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Corinne - Painting of the Royal George passing Leith Harbour, Switzerland

Cornelia - Edinburgh Marathon, 2006, Uster, Switzerland

Cory - Louis Saul Langfier studio photo, Denver Colorado, USA

Courtney -  Searching for contact details, Jamaica

Courtney -  Family history, the Whalen family, Lancaster, California, USA

Courtney -  Photos of tree work, Royal Botanic Garden, Edin., Portland, Oregon, USA

Craig - John Center bagpipes, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Craig - North British Distillery photos, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Craig - St Thomas of Aquin's School Photo, 1957 or '58, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Craig - World War 2 bombing in Aberdeen, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Craig - His father, George, and Broughton Star FC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Craig - Photos taken by D A Grant, Nairn, St John's Newfoundland, Canada

Craig - Edinburgh dance scene in 1950s and Goldbergs store, Witten, Germany

Craig - Old engravings for a video, Kaipara Flats, near Auckland, New Zealand

Craig - Children's book published by Valentine, Novato, California, USA

Craig - Prisoner of War camp at Sighthill, Edinburgh,, Ephrarta, Pennsylvania, USA

Creighton - Photo by William Crooke, Edinburgh, Orlando, Florida, USA

Cristina - Photograph by A H MacLucas, Rapallo, Italy

Cristina - Photograph of Tuscany Trees, Florence University, Italy

Croce - Photography at Edinburgh Military Tattoo, 2007, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Crystal - Painting based on photograph of highland cow in the snow, Canada

Crystal - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Crystal - Estimating the date of an old photograph, Shenandoah, Iowa, USA

Crysty - EdinPhoto web site, South Africa

Cullie - Blowing Rock, North Carolina, USA

Curt - Moffat cowgirl photograph, USA

Curt -  AW Elson images, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Cynthia - RD Parnell: Butcher stores throughout Britain, and violin collection New Zealand

Cynthia - Photos of highland cattle for greetings cards, Marlborough, New Zealand

Cynthia - James Howie, Edinburgh artist + early photographer Tampa, Florida, USA

Cynthia - Traverse City, Michigan, U.S.A.

Czarek - Pinhole photography and web sites, Poland


D - Glasgow photographers, Finlayson, Weir, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

D - Wood & Co photographs, Canada

DJ - Photograph of clock at St Stephen's Church, Edinburgh, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Dale - Ambrotype and tintype photos, Los Angeles, California, USA

Dale - Vintage images of motor racing, West Lynn, Oregon, USA

Dallas - Engraving and photo of Canongate Church, Edinburgh, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dan - Drummond Shiels photograph, Canada

Dan - Photographs by Rejlander in EPS Collection, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Dale - Whitby, New Zealand

Dale - Whitby, New Zealand

Dale - Formerly at Kirknewton with USAF, 1956-59, Prescott, Arizona, USA

Dan - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dan - Orange, California, USA

Dan - Maps of the world, Sunnyvale, California, USA

Dan - Slogans on postcards, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dan - Equipment produced by John Sellers, engraver, Lisbon, Maryland, USA

Dan - Investigating an early painting of little girl, possibly Russian,  Washington DC, USA

Dan - Value of a  book published by Valentine & Sons,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Dan - TV Programme for NBC featuring Edinburgh, New York, New York, USA

Dan - Photography web sites, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Dan - Brown Barnes & Bell photographic studios in Britain,, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Dan - Scottish cabinet prints and cartes de visite, Washington, DC, USA

Dan - W R & S Views of Edinburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Dani - Edinburgh and family history, Minnesota, USA

Danea - Manchester engravers, Sydney,  New South Wales, Australia

Danea - Photographers in Motherwell and Craigcruik, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Daniel -  Turnbull & Sons, photographers, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Daniel -  Looking for a biography of Tom Curr, France

Daniel -  Accommodation in Old Town, Edinburgh, Malaga, Spain

Daniel -  Photograph of Ramsay Lane, Sweden

Daniel -  Photograph of doo cave at East Wemyss, University of Basel, Switzerland

Daniel - Stubbs family history, Rockwell, North Carolina, USA

Daniel - Valuie ofold postage stamps,  Burlington, New Jersey, USA

Daniel - Pennsylvania, USA

Daniela - My photos taken in Canada, 1958, Montreal , Quebec, Canada

Daniella - Edinburgh photo:  Looking North from Blackford Hill, Haarlem, Netherlands

Danielle - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Danielle - EdinPhoto web site, Plymouth, Pennsylvania, USA

Danielle - A collection of Keystone stereo views, Beggs Oklahoma, USA

Danielle - Photo of Highland Cow, South Carolina, Arizona, USA

Daniela - Edinburgh Festival photo: a juggling unicyclist on a tightrope, Porto. Portugal

Danna - Patrick family emigration to Indiana, Illinois, USA

Danna - Photographs by Vandyke and others, Italy

Danny - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, New Zealand

Danny - Searching for WR Gay, Wellington, New Zealand

Dario - Sacchi Courses, School of Photography, Argentina

Dario - Sacchi Courses, School of Photography, Argentina

Darian - Family history:  Russia, South Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Darla - Photograph of Edinburgh Floral Clock, 2009, Fairborn, Ohio, USA

Darleen - Arden Street photograph, Belgium

Darlene - Book published by Valentine & Sons, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Darlene - Book by F Dundas Todd published 1893, Minnesota, USA

Darrell - Stereoscopic photos of Bible Land, Gladstone, Montana, USA

Darren - Photograph from the studio of Ovinius Davis, Queensland, Australia

Darren - Old maps of Edinburgh, Colorado State University, Colorado, USA

Darrin - A death in the Edinburgh Infirmary, 1866, Canada

Dave - Dean Village School, Australia

Dave - Alex Inglis photo, Bermagui, New South Wales, Australia

Dave - Recollections of Edinburgh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Dave - Ritz Cinema, Edinburgh, Point Cook, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dave - Recollections of Preston Street School, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Dave - Memories of Tynecastle School,  Canada

Dave - Reproduction of images of glass plates and boxes, for a school course, Canada

Dave - Peter McGill photo of a soldier, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Dave - Value of A W Elson photograph, Northern Manitoba, Canada

Dave - Advice on using FrontPage program to update my web site, Finland

Dave - Looking for Rab Turner, Dalry, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Dave - Message for Ronnie, cousin of Eddie MacCaulay, Fleshmarket Close, New Zealand

Dave - Photographs of Sparta Amateur Boxing Club, New Zealand

Dave - Fountainbridge recollections, Carterton, New Zealand

Dave - EdinPhoto web site + visit to Edinburgh, Wairarapa, New Zealand

Dave - Recollections of Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland, Wellington, New Zealand

Dave - Player family history, Edinburgh, Algarve, Portugal

Dave - Valentine & Sons Ltd. 'Birthday Series' book, Denia, Costa Blanca, Spain

Dave - Liverpool photographers, Brown Barnes & Bell, Colorado, USA

Dave - EdinPhoto web site, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA

Dave - Rosslyn Chapel pictures, Lake Worth, Florida, USA

Dave - Recollections of Kirknewton, Coos Bay, Oregon, USA

Dave - History of Greyfriars' Church, Edinburgh, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Dave - British silver coins, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Dave - Auld Reekie, Houston, Texas, USA

David - Book of old photos of 'Edinburgh and Vicinity' by WR&S Ltd., Australia

David - Photographs from the studio of R Brown, Edinburgh and Aberdour, Australia

David - Recollections of Niddrie,  Edinburgh, Australia

David - Ritz Cinema, Canonmills, Edinburgh, Australia

David - NSW, Australia

David - Leith Academy Class photo, 1952, NSW, Australia

David - View of Edinburgh from the South, c.1649, Concord, NSW, Australia

David - Brunswick St, Edinburgh, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

David - Recollections of Colinton, Edinburgh in 1940s, St Ives, NSW, Australia

David - Recollections of Darroch School, Sydney, NSW, Australia

David - Gilmerton Children's Home, early 1900s, Sydney, NSW, Australia

David - Early photographs of Portobello, Queensland, Australia

David - Early photographs of Portobello, Middle Ridge, Queensland, Australia

David - Old maps of Edinburgh and Leith, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

David - Scott Lyon bakers vans in Edinburgh, South Australia, Australia

David - Photographic medals + Traill Taylor, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

David - Noarlunga, Adelaide, South Australia

David - Paton family history, Tasmania, Australia

David - Old Photographs of Dumbiedykes, Stockbridge and Dalry, Victoria, Australia

David - Musicians on photo of 'This Scotland' exhibition, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

David - Craiglockhart Primary School and Tynecastle Secondary School, Canada

David - Photos of Piershill Barracks, Canada

David - Painting of St Andrews by J Douglas RSW,  British Columbia, Canada

David - Edin burgh recollections, Agassiz, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

David - Photo of science class: St. Bede's Grammar School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

David - John T Croal, Gibson's Landing, British Columbia, Canada

David - Middleton school camp, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

David - Bruce Peebles, 1966, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

David - Croal family history, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

David - Portrait by Victor D Horsburgh, St Peter, Jersey, Channel Islands

David - Collecting Fire Service articles, Maubeuge, North France

David - A & G Taylor, photographers, St Martin le Vieil, Southern  France

David - Rome, Italy

David - Japan

David - Value of an old British stamp, Netherlands

David - Recollections of Sparta Boxing Club, Edinburgh, New Zealand

David - Bronze compass in a leather case:  Lizars, Glasgow, Auckland, New Zealand

David - Recollections of Broughton School, Edinburgh, Auckland, New Zealand

David - Photos: Leith Nautical College + Trinity Academy, North Island,  New Zealand

David - Recollections of Edinburgh Old Town and Leith, North Island, New Zealand

David - My photos of the Forth Bridges, Northern Ireland

David - Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, 1930s, Belfast, Northern Ireland

David - Edinburgh names and slang, Doha, Qatar

David - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos,,  'T-Set' and 'Blaze', South Africa

David - Valentine and J Arthur Dixon's postcards, Cape Town, South Africa

David - Recollections of a Morningside butcher, Edinburgh, Estepona, South of Spain

David - EdinPhoto web site, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, USA

David - The International Club, Princes Street, Lake Forest, California, USA

David - The Spence family, Hutcheson Avenue, Los Angeles, California, USA

David - Memories of North Merchiston School, New Oakland, California, USA

David - Recollections of Colinton, Conway, South Carolina, USA

David - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

David - Trevor Yerbury's web site address, Indiana, USA

David - Photos of St Beads Grammar School, Bradford, in 1960s, New York, USA

David - Cartes de visite by John Moffat, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

David - Photos of Edinburgh, Hocking Hills, Columbus, Ohio, USA

David - Seeking contact details for a descendant of Wm Barry, Portland, Oregon, USA

David - Photographic studios: Gale and Jerome, Orlando, Florida, USA

David - Stereo photographs, Washington, Maine, USA

David - Durie Brown, Edinburgh - address, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

David - Columbia University, New York, USA

David - EPS Exhibition photo, 1968,  Lawton, Oklahoma, USA

David - Old medical device bought from Lizars, Schuyler, Virginia, USA

David - The Hay Lime Quarry Works, Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Davide - TP Lugton photo of Edinburgh transport conductors, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Davis - Descendants from Craigmillar, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Davina - Identity of the sitter in a portrait by Jas. Bacon & Sons Australia

Davy - Photograph of Fina Petrol Pump, Belgium

Dawn - Family photo by Wm Mercer Tollcross, Edinburgh, Oakfield, California, USA

Dawn - Dating of a tintype photo, Upstate, New York, USA

Dea -  Engraving by Myles Birket Foster, Netherlands

Dean - Pictures of Queen Mary's Bathhouse, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dean -  Victoria Day photograph taken on Middle Pier, Granton, USA

Dean -  Photograph of old Shell petrol pump in Scottish Highlands, Singapore

Dean -  Old photographs on glass plates, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Dean (Deano) -  Photograph with pram at Granton station, Middle Pier, Michigan, USA

Dean -  Canongate graveyard, Edinburgh, Oshkosh Wisconsin USA

Deb - Old family portraits, including one by DO Hill, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Deb - British Columbia, Canada

Deb - James Clerk Maxwell photos and experiments, USA

Deb - Photographs of Scotland, Savannah, Georgia, USA

Deb - Ambrotype photo, Decatur, Indiana, USA

Deb - Photographs of Forth Rail Bridge, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA

Debi - EdinPhoto web site, Hawley, Pennsylvania, USA

Debbie - Portobello, postcard, Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Debbie - London, Ontario, Canada

Debbie - New Zealand

Debbie - Schools in Edinburgh and Joppa, California, USA

Debbie - EdinPhoto web site, Cape Coral, Florida, USA

Debbie - A W Elson print: 'Friend of the Humble', Chillicothe, Ohio, USA

Debbie - Junction City, Oregon, USA

Debi - Tintype photo, possibly Russian Imperial, Florida, USA

Deborah - Books published by Valentine & Sons Ltd, Dundee, Australia

Deborah - Ancestors: Canonmills, early-1800s, Balmain, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Deborah - Barber's Shop n Princes Street, around 1900, Colraine, Northern Ireland

Deborah - Scottish Photography - 1839 to 1989, Oley, Pennsylvania, USA

Deborah - Old photo of John Knox House2wz, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Debra - Hastings, Michigan, USA

Debra - Bedford, Ohio, USA

Debra -  Small book published by W Hagelberg, Troy, Michigan, USA

Del - Who was Jimmy, dressed in military uniform on a studio portrait? New Zealand

Delary - Old photos, new photographic equipment, Texas, USA

Deidre - 'Black Sambo' book published by Valentines,1913, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Delia - Old postcards of Piershill Barracks, Edinburgh, Cape Town, South Africa

Dena - Stereo views, Blue Ridge Mountains, Western North Carolina, USA

Denis - Canada

Denis - AW Elson print:  Summer Time, Keswick, Ontario, Canada

Denis - Paintings by Robert Smith Forrest (1871-1943),Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Denis - Paris, France

Denis - Engraving of 'The Porteous Mob' by Edward Burton, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Denise - Drummond Shiels photo found in Cooma, Australia, Adelaide, South Australia

Denise - Cabinet print from the studio of G G Mitchell, Edin., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Denise - Photography of Charles Reid, Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Dublin, Ireland

Denise - Pictures of Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Tareq Rajab Museum, Kuwait

Denise - The Alexander family at Ellen's Glen, Liberton, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Denise - WK Munro, studio photograph, New Zealand

Denise - Photograph: Granton Harbour lamp post, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dennis - North British Rubber Company, Fountainbridge, in 1874, Australia

Dennis - Family photos: Burnley, Lancashire, England, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dennis - Use of Edinburgh Fire Brigade photo for his Fire Hydrant project, Taipei, Taiwan

Dennis - Old large hand-tinted photo , California, USA

Dennis - Value of A W Elson prints, Sabina, Ohio, USA

Deon - EdinPhoto web site, South Africa

Derek - TS Dolphin at Leith Docks, Australia

Derek - Edinburgh words:  mingin = smelly, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Derek - Rutherford's Bar, Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Derek - William Allen Smith, Electrician at Silvermills in 1960s, Nigeria

Derek - Class photo from Daniel Stewart's College, 1946-47, Spain

Derek - George Washington Wilson stereo views, Burbank, California, USA

Derek - Stenhouse Avenue West, My Family, The War Years, Reno, Nevada, USA

Desiann - Newhaven Fishwives, the Linton family, Adelaide, South Australia

Desha - Book published by Valentine & Sons, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Desma - Large photo of Highland Cattle by Charles Reid, New Zealand

Devin - Photograph of Scottish Highland Cattle, Scurry County, Texas, USA

Devin - Harvard, Massachusetts, USA

Dewi - Edinburgh transport photographs, Ottawa, Canada

Dhruba - , Nepal

Di - Edinphoto web site, photos of Leith, New South Wales, Australia

Diana - Edward and McKean Family history, Canada

Diana - Children's books published by Valentine & Sons, Wakarusa, Indiana, USA

Diane - Australia

Diane - Compass in a small box from Lennie, Princes Street, Edinburgh, Australia

Diane - Leith Academy, Edinburgh, 1928-29, Australia

Diane - Photos of performers at Edinburgh Festival, Carlton, North Victoria, Australia

Diane - Postcard of Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Solana Beach, California, USA

Diane - Charles Stanley Herve, Vancouver Is., British Columbia, Canada

Diane - Thomas Burns cabinet print, Canada

Diane - Fairbairn Studio, Leith Walk, Canada

Diane - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Diane - Moffat family history, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Diane - Postcard Portraits, WWI soldiers, Morrison's studio, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Diane - The old Broughton Secondary School, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Diane -  Thomas H Douglas +family, Pukekohe, South Auckland of New Zealand

Diane - California, USA

Diane - Valentine & Sons books, El Dorado Hills, California, USA

Diane - History of Baberton House, Edinburgh, Florida, USA

Diane - History of Lizars Photographers, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Diane - Tintype photo featuring a Model T Ford, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Diann - Broughton Road, Edinburgh, in 1915,  St James, New York, USA

Dianna - A W Elson lilithograph: young Jesus and a lamb,  , San Antonio, Texas, USA

Dianne - The King's Arms, Newhaven, Edinburgh, Bedford Ontario, Canada

Dianne - Valentine & Sons book:  'The Babes in the Wood', Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Dick - Huntingdon, Long Island, New York, USA

Dick - Cartes de visite and cabinet prints, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Dick - Waverley Novels published by Morrison & Gibb, Canada

Diran - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dirk - Sinclair etching of John Knox House Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Dirk - Gales Studios, Netherlands

Dolores - The Moonrakers Band Edinburgh, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Dolores - Photograph by A W Elson, Essexville, Michigan, USA

Dominic - George Washington Wilson's glass plates, San Diego, California, USA

Don - Old photo:  The Royal Scots, St Mary's New South Wales, Australia

Don - James Dunbar bottle opener, Pinjarra, Western Australia, Australia

Don - Old postcards of Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Don - Recollections of Boroughmuir School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Don - Photograph y of John C Douglas, Netherlands

Don - Great Barrier Island, near Auckland, New Zealand

Don - Building of Edinburgh Old Town, New Zealand

Don - Trinity College Church and Lady Glenorchy's Chapel,, Christchurch, New Zealand

Don - Bomb: Springwell Place, Dalry, Edinburgh, 1940,, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Don - The Tug Medusa at Firth of Forth then Kessock Bridge, Lagos, Nigeria

Don - Views of Old Edinburgh, Silverstream, Wellington, New Zealand

Don - Donation of an old compass to a museum, Central California, USA

Don - Seeking information about photo of children in uniform, Wayne, New Jersey, USA

Don - Old photos of Edinburgh, Oregon, USA

Donald -  Early air-mail postcard, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada

Donald -  EdinPhoto visitors form Germany, Zwickau, Germany

Donald - Dumbiedykes recollections, Auckland, New Zealand

Donald - Brown Bros. recollections, Basel, Switzerland

Donald - EdinPhoto correspondents: Dean Orphanage and Flora Stevenson school, USA

Donald - Photos from AG Taylor studio, Glasgow,, Connecticut, USA

Donald - Michigan, USA

Donn - Golf at St Andrews, Scotland, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Donna - Research into the Sherar family, New South Wales, Australia

Donna - Canaan Lodge, Edinburgh, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Donna - Picture of 20 Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Donna - McGlashon family, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Donna - Valentine book: 'This England', Centre County, Pennsylvania, USA

Donna - My photos, 'Farrier at Work', Aiken, South Carolina, USA

Donna - AW Elson photo of Minuteman Statue, Concord, Lebanon, Kentucky, USA

Donna - Stereo views, Darlington, Wisconsin, USA

Donnie - Recollections of Broughton, Zwickau, Germany THEN Basel, Switzerland

Donnie - Grandmother's emigration to Australia, Basel, Switzerland

Donny - 'Greasy Spoon Cafe', Edinburgh, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Donya - Children's books published by Valentine, Austin, Texas, USA

Doreen - Mother's work at Crawford's Biscuit Family, Edinburgh, Canada

Doreen - Crawford's Biscuit Factory, Leith, Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Doreen - Photos by Ovinius Davis, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Doreen - Louis Saul Langfier family history, Leonardo, New Jersey, USA

Doris - Boroughmuir school, Edinburgh, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Doris - Malcolm Murray, photographer, Munich, Germany

Doris - A W Elson Photograph, San Jose, California, USA

Dorota - Photograph on EdinPhoto web site, Poland

Dorothea - Edinburgh photographer, George McKenzie, Maine, USA

Dorothy - Sets of stereo views, Australia

Dorothy - The Lennie family, Australia

Dorothy - Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Queensland, Australia

Dorothy - Shelbourne Hotel + Victoria League Club, Edinburgh, Queensland, Australia

Dorothy - Deacon's Den, Cockburn Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Dorothy - 'First Footing' in Edinburgh, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

Dorothy - Joppa and Abbeyhill, Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada

Dorothy - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Dorothy - Horatio Ross & Family, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dorothy - Recollections of Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Thollet, Vienne, France

Dorothy - Photograph of Canongate Kirk,  Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

Dot - Granton Recollections in EdinPhoto guestbook, USA

Dot - Edinburgh photogrpaher, John Hislop + family, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Dot - EdinPhoto web site, and recollections of Niddrie, Texas, USA

Dot - Recollections of Murrayfield Ice Rink, Arlington, Texas, USA

Doug - Photos from Robert Turnbull's studio, Glasgow, Australia

Doug - Resident of Ferrier Street, Edin., 1928, Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia

Doug - Old British postcard, Canada

Doug - Haggis soup, served at Peacock Inn, Newhaven, Canada

Doug - Acme Farms Dairy, Edinburgh, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Doug - Cabinet print by Charles Reid, Wishaw, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Douglas - Stockbridge, Slateford, Tynecastle schools then Australia, 1965, Australia

Douglas - Seaton Clan of Winton Castle, Australia

Douglas - Portobello then Australia, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

Douglas - Memorial plaques to Tom Curr, artist, and others, Canada

Douglas - Postcard Portraits from Morrison's Studio, Edinburgh, Ontario, Canada

Dougie - The County Cinema ('The Gaff'), Craigmillar, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Douglas - Army Training complex at Easter Road, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Douglas - Old Edinburgh Transport Photographs, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

Douglas - Old photographs of Leith, Barbados

Douglas - Edinburgh Caste postcard, Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Douglas - Old maps of Leith, New Zealand

Douglas - MacPherson photographs, Berkeley, California, USA

Drew - Photograph of Cramond Island, Edinburgh, Camino, California, USA

Duflou - Postcards of floral clocks around the world, Ostend, Belgium

Duke - Minnesota, USA

Duncan - Edinburgh Corporation buses, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Duncan - George Heriot's School, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Duncan -  Photos of Bingham, Edinburgh, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

Duncan -  Ferranti apprentices, New Zealand

Duncan - Norton Park School, Edinburgh, Murcia, Spain

Dulcie - Thames, New Zealand

Durenda -  Baptist Bibles, Clearwater, Florida, USA

Dusan -  Freelance photography, Krsko, Slovenia then Belgrade, Serbia

Dyann Article on Spitfires for Legion magazine, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

DyAnne - USA


E-J - Alex R Paton, early photographer from Paisley , Scotland, Canada

Eamon - Engraving of Excise Office, Drummond Place, South of Ireland

Eberhard - Photographs by GR Lawson, Edinburgh,, Washington DC, USA

Ed - Edinburgh at Work photos, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ed - Leith family history, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Ed - Palmdale, California, USA

Ed - Photos of Forth Road Bridge under construction, Nipomo, California, USA

Ed - A & G Taylor carte de visite, Petersburg, Florida, USA

Ed - Indiana, USA

Ed - British Linen Bank, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Ed - Photo of Greyfriars' Bobby statue, Edinburgh, Sequim, Washington, USA

Ed - Photos by JG Tunny, Pennsylvania, USA

Eddie - Miller's Foundry, Meadowbank, Edinburgh, Larne, Northern Ireland

Eddie - Recollections of Granton, Edinburgh, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Eddie - Aerial view of Pilton, Edinburgh, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Eddie - Recollections of The Dolphin Training Ship, Leith Docks, Ireland

Eddie - Moredun Park Rise, Edinburgh, 1950s, Auckland, New Zealand

Eddie - Value of an AW Elson print, Florida, USA

Eddie - Children's books published by Valentine & Sons, Wakarusa, Indiana, USA

Edith - Elsmore photographic studios in Glasgow, Australia

Edith - New Year wishes, 2013, Toronto, Canada

Edith - Nova Scotia, Canada

Edith - Photos of St Mary's primary school, Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Edith - Large map of Europe, South Bend, Indiana, USA

Edward - Memories of Niddrie in 1950s and 1960s, Australia

Edward - Recollections of Port Edgar, 1962, Canada

Edward - Copies of old studio photographs, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Edward - Visits to Edinburgh, and Edinburgh Tattoo, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Edwardo - Old processes + photography in Scotland, Seattle, Washington, USA

Edwin -  The Order of the Sons of Temperance Friendly Society postcard, Dublin, Ireland

Edwin - USA

Ehsan B - Awards in EPS International Exhibition, 2006, Iran

Ehsan G - Anderson's postcards of Edinburgh, Iran

Eigin - Edinburgh and Edinphoto web site, Largesund, Norway

Eileen - Recollections of Colinton:  The hospital, Australia

Eileen - Recollections of Craiglockhart, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Eileen - Shade's Potato Merchants, Henderson Street, Leith,  Canada

Eileen - John Moffat cartes de visite, Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada

Eileen - James Howie carte de visite, Denmark

Eileen - St Salvador's School + Old St Paul's Church, Gold River, California, USA

Eileen - Ithaca, New York, USA

Eileen - Chalmers Hospital photo, Edinburgh 1962, Sequim, Washington, USA

Einar - Looking for photos of Craighall Crescent, Edinburgh, Norway

Elaine - Picture of St Cuthbert's Church, Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia

Elaine - Copyright rules,  Canada:  e-mailed from China

Elaine - Who was model for the Royal Scots Greys statue?  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elaine - Who owns newspaper copyright,  Carleton-sur-Mer, Quebec, Canada

Elaine - Houses and school at Castle Hill, Edinburgh in 1880s, Denmark

Elaine - Memories of Royston and Granton Gas Works: 1930s-50s,   -  New Zealand

Elaine - Recollections of East Thomas Street Edinburgh, USA

Elaine - Turnbull & Sons, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

Elaine - Book published by Valentine & Sons, Laurel, Maryland, USA

Elaine - Postcard of Mary Queen of Scots, aged 10, California, USA

Elaine - The Grafton Club, Tollcross, Edinburgh, California, USA

Elayne - Recollections of Portobello,  Le Marche, Italy

Elayne - Memories of East Thomas Street,  USA

Eldon - Photographs of golf in Scotland, Syracuse, New York, USA

Ele (Eleanor) - Stockbridge cinema, Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa

Electa - Visit to Edinburgh in early-1970s, North Carolina, USA

Elena - Where is the original of T H Shepherd's "Edinburgh from Craigleith"?, Mexico

Eliżbieta - Photos of Scotland, Rzeszów, Poland

Elizabeth -   Recollections of Craigmillar, Australia

Elizabeth - Canberra, ACT, Australia

Elizabeth -  old book found in Australia, Mantong, New South Wales, Australia

Elizabeth -  Edinburgh swimming baths, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Elizabeth - Recollections of Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, Murray Bridge, South Australia

Elizabeth - Copyright of Valentine postcards,  Victoria, Australia

Elizabeth - Horsburgh family, Eltham, Victoria Australia

Elizabeth - Tulloch, Edinburgh engraver in 1853,, Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Elizabeth - Jewel Cottages, Portobello, Canada

Elizabeth - Wartime recollections, Canada

Elizabeth - Relation who lived at Crewe Place, Edinburgh, Calgary , Alberta, Canada

Elizabeth - Canaan Lane Children's Home, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Elizabeth - Recollections of Whitson, Edin., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Elizabeth - Novel: 'Time Will Knit': Granton, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Elizabeth - History of Granton, Edinburgh, Fergus, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth - Photographs from 1860s, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth - Early photographers, George + Daniel Wilson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth - Leith in late 19th century, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Fort de France, Martinique

Elizabeth - Auckland, New Zealand

Elizabeth - Photograph of a highland cow, USA

Elizabeth - Tintype photographs, New Jersey, USA

Elizabeth 2 - Darling's Regent Hotel, Edinburgh, New Jersey, USA

Elizabeth - Photographs of Edinburgh Castle, New York, USA

Elizabeth - Houses in Baird Drive, Edinburgh, Massachusetts, USA

Elizabeth - Cabinet prints from 1880s and 1890s, North Carolina, USA

Elizabeth - Finding old school photos from Dundee, Navarro, Texas, USA

Elizabeth - Buttercup Dairy, Edinburgh, Seattle, Washington,  USA

Ella - Recollections of Abbeyhill, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Elina - Code breaking for messages on postcards, Finland

Ellen - Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Ellen - Recollections of St Ann's school, Old Town, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Ellen - The name 'Granton', Port Jefferson, New York, USA

Ellen - Tintype and Ambrotype photos, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Elleanore - Recollections of London Road and Abbeyhill, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Ellenor - A & G Taylor's studio, Swansea Wales, Australia

Elley - Horsburgh photographers, Edinburgh, Australia

Ellie- Brown, Barnes & Bell portraits from Lancashire, Cocoa, Florida, USA

Elliott - J Howie photo, JM Barrie,  College of Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Elliott - Tintype photographs, Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

Elma - Boroughmuir School, Edinburgh, 1954-58, Flint, Texas, USA

Eloise - William Crooke Photograph - query, Vista, San Diego, California, USA

Elspeth - EdinPhoto web site, Canada

Elspeth - Memories: Stockbridge and Canongate, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Elvin - History of photography, San Diego, California, USA

Elyse - Alex Ayton cartes de visite, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Emanuel - African acrobatics performances, Ghana

Emil - Stereo views, St Louis, Missouri, USA

Emile - Old drawings of Edinburgh, Hilleroed, Denmark

Emilio - Italy

Emiloju - City Art Centre Exhibition, 2006, Lagos, Nigeria

Emilie - British photographers in Jamaica, Port au Prince, Haiti

Emily - Looking for photos of South St James Street, St James Square, Edinburgh, Sweden

Emily - Photos of Edinburgh, Dallas, Texas, USA

Emily - Photos by Alex Roberts, Edinburgh, Tennessee, USA

Emily - Hill & Adamson's photography, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA

Emily - Rannoch Moor photograph, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA

Emma - Photos to include in 'The Lamplighter' book, Australia

Emma - USA

Emma-Louise -  Photos for greetings cards, Paris, France

Emmet - Map of Edinburgh, 1575, Galway, Ireland

Emory - Photos of Kirknewton, Scotland,  Carson City, Nevada, USA

Ena - Broughton, swimming club and Murrayfield Ice Rink, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Enrique - Photos of Scottish Parliament building., New York, New York, USA

Eolake - Denmark

Eric - Bonnington School recollections, Australia

Eric - My photos of the Montreal Ice Storm, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Eric - Eva Brennan, poet, and Allan Junior, Toronto, Canada

Eric - Tintype photograph, Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

Eric - Old engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Scarsdale, New York, USA

Erica - Photos of Boston, McCormack Grad Sch., Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Erin - TP Lugton photo of Edinburgh transport conductors, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Erica - Stock photography, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

Erling - Corvette sips at Leith Western Harbour, 2006, Royal Danish Navy, Denmark

Ernie - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ernst - Landscape cdv by Archibald Burns + Daguerreotype by Moffat, Germany

Erol - Looking for information on Tom Curr, horse painter, Germany

Esther - Old photographs of Edinburgh, Ashburn, Virginia, USA

Erzsebet - Forth Rail Bridge photo: calm evening, Budapest, Hungary

Esther - Dating of an early Jerome postcard, Jerusalem, Israel

Euan - Railway history around Edinburgh, New York City, New York, USA

Eugene - 'Where is it? photo:   not yet identified, Marin, Connecticut, USA

Eugene - Photograph of Corstorphine Church, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA

Eugene - Old cameras, Olympia, Washington, USA

Eugenia - Old picture of John Knox House, Florence, Italy

Eunice - Queensland, Australia

Eva - Attempting contact George T Smith in Vancouver, Canada by email,  Faroe Islands

Eva - Valentine & Sons: book, Bavaria, Germany

Eva - Photograph of Fox Talbot's 'Reading Establishment, Berlin, Germany

Eve - Louis Saul Langfier and Kenneth Rive, Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada

Eve - Photos and possible oil painting of Glen Ogle, Sacramento, California, USA

Evelyn - Memories of Edinburgh, 1950s  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Evelyn - Postcards of Edinburgh, printed in Scotland and in Germany, Canada

Evelyn - John Watsons school reunion in Edinburgh, British Columbia, Canada

Evelyn - Family at Dumbiedykes, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Evelyn - Photograph of Preston Street School class, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Evelyn - Stereo viewer and views, Louisiana, USA

Evelyne - Postcard portrait from a Jerome studio in France, France

Evy - Tintype photographs, Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

Ewan - Early Scottish photographic studios, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Ewan - Cartes de visite George Oman, Maloneys Beach, NSW, Australia

Ewan - When did 'HIBEES become a nickname for Hibs FC?, Dallas, Texas, USA

Ewran - Early Scottish photographic processes, Quemeneven, Brittany, France

Ezequiel - Old Kodak advert, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Fabian - Edinburgh photos for web site, Heidelberg, Germany

Faith - Views of Edinburgh, Los Angeles, California, USA

Faiza - Recollections of Keir Street, Edinburgh, Pakistan

Farrah - Photo of Abe Lincoln by A W Elson, North Dakota, USA

Faruque - Photos of Quebec in winter, Bangladesh

Fawzan - EdinPhoto web site, G Ferguson, Yagoona, New South Wales, Australia

Faye - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Federico - Plans for building bagpipes, Italy

Felicity - Old photos from a studio in Newcastle, England, Helena, Montana, USA

Felila - James Clark Maxwell, Bankstown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Felix - Miller & Laing, small album of photos of Scotland, Netherlands

Fergus - Photos of railways around Edinburgh, 1950s, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Fernando - Old stereo view cards, Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil,

Fiona - Recollections of Morningside, Edinburgh, Tasmania, Australia

Fiona - Polar Ices, Edinburgh,, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Fiona - Trinity Academy Junior School, 1960s, Durban, South Africa

Fionn - Old postage stamp, Dublin, Ireland

Floor - Image for Christmas Card, 2004, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Flora - Photograph, possibly of a Scottish railway station, Canada

Florence - Florence Page etching of Advocate's Close, Victoria, Australia

Florence - Recollections of Dean Orphanage and Dean School,  USA

Florence - Memories of Granton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada AND Florida, USA

Florentin - Edinburgh 'Time Gun Map', Hamburg, Germany

Floyd - Old engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, British Columbia, Canada

Fran - Photograph from Alex Roberts' studio, Edinburgh, Imbil, Queensland, Australia

Fran - Cynicus postcard of a scene by J Douglas RSW, Canada

Fran - Family  photo from photographer A Milne of Aboyne, Rockford Illinois, USA

Frances - Numbering of the buildings in James Square, Edinburgh, Australia

Frances - Dates of Valentine & Sons postcards of Ireland, Meath, Ireland

Frances- Subjects of Hill & Adamson photographs, Jerusalem, Israel

Frances - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, South Africa

Frances - Robert Smith Webster, Photographer, and family, South Africa

Frances - Memories of East William Street, New Bern, North Carolina, USA

Francine - Douglas family history, Australia

Francis - Growing up in Barnton, Edinburgh, USA

Francisco - Possible grant for University of Madrid course., Spain

Francoise - Valentine photos, St Julien en Quint, Drome, Die, France

Frank - Memories of Dalry and Montgomery Street, Edinburgh,  Australia

Frank - Memories of Moir & Baxter's garage, Edinburgh,  Australia

Frank - Edinburgh words and expressions, Golden Beach, Queensland, Australia

Frank - Memories of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Perth, Western Australia

Frank (Hugh) - St Bede's Grammar School, Bradford, Canada

Frank - Leith Walk Primary School and East Thomas Street, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Frank - Looking for info on an old Clyde Foundry stove, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

Frank - Old leather album containing photos by J Valentine, A Inglis, GW Wilson, Germany

Frank - Photograph  of  burning banknotes, Germany

Frank - Recollections of Stockbridge, Christchurch, New Zealand

Frank - A & G Taylor photograph, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Frank - Kirknewton Airfield, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Frank - Paintings and prints by Frank Forsgard Manclark, Edinburgh, New York, USA

Frank - Portraits by James Bacon & Sons, Wagoner, Oklahoma, USA

Frans - Pictures of West End, Edinburgh, Spain

Fred  -  Hibs Supporters' Association, Australian Branch, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Fred  - Recollections of Caledonian Crescent, Edinburgh, 1940-55, Canada

Fred  -  Photos from the studio of James Howie, Florida, USA

Fred  -  Inverness carte de visite, Pennsylvania, USA

Fred  Lochs on the canal at Falkirk, Seattle, Washington, USA

Fred  -  Cary, North Carolina, USA

Fred  -  Photographs of Tuscany, Austin, Texas, USA

Freddy -  Looking for Spanish photos, Spain

Frederick  -  Belvidere, Illinois, USA

Friedrich  -  Photograph of the Forth Bridge, Austria



GM - Edinburgh shops, clubs and cinemas, New Zealand

Gábor - Travel images around the world, Hungary

Gabriel - Rutherford's Bar, Edinburgh,  Viedma, Río Negro, Argentina. 

GM - Edinburgh shops, clubs and cinemas, New Zealand

Gael - Henry Walter Barnett, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Gail - Horsburgh cartes de visite, South Australia, Australia

Gail - Maps of Edinburgh, Canada

Gail - Cruise to Edinburgh, Catskill Mountains, New York, USA

Gail - St Serf's Primary School class photo, c.1959, San Marcos, California, USA

Gail - Edinburgh Restaurant, The Pied Piper, 1965, South Carolina, USA

Gail - Searching for 1830 map of Edinburgh, Texas, USA

Galal - Old British postage stamps, Cairo, Egypt

Gale - John Moffat carte de visite, Edinburgh, Endwell, New York, USA

Gale - Searching for Neil Stewart, Ohio, USA

Gary - Poor Clare's Convent, Australia

Gary - Normal Primary School, Edinburgh,  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Gary - Letham family history, Ayr, Queensland, Australia

Gary - Jerome portrait postcards, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Gary - Tintype photo of an ancestor, Ontario, Canada

Gary - Hislop & Day, engravers and photographers, Listowel, Ontario, Canada

Gary - Oil painting by Frances Truefitt, New Zealand

Gary - Pencil sketch of Edinburgh Castle by the artist, JW King,  USA

Gary - Paintings of American Indians by Urie + Ransom, Arcadia, California, USA

Gary - A W Elson photographs of 'Abe Lincoln' and of 'Spirit of 76', Colorado, USA

Garry - 1950s and 1960s photos of Edinburgh, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia

Gayle - David Scott, artist, Nova Scotia, Canada

Gayle - Map of Britain, USA

Gary - Queensland, Australia

Gary Encyclopaedia of Photography, Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA

Gary Buying old photos, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

Gavin - Prefabs in The Calders, Edinburgh, Western Australia, Australia

Gavin - Pictures of Nicolson Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Gay Donaldson's Hospital, Edinburgh, Plant City, Florida, USA

Geir -  Searching for photos of Hound Point Oil Terminal, South Queensferry, Edin.,  Norway

Gencho -  Bulgarian photographers' visits to EPS, Veliko, Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Gene -  Valentine & Sons  USA postcards, Dover, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Gene -  Girdwood family history, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA

Genevieve -  Lanterns by Lonsdale & Dutch, Edinburgh, Jersey, Channel Islands

Geoff -  Oil painting by Frances Truefitt, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Geoff - London, Ontario, Canada

Geoff -  Newcastle photographer Lyddell Sawyer and Alex Ayton photo, 1892, Spain

Geoff -  Photographer JCH Balmain's family history, Sri Lanka

Geoff -  Contacting Sandee Farmer, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA

Geoffrey  -  Photograph of an Edinburgh Dame School, Western Australia, Australia

Geoff -  Prefab houses at Sighthill,, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Queensland, Australia

Geoff -  Old Chain Pier pub, Newhaven, Edinburgh, South Africa

George - Edinburgh gas-powered buses and trams,  Australia

George - Memories of Rossie Castle, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

George - Photograph of Earl Grey Street, Edin., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

George - Recollections of cinemas and delivery vans, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

George - Flora Stevenage School + Dean Orphanage, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

George - Coronation photo taken at Viewcraig Row, Edin., Western Australia, Australia

George - WW II Bombings, Edgewater, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

George - 'National Series' postcards were published by David Henderson, Belfast, Canada

George - Recollections of working at Portobello Bottle Works, Canada

George - Portobello History Society video, Victoria British Colombia, Canada

George - Edinburgh housing + breweries, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

George - Muirhouse recollections, St Thomas, Ontario, Canada

George - What is the date of an early 'Kodak' postcard?, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

George - Memories of Craiglockhart, Edinburgh, London, Ontario, Canada

George - Memories of Leith, Newhaven, Granton, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

George - Alex Ayton and his family tree, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

George - Old photos of Edinburgh, Saskatchewan, Canada

George - British postage stamps, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Central America

George - Early British Picture Postcards, Guernsey, Channel Islands

George - Old garages at Abbeyhill and Comely Bank, Hong Kong and Beijing, China

George - Memories of Moir & Baxter, Comely Bank, Edinburgh, Japan

George - St John's School, Portobello, Casablanca, Morocco

George - Postcards and stamps, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

George - Edinburgh speech, Spain / UK

George - A H Baird microscope slides, Milton, Pensacola, Florida, USA

George - Memories of Hutchison Road, Edinburgh, Saginaw, Michigan, USA

George - Low family history, Beaver, Utah, USA

George - Ambrotypes and tintypes, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Gerald - William Towert & Sons, carte de visite, Connecticut, USA

Gerard - Paintings and photographs by Horsburgh, State Library of Victoria, Australia

Gerard - Old maps of Edinburgh, Perrystown, Dublin, Ireland

Gerd - Looking for photos of Stirling engines, Germany

Gerry - St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, May, Ireland

Gerry - Looking fr drawings of MV Puriri, built in 1939 New Zealand

Gerry - Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo, South Africa

Gerry - Ian Rankin and old photos of Edinburgh, Upplands, Vasby, Sweden

Gerry - Formerly at Kirknewton with USAF, 1957-60, Troy, New Hampshire, USA

Giles - Royal Studio, Leith Street, Edinburgh, Delray Beach, Florida, USA

Giles - Photographs of the Gibbs family, Covington, Virginia, USA

Gil - Tintype photos,  Morrisville, near Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Gill - A & G Taylor photograph,  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Gill - Cartes de visite and family history research, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Gill - Photograph of a school class at Trinity Academy, Edinburgh,  Tel Aviv, Israel

Gillian - Photo: R Turnbull & Sons, Glasgow, Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada

Gillian - James Douglas RSW, C19 Dundee artist,  Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Gillian - Portrait by Raeburn Dobson of I M Glazebrook Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Gillian - Copyright of old postcards and photos,  St Petersburg, Florida, USA

Gin - Old chocolate tin: W&M Duncan Ltd, Edinburgh,  Barboursville, Virginia, USA

Ginna - Engraving by William Hole,  Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ginny - Powder Springs, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ginna - Engraving by William Hole,  Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ginny - Restoring Ambrotype photos,  Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Giorgia - Looking for a map showing Edinburgh in year 2000, Genoa, Italy

Giovanna - Old engravings of Edinburgh,, Ararat, Victoria, Australia

Giovanni - Nature photography in Scotland, Pisa, Italy

Giulia - Old picture of John Knox House, Florence, Italy

Glen - History of the name of Longstone, Edinburgh, Virginia, USA

Glen - Postcards of Edinburgh  near Santa Barbara, California, USA

Glenda - Postcard from Phillip E Low studio, Mareeba, North Queensland, Australia

Glenn - Recollections of Meadowhouse Road, Edinburgh, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Glenn - 'Newhaven Church Coach Outing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Glenn - Recollections of Edinburgh Zoo, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Glenn - 'Wood & Co' photograph query, New Zealand

Glenda - Newhaven and Leith family history research, Australia

Glenn - Robert Bryson, Edinburgh watchmaker, c.1845, Zambia

Glenn - Meadowhouse Road, Edinburgh, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Glenys - Australia

Gloria - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Gloria - Edinburgh streets, Western Australia, Australia

Gloria - Old Christmas card showing Scott Monument, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Gloria - Pollard Crowther F.R.P.S., Barcelona, Spain

Gloria - Sun ray treatment in Britain after World War 2, Long Island, New York, USA

Glynis - Photographs by Turnbull & Sons, Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Glynnes - The Paton family, New Zealand

G M - Central Edinburgh shops, New Zealand

Gokhan - Chapham Inveresk envelope equipment for sale, Turkey

Göran -  American photographer, Alfred Cheney Johnston, Stockholm, Sweden

Gordie - Photographs of Maxwell's tartan ribbon,, Rochester, New York, USA

Gordon - Recollections of Restalrig, Australia

Gordon - Cycle track, Inch Park, Edinburgh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Gordon - Canaan Lodge, Morningside, Edin., Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Gordon - Memories of Picardy Place, Edinburgh, Netherlands

Gordon - Recollections of Fairleys Dance Hall, 1951, South Africa

George - Bruntsfield Primary and George Heriot's schools,  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Gordon - Old postcards, Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Gordon - Painting by J Patrick, Kirksville, Missouri, USA

Grace - Grace Devlin and family, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Grace - Having difficulty contacting me (abut what?), New Zealand

Grace - A W Elson Carbon Print, 'The Boys of the Shell', New York, USA

Graeme - His, William Slight, Edinburgh engraver, Australia

Graeme - Powderhall 880 yds and 1 mile races 1903-04, Australia

Graeme - Reminiscences of Edinburgh, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Graeme - Recollections of Inverleith, Boswall and Granton, Edinburgh, South Australia

Graeme - Edinburgh photographer, WJ Hay descendant, Auckland, New Zealand

Graeme - Book on George D Valentine, photographer, Christchurch, New Zealand

Graham - South Plympton, South Australia

Graham - Moray House Class photo  Australia

Graham - Canongate Scouts, Edin, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

Graham - Edinburgh 'blue sun', 1950, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Graham - Contacting an EdinPhoto contributor, Northern Ireland

Graham - Railway photographs around Edinburgh, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Graham - Inglis descendant, Christchurch, New Zealand

Graham -  1895 photograph of Musselburgh railway station, Rotorua, New Zealand

Graham - Recollections of Victoria School, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Caribbean

Graham - Descendant of W J Hay, Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand

Graham - Recollections of the Queensferry ferry, Saudi Arabia

Graham - Horsburgh links with Scotland, South Africa

Graham - Date of a Drummond Young photo, Spain

Graham - EdinPhoto web site, Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA

Grahame - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos, Christchurch, New Zealand

Graeme - Edinphoto web site, South Australia, Australia

Grant - Recollections of the Granton, Edinburgh, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Grant - Recollections of the Granton, Edinburgh, Trinidad

Graylan - Watson and Sons telesight, Houston, Texas, USA

Greg - Chart of the Caledonian Canal by Morrison & Gibb, Murrurundi, NSW, Australia

Greg - Charles Reid, Photographer, Wishaw South Granville, NSW, Australia

Greg - Daniel Ross and Hamilton Ross,  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Greg - John Center bagpipes,  Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Greg - Campbell Harper film made for Haig whisky, 1960s, Perth, Western Australia

Greg - Old photograph of the Forth Bridge, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Greg - Mackay and Gemmell family histories, near Hobart, Tasmania

Greg - G W Wilson photographs:  Skye, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Greg - Tom Curr painting, Baptist Church request, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Greg - Roy Rogers' visit to Edinburgh, Mount Vernon, Virginia, USA

Gregg - The homes of Sir Walter Scott,  USA

Gregg - Oregon, USA

Gregory - Daguerreotypes for a Canadian film, Canada

Gregory - Did the painter, William Barry travel to the Caribbean?, Austin, Texas, USA

Greig - Panoramic photograph of Granton, Edinburgh, London, Ontario, Canada

Greta - Edinburgh and East Calder recollections, South Dakota, USA

Guido - Sale of B W Kilburn photographs, Bolivia

Gul - Jerome postcards, Karachi, Pakistan

Gunnar - Engraving of the Heart of Midlothian for Wikipedia web site, Oslo, Norway

Guy - Age of a cabinet print and tintype photo, Dallas, Texas, USA

Guy - New Zealand

Gwen - Dates of Brown Barnes & Bell photographs, Tasmania, Australia

Gwen - Old lantern slides, USA

Gwenda - Royal Mile closes query, Canada


Hal - Painting by George de Forest Brush, Englewood, Ohio, USA

Han - Album of Edinburgh cartes de visite, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hani - Edinburgh photographer, Marion Boron, Spain

Hank- Edinburgh Floral Clock, 1998, Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Hannah - Painting by John Horsburgh, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Hannah - Photo of 8 ladies by J Howie, c.1870s, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Hannah - Recollections of Duke Street, Leith + Gilmerton + Inch, Wisconsin, USA

Hans - EdinPhoto web site and Australian web site for 3D books, photos, cards, Australia

Hans - Edinburgh Fire Brigade, Holland

Hans - Photograph of scaffolders on the Forth Bridge, Himmelried, Switzerland

Hans-Peter - Photos of Greyfriars' Bobby, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Germany

Harald - Cynicus post cards and books, Halstenbek, Germany

Harley - Cabinet prints from Huntly and Edin, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Harold - M Erskine, Edinburgh leather workers, Ontario, Canada

Harris - Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA

Harry - Restoration of an E Lennie Kodak camera, Melton South, Victoria, Australia,

Harry - EdinPhoto web site, South Australia, Australia

Harry - J Howie photographer query, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Harry - Jerome photo envelope, Queensland, Australia

Harry - Pictures of Canongate Tolbooth, South Australia, Australia

Harry - Searching for an email address, Malden The Netherlands

Harry - London Street School, New Hampshire, USA

Hazel - Crawford's biscuit factory,  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Hazel - Scottish photographers named Rice,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hazel - Practical Photographer magazine, Dec 1891, Williamstown, Ontario, Canada

Heather - Mao of Leith, 1804, Australia

Heather - Researching her ancestor J Logan Mack, Australia

Heather - Canberra, ACT, Australia

HeatherOld engraving of Canonmills, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

HeatherLooking for photos: Elsie Inglis Maternity Hospital, Perth, Western Australia

Heather - Growing up at Bristo Street, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Heather - Residents of Loganlea Terrace, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Heather - Fountainbridge, Edinburgh query, Stirling, Ontario, Canada

Heather - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Heather - A & G Taylor query, Canada

Heather - St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, 1960s, Greece

Heather - Recollections of Edinburgh, Hong Kong

Heather - Photo from the studio of James Wood, Airdrie, Wellington, New Zealand

Heather - Gold fob watch awarded to Thomas McGrouther, Falkirk, 1928,, South Africa

Heather - William B Hole, etcher + Scotland,  Long Beach, California, USA

Heather - Old Glasgow photographs, Olathe, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Heather - Postage stamp on postcard, Orange County, New York, USA

Héctor - A W Elson print, Children of the Shell, Upstate, New York, USA

Heidi - Pennsylvania, USA

Heino -  Photos of old vehicles with Stirling engines, Erzgebirge, Germany

Helen -  Facebook photos (incl some from EdinPhoto) without permission, NSW, Australia

Helen - Memories of Edinburgh and Bruce Peebles' Christmas Parties,  NSW, Australia

Helen - Donaldson's School for the Deaf, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Helen - Photos of Edinburgh and Leith, Moulamein, NSW, Australia

Helen - Young's Brewery, Dumbiedykes, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Helen - Waddell Place, Leith, Queensland, Australia

Helen - Postcard of road roller at Trinity Crescent, Preston, Victoria, Australia

Helen - Early Photographers in Aberdeenshire, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Helen - Date of a family photo from Lees' studio at Portobello, Edinburgh, Canada

Helen - Recollections of Cairntows, Craigmillar, Edinburgh, Canada

Helen - Photograph of Hawick, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Helen - Glasgow photographers, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Helen - Frank Moffat, photographer, Fife, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Helen - Photograph of Forth Bridges, St Helier, Jersey

Helen - Edinphoto web site + guestbook, New Zealand

Helen - Recollections of Leith, Gauteng, South Africa

Helen - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Helen - Circle Garage, Crewe Toll, Edinburgh, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Helen - Recollections of Towerbank School, Edin. Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Helen - Recollections of Dumbiedykes and Broomhouse, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Helen - Washington DC, USA

Hellen - Newhaven family, formerly Leith, Australia

Helena - EdinPhoto web site, Brazil

Hélène  -  Photos of Otillie McLaren Wallace by F P Moffat, Paris, France

Henk - Dumbiedykes photos for a book on 'Deaf + Dumb Education in Europe', Holland

Henk - Request for use of a photo in a bird magazine, Netherlands

Herietta - Writing fiction about Edinburgh in 1960s and 1970s, South of France

Henry - History of Deaf Education in Europe, Netherlands

Henry - Photos of Montreal in winter, Brossard, Québec, Canada

Henry - USA web site, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Henry (Hank) - Sparta Boxing Club photograph, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Herb - Religious painting by Tom Curr, Canton, Ohio, USA

Herbert - Lizar's camera, Germany

Herbert - John Stuart, Glasgow photographer, San Jose, California, USA

Herbert - Book of poems published by Valentine & Sons Ltd, Newark, New York, USA

Herman - David Anderson, Mechelen, Belgium

Hermann - Barking the nets, Newhaven, Bielefeld, Germany

Hermann - St Bede's Grammar School, Edinburgh, New Hampshire, USA

Herwig - Old engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

Hilda - Norwegian Churches Abroad: Leith, Norway

Hilda - Snowball factory+ school friend, Longstone, Erving, Massachusetts, USA

Hilda - Old photographs, Tennessee, USA

Himanshu - Old stereo views, Towers Productions, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Hiroaki - Miller & Laing engravings, Nagata-ku, Kobe, Japan

Hiroko - Old engraving for Japanese TV programme, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Hobbie - Advice on cameras for portraiture, New Jersey, USA

Holger - Photographs of Forth Rail Bridge, Arnhem, Netherlands

Holly - Old photographic equipment + British Journal of Photography, Sydney, Australia

Holly - Hot water bottle manufacturers, California, USA

Homer - Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Horst - Edinburgh Old Town Fire, the Cowgate, Stuttgart, Germany

Horace - Old engraving of Roslyn Castle, Easton, Connecticut, USA

Hosneara - Exchange of old bank notes, postcards, etc., Bangladesh

Howard - John Thomson FRGS, photographer, China

Howard -  Thomson & Porteous and tobacco factories, Denmark

Howard -  St Catherine's Convent of Mercy, France

Howard - Tuscan, Arizona, USA

Howard - Author, S. California, USA

Howard - Early golf photographs Florida, USA

Hugh - Campbell's Bar at Tron Square, Edinburgh, Australia

Hugh - USA Airmen from Kirkliston base, Edinburgh, and their Scottish wives, Australia

Hugh - Family portraits taken by Charles Reid, Wishaw, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hugh - Young family, saddlers in Dunfermline, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hugh - Edinburgh trams in 1930s and 1940s, Auckland, New Zealand

Hugh - Searching for a photo of Wauchope Square, Auckland, New Zealand

Hugh - Printing from old glass plates, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Hugh - E R Yerbury photo, Las Vegas Nevada, USA

Hugh - An old Lizars' telescope, Centreville, Cape Cod,  Massachusetts, USA

Hughie - Recollections of Granton, Australia

Hulda - Reykjavik, Iceland


Iain - Robb's ship yard, Leith + return visit to Leith, Edinburgh, Australia

Iain - Crowe & Rodgers cartes de visite, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Iain - Crewe Grove, Wardie and Granton Recollections, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

Iain - Police on Point Duty in Princes Street, The Hague, Netherlands

Iain - Edinburgh cafes, Barcelona, Spain

Ian - Contacting a former pupil of Daniel Stewart's College, Edinburgh, Australia

Ian - Family photos: Cabinet Prints, Australia

Ian - Photo of Trinity:  formerly living in Newhaven, Edinburgh, Australia

Ian - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, including Dock Strike at Leith, Australia

Ian - PC Basher Thomson in Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Australia

Ian - Dating of old postcards, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Ian - Photos of West Edinburgh, Lake Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia

Ian - WWII bomb at Springwell Place, Edinburgh, Queensland, Australia

Ian - Photograph of John G Paton, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Ian - Recollections of Portobello + Edinburgh Old Town, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ian - W H Stanley Crawford, daguerreotypist, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ian - Photo of Trinity:  formerly living in Newhaven, Edinburgh, Australia

Ian - Murrayburn School + Bonnyrigg, Lake Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia

Ian - Friends from Craigmillar, Edinburgh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Ian - The Americana and The Gamp, Edinburgh 1960s,,  Western Australia, Australia

Ian - Fort Primary School, 1950s,  Western Australia, Australia

Ian - Leith photos and Granton recollections,  Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Ian - Searching for the Blanche family, originally from Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Canada

Ian - Historical research, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Ian1 - Medal from Dublin International Exhibition, 1865, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ian2- Murray and Lessels families, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ian - Message to Edinphoto web site, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Ian - Blaeu map published by Bartholemew,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ian - James Bacon, portraits on silk,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ian - Edinphoto web site,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ian (Scotty) - East Thomas Street, Leith Walk school, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Ian - Portobello High Street shops and beach activities, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Ian -  Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Photo of Canongate Boys' Club Basketball Team, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Cabinet prints by A & G Taylor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Abbeyhill School Photo, 1950-51, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Towerbank School Classes, 1955 and 1956,  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Old school photographs, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Grandfather:  Arthur Street, Edinburgh, Whitby, Toronto, Canada

Ian - Shutter Point Photography, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ian - Photos from the studio of Robert McLelland, Portobello, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Ian - Photo of Tynecastle Secondary School class, 1940s, Christchurch, New Zealand

Ian - Swedish prefab houses in Edinburgh, Norway

Ian - Alex Ayton's studios in Londonderry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Ian - Searching for photos of Edinburgh City Architect David Crawford Proudfoot, Spain

Ian - Robert J Durward, photographer, Danbury, Connecticut, USA

Ian - Robert J Durward, photographer, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Ian - Photo of Piershill Barracks, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Ian - 'Edinburgh & Vicinity' book, New York, USA

Ian - Recollections of Carrickvale school, Sighthill, Edinburgh, Longview, Texas, USA

Ian - Powderhall Stadium and Duncan's Chocolates, Cedar Creek, Texas, USA

Ian - John Horsburgh, photographer, Seattle, Washington, USA

Ian - Jeannie Deans' Cottage, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ignacio-Wenley - Pictures of Fettes College, Castellón de la Plana, Spain

Igor- Exchange of web links:  no thanks, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Igor- Photos of Edinburgh, 2013, Moscow, Russia

Ilonka - Santiago, Chile

Imran - Karachi, Pakistan

Ines - Australia

Ines - Sizes of poles in fire stations, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Inger - Royal Studio, Leith Street, Sconseng, Norway

Ingrid - Scottish highland cattle, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Ingvild - Photos by Harper & Smellie, Edinburgh, around 1900, Norway

Inita - New Iberia, Louisiana, USA

Innes - Seeking email contact details, Australia

Ioana - Treefest, Inverleith Park, Edinburgh, Romania

Ioana - Making prints from old tintype photos, Huntington Park, California, USA

Ira - Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Irakli - Photograph of Georgian trick riders in Edinburgh,, Tbilisi, Georgia

Irena - Duncan's Chocolate Factory, Edinburgh,, Poland

Irene - Tollcross Primary School, + emigration to Australia, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Irene - Recollections of Greendykes, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Irene - Recollections of James Gillespie's High School, Edinburgh, 1943-53, Canada

Irene - Recollections of Prestonfield Primary School and home at Greendykes, Canada

Irene - Recollections of Holyrood Square, Edinburgh in 1950s, Ontario, Canada

Irene - Living in Dumbiedykes, 1960s, London, Ontario, Canada

Irene - Recollections: Edinburgh Clubs + Wauchope estate, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Irene - East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Irene - Recollections of Niddrie Mains, Edinburgh, France

Irene - Family history:  William Kyles, photographer, USA

Irene - Yates family photograph, New Zealand

Irene - Bowling Green Street, Leith, Montana, USA

Irene - Pennywell Road and Ainsley Park schools, Edinburgh, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Irene - Bowling Green Street, Leith, Montana, USA

Irina - Employment in Edinburgh, Estonia

Isa - The Beachcombers, 1960s group in Edinburgh and Grangemouth, Beniarries, Spain

Isaac - Recollections of Gilmerton, Edinburgh,, Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA

Isabel - A & G Taylor studio in Dundee, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Isabel - St Catherine's + Holy Cross, Edin., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Isabel - St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge, Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA

Isabell - Esslingen, Germany

Isabella - Tollcross and Tynecastle schools, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Isabelle -Trinity Academy, Edinburgh, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Isobel - Memories of Tollcross+ Slateford, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Isobel - What happened to Portobello laundry?  Canada

Isobel - EdinPhoto Guestbook, browsing through web site, Ontario, Canada

Isobel - Living in Edinburgh, 1939-59, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Isobel - Memories of Wardieburn Street East, Edinburgh, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Isobel - Family photo from Brown, Barns & Bell Liverpool, Washington DC, USA

Ivan - EdinPhoto web site, Russia

Ivan - Daguerreotype and tintype processes, Somerset, New Jersey, USA

Ivan - Washington DC, USA

Ivan - Photographic Societies in the UK, Christchurch, New Zealand


J -  Leith lost pubs, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

J.D. -  Jimmy Shand is in photo taken at Waverley Market, Edinburgh, Japan

J.D. -  Old photograph of Venice, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

J.E. -  Photographic processes used during the American Civil War, Ohio, USA

Jaap - Valentine 'Carbo Colour's postcards of Edinburgh, 1937,  Netherlands

Jacek - Photograph from Royal Studio, Edinburgh, Poland

Jacek - Photographs of Leith Central Station, Lodz, Poland

Jacinth - Edinburgh artist, Tom Carr, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jack-  Recollections of Craigmillar, Australia

Jack-  The Cavendish, Tollcross, Lake Mummorah, New South Wales, Australia

Jack - His grandparents lived at Jewel Cottage, Edinburgh, Canada

Jack - Searching for people from Leith Nautical College, Canada

Jack - Edinburgh Amateur Football, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Jack - W & D Downey, artists, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Jack - Craiglockhart Primary School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jack - Palais de Danse, sprung floor Crossgar, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Jack - Peggy Guggenheim, Berkeley, California, USA

Jack - View over Edinburgh from Salisbury Crags, 1961, New Albany, Indiana, USA

Jack - Jackson, Michigan, USA 

Jack - Photos on Edinphoto web site, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 

Jackie - Recollections of West Pilton, Edinburgh,  Australia

Jackie - Tron Square, Cowgate, Edinburgh, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jackie - Photographer, JK Home Crawford, Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan, Canada

Jackie - G&D Hay and family, Professional Photographers, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Jackie - James Clarke Maxwell's colour photography, California, USA 

Jackie - Edinphoto web site, Illinois, USA 

Jacob - Another application to use EdinPhoto name,,  Hefei, Anhui, China

Jacques - Picto Benelux web site for early photographic processes, Benelux

Jacques - Moffat photos of Edinburgh, Grande-Digue, New-Brunswick, Canada

Jacques - South Africa

Jacqueline -  Copper plate engraving, John Sellers, Morristown, New Jersey, USA

Jacqui - Old engravings of Edinburgh, Florida, USA

Jaime -  BBC2 documentary programme: 'The Secret History of Our Streets', Georgia

Jaime -  E W Dallas photographer:, obituary and gravestone, Switzerland

Jakki -  Postcard pictures by Hamilton Glass SSA, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland

Jaled - Photos of Edinburgh Police Boxes for  Vueling Airlines magazine in Spain,  Mexico 

JamesSt Cuthbert's Milk Delivery Horses, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

JamesMemories of Granton, 1943-66, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

JamesHermitage Park School recollections, Western Australia, Australia

JamesGullan's Close, Edinburgh, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

James - Gilmerton Recollections, Bahrain/Saudi Arabia

James - Burlington's studio, Edin.+ Glasgow Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta Canada

James - Recollections of Edinburgh, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

James - Kyles, Portobello photographer Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

James - Dr Alexander Jackson, PSS Member, 1857, Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada

James - EdinPhoto contributor: Dumbiedykes memories, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

James - Family history, family name Leith, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

James - Recollections of Broughton School,  Aneres, SW France

James - United Wire Works, Edinburgh from 1963,  Lalongue, Aquitaine, France

James - Trinity Academy recollections, 1950s, Gibraltar

James - Gilmerton Convalescent Home, Israel

James - Edinphoto web site, Amsterdam, Netherlands

James - Memories of living at Holyrood Square and Craigmillar, Auckland, New Zealand

James - Looking for photo by Moffat of Rev. D Bagot, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

James - Jeannie Vietch's sweet shop, Southside, Edinburgh, Bergen, Norway

James - Beaumont Place in 1950s, Entre Naranjos, Oriheula, Spain

James - Photographs by John Humphrey, Kilmarnock, Tuscan, Arizona, USA

James - Copyright of Alan Daiches photographs, San Diego, California, USA

James - A W Elson photographs, West Haven, Connecticut, USA

James - Edinburgh transport, Denver, Colorado, USA

James - Photograph of Longstone Primary School class, Deltona, Florida, USA

James - Clouds;  Edinburgh Rock Band in 1960s, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

James - EdinPhoto web site, Evansville, Indiana, USA

James - Natick, Massachusetts, USA

James - Minnesota, USA

James - Photographic Convention at Dublin, Mooringsport, Louisia

James - Newtongrange + mining training centre at Dungavel, North Bend, Oregon, USA

James - Collection of German photos, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

James - Watercolour or lithograph of Berlin, New Jersey, USA

James - East Millstone, New York, USA

James - Valentine postcards, Dayton Ohio, USA

James - Engravings in the book 'Old & New Edinburgh', Denton, Ohio, USA

Jamie - Old photographs of Edinburgh, USA

Jamie - Old Scottish family photograph album, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Jamie - Edinburgh Fire Dept  Sherrills Ford, North Carolina, USA

Jan - Photographs of John Knox House, Australia

Jan - Canberra, ACT, Australia

Jan - Jerome photos taken outdoors, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jan - Valentine postcards: family history research, Mount Evelyn, Victoria, Australia

Jan - Fred Judge, artist, photographer and postcard publisher, Brussels, Belgium

Jan - Ontario, Canada

Jan - Judge's postcards, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jan - Dumbiedykes + Donaldson's Coll., Muskoka, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

Jan - Adolph Langfier painting, Bazouges la Perouse, Brittany, France

Jan - Photo of Calton Jail and Edinburgh Castle, possibly by Begbie, Netherlands

Jan - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jan - Royal Scots Greys Memorial, Morrinsville, Waikato, New Zealand

Jan - St Leonard's district of Edinburgh in the mid-1800s, New Zealand

Jan - Roxburgh, New Zealand

Jan - Old postcard views of Piersfield Barracks, Edinburgh, Wanaka, New Zealand

Jan - Polish warships at Leith, 1921, Warsaw University, Poland

Jan - Old map: Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum, Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA

Jan - Kendallville, Indiana, USA

Jan - C19 photos by Edinburgh photographer, Charles Wright, Texas, USA

Jan - Tintype photos, Houston, Texas, USA

Jana - Request to use a photo of The Grassmarket in an Annual Report', Antwerp

Jana - AW Elson print, 'The Coming Storm', Nebraska, USA

Janda - Photography of William Henderson Swanston, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Jane - Recollections of James Clark School, around 1950,  Canada

Jane - Postcard of Blackford Hill by J McGregor, Lakefield, Ontario, Canada

Jane - Old pictures of Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Jane - Photograph from Morrison's Studio, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Jane - Family history:  date and subject of a studio photo?  France

Jane - Old Aberdeenshire picture, USA

Jane - Book  by Valentine & Sons: 'The Lucky White Rabbit', Marion, Iowa, USA

Jane - Minnesota, USA

Jane - Advice on cleaning tintype photos, Mississippi, USA

Jane - Highland cattle photos, Tribeca, New York, USA

Janelle - Family portrait from the studio of G G Mitchell, Satellite Beach, Florida, USA

Janet - Edinburgh photographs' studios, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Australia

Janet - Queen Anne's Kitchen, Canongate, Australia

Janet - The family of Horatio Ross, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Janet - Queen Anne's Kitchen, Canongate, Australia

Janet - Queen Ann's Kitchens, Canongate, Edin, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Janet - Photographs by J Horsburgh, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Janet - Edinburgh recollections, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Janet - Howie family history,  New Zealand

Janet - Photographs of Edinburgh, Christchurch, New Zealand

Janet - Royal Bank of Scotland, Stanford, California, USA

Janet - Family history research, Leith, Lansing, Michigan, USA

Janet - Filming of Robert Burns screenplay, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Janet - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Janetta - Painting of a photograph of cows, Dublin, Ireland

Janette - Photo of her Dad, a pupil at St Saviour's kindergarten, Edin., 1911-12, Australia

Janette -  Recollections of Leith Academy, Edinburgh Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Janette - Edinburgh Old Town and 'The Embers', Dublin, California, USA

Janice - Dumbiedykes recollections, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Janice - Photograph by Moffat, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Janice - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Janice - France

Janice - Date of a photo from Jerome studio, Dublin, Ireland

Janice - USA

Janice - Searching for people: Constitution St., Leith, Sacramento, California, USA

Janice - Family photos from Liverpool studio, Randolph, Maine, USA

Janie - Old Francis Frith postcards, Australia

Janis - North Merchiston Club, Canada

Jann - Internet contacts for family history, Canada

Janine - Pictures of Dundas House, Edinburgh, Paris France

Jannet - Photograph by Ross & Pringle, New Delhi, India

Jared - Seattle, Washington, USA

Jason - Photo of Whitechapel Bell Foundry for Record Cover, Pennsylvania, USA

Jason - John Sellers, engraver, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Jassmine - EdinPhoto web site:  too much to read!, Australia

Jaun - Eastern Goldfields Senior High School, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Javier - Lemgo, Germany

Javier - Acme camera from Watson & Sons, Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

Javier - Pictures of Old Edinburgh and Old Leith, Galicia, Spain

Jay - Photographs of Alexander Whyte, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Jay - A W Elson photograph of Abraham Lincoln, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA

Jay - Old postcard portrait query, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Jayne - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jayne - Living in Canaan Lodge and other Children's Homes in Edinburgh,, Texas, USA

Jean - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jean - Lyon, France

Jean - Hammond's Fireworks Factory, Edinburgh, Australia

Jean - Old photos from American Studios, Edinburgh, Australia

Jean - Recollections of St Margaret's school, Edinburgh, Australia

Jean - The Russian Taproom, Canongate, Tocal, New South Wales, Australia

Jean - Edinburgh photos 1940s-50s, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

Jean - Dean Village and  Edin. Old Town, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Jean - Newhaven inhabitants, 1914-18, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jean - Towerbank School, Portobello, 1950s, Canada

Jean - Photograph of Edinburgh Floral Clock, 2005,, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Jean - Edinburgh slang, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jean - Horsburgh family history, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Jean - Recollections of Pilton, Edinburgh, Ontario, Canada AND Florida, USA

Jean - Postcards by Charles L Reis & Co, Dublin, Gatineau City, Québec, Canada

Jean - Photograph of Mitchell Street, Dalkeith, Midlothian, New Zealand

Jean - Tintype and Postcards, New Zealand

Jean - Postcard portrait from Morrison's studio, Edinburgh, Christchurch, New Zealand

Jean - James Auld, photogrpaher - research, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Jean - W & AK Johnston globes, Swisher, Iowa, USA

Jean - Stereo views and viewer Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Jean - James A Dunlop, copyright, Washington National Cathedral, Washington, USA

Jean-Paul -  Valentine postcard, Montreal streetcar, Canadian Railway Museum, Canada

Jeana - Robert J Robinson, portrait painter, Ardrossan, Temecula, California, USA

Jeanette - Burlington studio photographs,  Australia

Jeanette - EdinPhoto web site,  Blaine, Minnesota, USA

Jeanette - Old photos of Edinburgh streets,  Essington, Pennsylvania, USA

Jeanie - Photograph of Portobello beach, 1900,  Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Jeanie - Gogarburn Hospital,  Louisiana, USA

Jean Jacques - Luxembourg

Jean-Claude - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jean Marc - My Photos - Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Jean-François - Recollections of Edinburgh clubs and discos, late-1970s, Paris, France

Jean-Marc - France

Jean-Pierre - Novel about Edinburgh, France

Jeanne - Book published by Valentine & Sons,  Kansas, USA

Jeanne - Old etchings of Edinburgh by Zouislilwitz or similar,  Wisconsin, USA

Jeannie - Australia

Jeff - Sketches by Fred Judge, postcard publisher, Victoria, Australia

Jeff - Restoring the barge 'Kelvin' + Edinburgh Canal Society, Rotterdam, Holland

Jeff - Recollections of Elgin Street, Haymarket, Edin. Midland Park, New Jersey, USA

Jeff - Photo of his old home at 17 Elgin Place, taken on a return visit there in 1970, USA

Jeff - Postcard portrait of child and stuffed donkey from the studio of Robert McLelland, USA

Jeff - Photograph of Bonar, Pensacola, Florida, USA

Jeff - Stereo view: Mons Meg, Edin Castle by Arch Burns, Towanda, Illinois, USA

Jeff - Old photographic processes, photography on metal, Maryland, USA

Jeff - Laurel, Maryland, USA

Jeff - Fireman's greatcoat, to be donated, Bradfordwoods, Pennsylvania, USA

Jeff - Alpine, Utah, USA

Jeffrey - Merced, California, USA

Jemma - Map of the world, New Zealand

Jen - Use of my Highland Games 'Tug of War' photo for motivational book + cads Australia

Jen - Dating old photographs, Warwick Queensland, Australia

Jen - AW Elson print: Betsy Ross sewing the American flag, Macomb, Michigan, USA

Jen - Identification of location of a photo  - not Edinburgh!, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Jenis - Edinburgh photographer, Jack Fisher, Brazil

Jenn - Old photos or prints - question, San Diego area, California, USA

Jennie - Seeking a photo of Longmuir brothers, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jennifer - Cramond boat house and ferry, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Jennifer - Streetscapes (etchings?) by J W King, Tolga, Queensland, Australia

Jennifer - Finding the date of a old cabinet print, Canada

Jennifer - Permission to reproduce old Edinburgh postcard,, British Columbia, Canada

Jennifer - Edinburgh swimming in the 1950, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jennifer - John Moffat, France

Jennifer - Italy

Jennifer - A W Elson photograph: 'Dance of the Nymphs, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Jennifer - Early Edinburgh Dance Halls, Florida, USA

Jennifer - Photos of Edinburgh, Suwanee, Georgia, USA

Jennifer - Recollections of Marchmont and Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, Michigan, USA

Jennifer - 'My Photographs' - Scottish Highlands, Aztec, New Mexico, USA

Jennifer - Old pictures of Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, North Carolina, USA

Jennifer - Etching of John Knox House, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Oregon, USA

Jennifer - Morningside Clock, Edinburgh, Leesburg, Virginia,, USA

Jenny- Dating of a Liverpool carte de visite,, Burradoo, New South Wales, Australia

Jenny - Old photographs for sale, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Jenny- Cabinet prints by Edinburgh photographers, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jenny - Contacts from EdinPhoto web site,  British Columbia, Canada

Jenny - Turnbull & Sons Glasgow photographic studios, Northern Ireland

Jensen - Australia

Jeppe - Studying photography in Scotland, 2008, Denmark

Jeremy - Would like to contact Bill Hall, California, USA

Jeremy - Postcard of a black baseball team, Colorado, USA

Jeremy - James Gall, astronomical publisher, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Jeremy - Land use around the Edinburgh Royal Mile, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Jérôme - Photo taken at Bank of Scotland, burning banknotes, France

Jerry - Underwood & Underwood stereo view cards, Wynne, Arkansas, USA

Jerry - Underwood & Underwood stereo view cards, Du Quoin, Illinois, USA

Jerry - Does Edinphoto web site sell anything?  Answer: No, Hawaii, USA

Jerry - Edinburgh Castle Indian Army War Memorial, Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA

JeryLyn - Edinburgh of Today, Published by Valentine & Sons,  Brady, Texas, USA

Jerzy - Stark, engraver, Iznzjar, Cordoba, Andalucía, Spain

Jess - Andrew Allan, artist, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jessi - Old Edinburgh engravings, Houston, Texas, USA

Jessica - Photos of Tuscany for educational film, Northbrook, Illinois, USA

Jessica - Views of Edinburgh, Seattle, Washington, USA

Jessie - Public Transport Castlebrae to Skara Brae.  Good luck! Queensland, Australia

Jessie - Recollections: James Clark school, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada

Jessie - Photos by James Howie and John Dryburgh, Los Angeles, California, USA

Jessy - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Jesús - Photographs of the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Spain

Jill - Philco postcard values, Australia

Jill - Date of Gale studio photograph, Ontario, Canada

Jill -  New Zealand

Jill - J Howie Junior:. carte de visite, Santa Maria, California, USA

Jill - Image of St Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh, Clarkston, Michigan, USA

Jill -  Brookline, New Hampshire, USA

Jill -  Memories of Marionville Road,  Edinburgh, Wyoming, USA

Jim -  Edinburgh Corporation Transport Parcels Depot, 1957,  Australia

Jim -  Photo + 21st Birthday Scroll from Thos Nelson & Sons, 1962,  Australia

Jim - Memories of working for Fell & Mathieson, Corstorphine, Edinburgh,  Australia

Jim -  The Gall family at Dalrymple Place,  Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jim - Repair of an Underwood & Underwood stereo viewer, Norfolk Island, Australia

Jim - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Jim - Photos by AA Inglis and FC Inglis, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Jim - Edinburgh Corporation Transport, 1958-63, Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Jim - Granton, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jim - Granton and EdinPhoto web site, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jim - Recollections: Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh, 1961, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jim - Military School of Cookery photograph, Berlin, Germany

Jim - Portobello and Musselburgh Pottery photos, Canada

Jim - Sir Harry Lauder web site, Canada

Jim - Value of a halfpenny stamp, Canada

Jim - Memories of Stockbridge, 1950s, Alberta, Canada

Jim - The Red Lady, Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh, 1960s, Alberta, Canada

Jim - School photos, Niddrie Marischal + Craigmillar schools, St Albert, Alberta, Canada

Jim - Photos: J Spence, Musselburgh, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - Station Road, Edinburgh, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - The Laubach family, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - Recollections and photos of Edinburgh, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - Gretna troop train disaster, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - Parisian Photo Co, Edinburgh - dates?  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - Empire Bar and Palais de Danse,  1950s, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jim - Trinity Academy class photo, 3rd year, 1950-51, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jim - Identification of a car in Hamilton Place, Northern New Brunswick, Canada

Jim - Charles Jenner & Co book - 24 photos of Edin., Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Jim - Boroughmuir School, Edinburgh, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos, 1960s, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada

Jim - John Center, bagpipes, Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Dates of Jerome studios, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Recollections of cycling in Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Memories of Lawnmarket and Castlehill School, Edin., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Edinphoto web site, formerly Newhaven, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Alex Ayton, Londonderry and Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jim - EdinPhoto web site: anything similar for Glasgow?, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Postcards published by Whiteholme, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Buying old etchings,  Veflinge, Denmark

Jim - Recollections of Dumbiedykes Edinburgh, Berlin, Germany

Jim - Recollections of living at Fort, Leith, Gibraltar

Jim - Recollections of working in Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Jim - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, coal lorry accident, South Africa

Jim - Photographs of Leith and Edinburgh, Costa del Sol, Spain

Jim - Photographs of Leith and Edinburgh, Estepona, Spain

Jim - AW Elson prints, USA

Jim - Broughton High School Pipe Band, USA

Jim - Flashlight from Lizars, USA

Jim - Valentine postcards, Grover Beach, California, USA

Jim - Carte de visite by G W Wilson, Los Angeles, California, USA

Jim - Recollections of Whitson Road, Edinburgh, Sacramento, California, USA

Jim - James Clerk Maxwell, colour photography San Francisco, California, USA

Jim - Sir Joseph Noel Paton, West Jefferson, North Carolina, USA

Jim - Recollections of Kingsknowe and Longstone, Deltona, Florida, USA

Jim - Oil painting restored by James Douglas, Alberta, Georgia, USA

Jim - Stockbridge pawn shop, Alberta, Georgia, USA

Jim - Postcard of a Columbian house, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jim - Broughton school classes: 4 photos , Cohasset, Massachusetts, USA

Jim - Recollections of Edinburgh Old Town, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Jim -  AW Elson print, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Jim -  Maule family history, Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA

Jim -  Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Zambia

Jimmy -  West Pilton and Granton, Elizabeth Vale, Adelaide, South Australia

Jimmy -  The Flucker family, Edinburgh, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jimmy -  Recollections of Hutchison and Chesser, Ontario, Canada

Jimmy -  Shaw & CO painting, 1880, Garrad county, Kentucky, USA

Jo - Dating of a photograph by Turnbull & Sons, Glasgow, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Jo - USA

Jo - Water colour painting of Canongate, Edinburgh, Calgary, Alberta, USA

JoAnn - A W Elson photographs, Michigan City, Indiana, USA

Jo Ann - London photographers, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Jo Ann - Children's books published by Valentine & Sons, Nr Albany, New York, USA

Jo-Ann - McKean Bros cabinet print of a fishwife,  Meaford, Ontario, Canada

Joan - Burdiehouse School, Edinburgh,  Australia

Joan - Family history research and old photos of Edinburgh,  British Columbia, Canada

Joan - St Mary's School, Toronto  British Columbia, Canada

Joan - Parisian Photo Co, Edinburgh,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Joan - EdinPhoto contribution from Arthur Dutch, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Joan - Photos taken in 1930s at PMR Hospital, Edinburgh,  London, Ontario, Canada

Joan - The McDermaid family, USA

Joan - Recollections of Southside, Edinburgh, Charlotte, North California, USA

Joan - Searching for an email address, Ohio, USA

Joanna - Thomas Annan, Poland

Joanna - Photos from Royal Studio, Edinburgh, Ames, Iowa, USA

Joanna - Photographer, Greece

Joanne - Edinphoto web site, formerly Edinburgh, North Queensland, Australia

Joanne - Recollections of Niddrie, Edinburgh, British Columbia, Canada

Joanne - John Horsburgh painting, South Armagh, Ireland

Joanne - John Pouncy + J M Cameron, Mass College of Art, Massachusetts, USA

Joanne - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

João - Brown, Barnes & Bell photo, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Jocelyn - Hay family history, Edinburgh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Joaquin - engraved plate for a banknote, Santiago, Chile

Jocelyn -  Lauriston Place Fire Station, from 1896, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Jochen - Family history,  Dr Colin Ross, b.1734, Govan, Scotland,  Germany

Jock - Hi to those who lived in Lindsay Road Leith, 1960s -70s,  Australia

Jodi - Video on Edinburgh Castle for  AT & T  University, Montebello, California, USA

Jo - Painting of Canongate, Edinburgh by Normill, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Joe - Recollections of Bristo Street, Lysterfield, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Joe - Jerome studios, Kilsheelan, South Tipperary, Ireland

Joe - Photo of cars near McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Elk Grove, Illinois, USA

Joe - Hamilton, Montana, USA

Joe - Stamp boxes on postcards, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA

Joel - Early photographic processes, Los Osos, California, USA

Joel - Photographs by Moffat, Edinburgh, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA

Joey - Tintype photo of girls in Civil War era dresses, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Johan - Photograph of NB Distillery, Edinburgh, Cape Town, South Africa

Johan - Douglas family history, South Africa

Johan - Children's fashions in old photographs, Cape Town, South Africa

Johann - Dates of Valentine postcards, Iceland

Johanna - Queen Mary's Bathhouse, Holyrood, Tuningen, Germany

Johanna - Lees Bros studio picture of 3 brothers and a toy car, Budapest, Hungary

John - Brown, Barnes & Bell photo of grandfather, taken in Liverpool, Australia

John - Crabbie's Green Ginger Wine, Australia

John - Edinburgh photographer, John Patrick, Australia

John - Photo of a trooper from Alex Roberts studio, Edinburgh, Australia

John - Rugby at Portobello High School, Australia

John - Looking for a Princes Street book shop worker who lived in Jamaica Street, Australia

John - Photography of Charles Reid, Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, Australia

John - Recollections of Musselburgh and Edinburgh, Australia

John - Testimonials to his great great grand uncle presented in 1878, Australia

John - Tom Curr and 46th Boys' Brigade, Australia

John - Old engravings of Edinburgh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

John - Casablanca Disco + Plastic Meringue, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

John - Dumbiedykes band: 'The Embers', Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

John - Return visits to Edinburgh, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

John - Photograph from Alex Roberts' studio, Edinburgh, Imbil, Queensland, Australia

John - JH Whiteford, Paisley professional photographer, 1867-1901, Victoria, Australia

John - Contacting old friend through EdinPhoto web site, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

John - A & G Taylor photograph, Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia

John - David Kilpatrick School, Leith, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

John - Early photographers in Glasgow, Healesville, Victoria, Australia

John - Early photographic processes, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

John - Memories of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

John - Photograph from Empire Studio, Glasgow, Western Australia, Australia

John - Half-plate sizes for plates and negatives, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

John - Living in Leith, 1950s, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

John - Dean Orphanage pupils in the 1920s, Canada

John - Ingliston Street, Pleasance, Edinburgh, Canada

John - Lizars optical instrument, Canada

John - Edinburgh transport, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

John - Painting of Canongate, Edinburgh by Normill, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

John - Pupils at Dean Orphanage, Edinburgh, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

John - Grandson of photographer John Drummond, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

John - Water colour painting of Canongate, Edinburgh, Calgary, Alberta, USA

John - Burns' Poems published by Valentine & Sons, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

John - Edinburgh photographer, Michael Courtney, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

John - Royal Bank of Scotland, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

John - Old engravings, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

John - Alex Ayton carte de visite, Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada

John - Photo: Studio Cecil, Glasgow, Blind Bay, British Columbia, Canada

John - Searching for people, Niddrie, Edinburgh, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

John - Painting of Ardlui by J McPherson, St John's Newfoundland, Canada

John - Memories of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

John - Projector: Keystone View Company stereo views, Burlington, Ontario,  Canada

John - Recollections of Cooper Street School, Leith, Dundas, Ontario,  Canada

John - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

John - Edinburgh Stereoscopic Company, London, Ontario, Canada

John - Recollections of Patrick Thomson's, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Ontario,  Canada

John - Canongate Scouts' Table Tennis Team, Oakville, Ontario,  Canada

John - Players in the Canongate Cricket XI, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

John - Brebner family history research, Ottawa, Ontario,  Canada

John - Postcard portrait by Alex Roberts, Pefferlaw, Ontario,  Canada

John - Recollections of St Leonard's area, Peterborough, Ontario,  Canada

John - Carbray family photograph, Smithville, Ontario, Canada

John - J M MacKay + J Humphrey, photographers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

John (Jack) - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

John - D&W Prophet school class photo from Reay, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

John - Recollections of DK School, Leith, Edinburgh, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

John - John Horsburgh oil paintings, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

John - Charles Reid's studio portraits, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

John - Kirkliston photo 1959, identification of 4 children, France

John - Copyright for postcards and maps, Auvergne, France

John - Edinburgh clubs and discos, South of France

John -  South Bridge + Darroch schools, Edinburgh, Gießen, near Frankfurt, Germany

John - EdinPhoto web site, Maastricht, The Netherlands

John - British halfpenny stamp, Copenhagen, Denmark

John - Ferranti Apprentices' 50 Year Reunion, August 2013, Israel

John - His grandfather, James Brown, Scottish Melodion Player, Japan

John - Scottish mining in Lanarkshire, Kazakhstan

John (Sandy) - ATS, 35F Squadron, Edinburgh, 1941-42, New Zealand

John - Archiving of EdinPhoto web site, New Zealand

John - Attempting to find a good copy of a photo by John Moffat, Edinburgh, New Zealand

John - Morningside Police Box, Thames, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

John - Photograph from the studio of Colin Campbell, Edinburgh, New Zealand

John (Jock) - Hay Drive, Niddrie, late-1930s, New Zealand

John - Leith Nautical College + TS Dolphin, 1967,, New Zealand

John - Photo of Leith trawler(LH28) at Whitby, Auckland, New Zealand

John - Photographs from the studio of Swan Watson, Wellington, New Zealand

John - Chessel's Court, Edinburgh Old Town, Whakatane, New Zealand

John - Recollections of Abbeyhill Primary School, Edinburgh, Algarve, Portugal

John - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Portugal

John - Recollections of Fountainbridge, Krugersdorp, South Africa

John - Growing up at 37 Arthur Street, Dumbiedykes, Spain

John - Recollections of Fountainbridge, Oliva, Valencia, Spain

John - St Bede's school, Bradford, 1953-57 and later changes Geneva, Switzerland

John - Fountainbridge canal accident, Thailand

John - Engravings of Old Edinburgh, USA

John - Two glass positive photos of Skye by A H Baird, USA

John - Valentine Book, 'Mary Queen of Scots', USA

John - Dating of an old tintype photograph, Alabama, USA

John - Water colour painting of Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Calgary, Alberta, USA

John - Edinburgh photographer, Michael Courtney, Cochrane, Alberta, USA

John - Great-grandfather, Civil War, Alexandria, Los Angeles, California, USA

John - Christmas Postcard, 1916 by Andrew Healey Hislop, California, USA

John - Recollections of Edinburgh Old Town, Los Angeles, California, USA

John - Glasgow photographer, John Rutherford, Oceanside, California, USA

John - Vandyke photographers, Liverpool, Pomona, California, USA

John - Copyright of an old tintype photograph, Tustin, California, USA

John - Hill & Adamson photographs, Sharon, Connecticut, USA

John - Descendant of WJ Hay,  Library of Congress, Washington, DC, USA

John - Web site, Orange Park, Florida, USA

John - Photos of the Forth Bridge, Park Ridge, Illinois, USA

John - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

John - Devlin family, trawler owners, Granton, Edin., Sun City Center, Florida, USA

John - Antique knife from late-1800s by A H Baird, Edinburgh, Siran, South of France

John - Portobello Video, Barre, Massachusetts, USA

John - Buchan's stoneware, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

John - Seascape painting by Salmon, c.1840, Salem, Massachusetts, USA

John - Hartmann postcards, Chicago, Illinois, USA

John - EdinPhoto web site,  New Jersey, USA

John - A W Elson photo of Abraham Lincoln, Manasquan, New Jersey, USA

John - Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA

John - John Munro, born Granton 1824, emigrated to USA, Rolla, North Dakota, USA

John - Photograph of Sparta Boxing Club, Edinburgh, Dayton, Ohio, USA

John - Old photographic books and pamphlets, Streetsboro, Ohio, USA

John - Photograph from Renfield Studio, Lakewood, Ohio USA

John - Photos of Boston, Portland, Oregon, USA

John - William Crooke photographs, Oakford, Pennsylvania, USA

John - Recollections of RAF Kirknewton Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

John - Texas, USA

John - Copyright permission for images by Tom  Curr,, San Antonio, Texas, USA

John - Reversal of images in tintype photos, Seguin, Texas, USA

John - F Dundas Todd, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

John - Model steam engine by Lennie, Seattle, Washington, USA

John - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

John (Haggis) - Recollections of Chessel's Court New Zealand

Johnny - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Johnny - Photo printed by A W Elson, Boston, Middleboro, Massachusetts, USA

JoLynn - Photos of Edinburgh, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Jon - Wolff Hagelberg postcards, Berlin, Auburndale, Wisconsin, USA

Jonathan - Copy of Edinburgh Evening Dispatch Newspaper, 1903 Canada

Jonathan - 9th Hawkes Bay Infantry Regiment, New Zealand

Jonathan - Campbell Harper Postcard Portrait, New Zealand

Jonathan - Descendants of Emily Gertrude Thomson, Lahaina, Hawaii, USA

Jonathan - Death of Michael Shea, New York, New York, USA

Jonathan - Photography of William Crooke, New York, New York, USA

Jonathan - John Sellers, engraver, Rhode Island, USA

Jonathan - Zimbabwe Pipe Band visit to Scotland, Zimbabwe

Jon - Cay-type imprint of High School Wynd, Edinburgh,, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Jon - Painting by John Horsburgh, Browns Point, Washington, USA

Joni - Tracing family history, Canada and Australia, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Joy - Hailsend Primary School, Edinburh,  Western Australia

Jorge - Family album of Scottish cartes de visite, Dallas, Texas, USA

Jos - Holland

Jose - Edinphoto web site, Poland

Jose - Stereo views, Portugal

Jose - Jas Cumming, photographer, Spain

Joseph - St Ann's sch., Boston Catholic Journal, Stoneham, Massachusetts, USA

Joseph - Sun ray treatment as a child in Glasgow, Scotland, Dallas, Texas, USA

Josslyn - Photographic exhibitions in Edinburgh, 2007, Southern Ontario, Canada

Jose-Luis - Postcards, Montevideo, Uruguay

Joy - Goldberg's store and Leith History Australia

Joy - History of The Pleasance, Edinburgh, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Joy - Visit to Donaldson's College for the Deaf, Edinburgh, USA

Joy - The value of some old books, Seaford, Delaware, USA

Joy - Photo of Johnston Terrace, Trinity Christian College, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Joyce -  Australia

Joyce - Seeking advice on Edinburgh maps, Canada

Joyce - Genealogy research, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Joyce - Contacting a pal from Flora Stevenson school,  Cyprus

Joyce - Photo by A R Edwards, Selkirk, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Joyce - Asa Wass, rag & bone man, near Mt Ruapehu, North Island, New Zealand

Joyce - Trinity Academy, Edinburgh slang, Whanganui, North Island, New Zealand

Joyce - Photograph of West Saville Terrace, Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

Joyce - Engravings by Ritchie, Edinburgh, Sacramento, California, USA

Joyce - Old Edinburgh photographic album, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Jozef - Edinburgh buses, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Juan Carlos - Spain

Juanita - Engraving of Shakespeare Theatre, Edinburgh, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Jude - Old engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Dunedin, S Island, New Zealand

Jude - Dating old photographs, Alcala de los Gazules, Near Gibraltar,  Spain

Judie - Book:  Memories of London, British Columbia, Canada

Judit - Edinburgh Photographers visiting NIce, English-American Library of Nice, France

Judith - Edinburgh studio portraits, American Studio, Drummond Shield, O Davis, Australia

Judith - Regent Photographers, Queensland, Australia, Australia

Judith - Keir Street, Edinburgh, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Judith - Royal Naval Medical Transport, c.1918, Westborough, Massachusetts, USA

Judy - Sedona, Arizona, USA

Judy - mid-C19 Burns family history, Australia

Judy - Photos from Robert Turnbull's studio, Glasgow, Australia

Judy - Tasmania, Australia

Judy - Contacting a contributor to the EdinPhoto web site, Victoria, Australia

Judy - Annie Coyle, pupil at Bonnington Primary School, Canada

Judy - Studio portraits by Marshall Wane and American Studios, Alberta, Canada

Judy - A W Elson print, 'By the River', Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Judy - J Bacon & Sons, Portrait photo, St John's Newfoundland, Canada

Judy - Books published by Valentine & Sons, Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada

Judy - Knott family history, South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Judy - Bonnington Primary School and Ross Bandstand, Edinburgh,, Ontario, Canada

Judy - A W Elson print, California, USA

Judy - Sir Walter Scott Monument, Portland, Maine, USA

Judy - St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA

Judy - Scottish family history + old photos, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Judy - Old glass plates and film, College Station, Texas, USA

Judy - Texas, USA

Juel - Valentine book:  350 Photographic Views of London Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA

Judy-Joy - Winter photograph of a fire hydrant in Montreal, Queensland Australia

Julia - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Julie - The Reynolds family, Canada

Juergen - Watercolour painting: identification of a ship at Grangemouth, Germany

Julia - The Hildersley family, Australia

Julia - Edinburgh Festival Fringe performance in Leith, Western Australia, Australia

Julia - Middle Arthur Place, Edinburgh, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Julia - History of Asylums for the Blind in Edinburgh, Greece

Julia - Edinburgh photographer, James De Maus, Greymouth, New Zealand

Julian - Possible use of an Edinburgh Police box during Edinburgh Festival,  Australia

Julian - John Sellers & Sons, engravers, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Julie - Books published by Valentine & Sons, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Julie - Researching ancestors from East Thomas Street, Bunbury, Western Australia

Julie - Horse-drawn milk delivery float in Edinburgh, Perth, Western Australia

Julie - Eric de Maré photographs of the Forth Bridge, Paris, France

Julie - Horatio Ross family history, Hamburgh, Germany

Julie - Cartes de visite by Scottish photographers, New Zealand

Julie - Postcards published by Valentine & Sons, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Julie - Rannoch Moor and Mountains, Langley, Washington, USA

Julien - Request to reproduce old engravings of Edinburgh, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Julli - Panoramic photo: Granton Harbour, Edinburgh, Wyoming, Ontario, Canada

June - Jerome photo envelope, Queensland, Australia

June - Recollections of Leith  Canada

June - Boroughmuir School, 963-69,  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

June - Family history,  New Zealand

June - Recollections of Canongate, Edinburgh, Arroyo Grande, California, USA

June - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Central Coast, California, USA

Jane - Book  by Valentine & Sons: 'The Lucky White Rabbit', Marion, Iowa, USA

Juriate - "Acme" camera by W Watson & Sons, London,  Spain

June  -  Searching for a photo of Jocky Allen's cycle shop, Jane Street, Leith, Australia

June  -  Gilmerton, Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

June -  East Thomas Street, Easter memories, California, USA

June -   EdinPhoto contributors, Arroyo Grande, Central Coast, California, USA

June - Stereo views + Telebinoculars viewer, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Justine - Cabinet Print by Thomas Burns, Edinburgh, 1880s, Pennsylvania, USA

Justine - Image for Christmas Card, 2004, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Justyna- Forth Rail Bridge photographs and pinhole photography Poland


K -   Davie Street, Edinburgh, Manitoba, Canada

K -   Photos of Mons Meg taken by A Burns and AA Inglis, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Kamila - 'The Victorian Project' web site and book, Gdansk, Poland

Kamur - 'Photo of a steam roller  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Kara - Captain Daniel Ross,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Karin - Contacting an EdinPhoto contributor, Tasmania, Australia

Kay - Family photos from 3 early Edinburgh photographic studios, Spain

Kay - Pictures of Scotland, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Kay - Pennsylvania, USA

Kay - Old Edinburgh boxing club  photo, Seattle, Washington, USA

Kaye - Books published by Valentine & Sons, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Karen - Photo of South Queensferry, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Karen - The Turnbull family, Busselton, Western Australia, Australia

Karen - Wallace's photographic studio, Dalkeith, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Karen - Baird Drive, Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Karen - Descendants of photogrpaher, George Henderson, Laing, Ontario, Canada

Karen - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Karen - Book published by Valentines, Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada

Karen - Photograph of East Preston Street, Edinburgh, France

Karen - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, New Zealand

Karen - A W Elson print, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Karen - Kentucky, USA

Karen - Postcard with the name Wullie Walker, Michigan, USA

Karen - Valentine postcards of Scottish views, Nevada, USA

Karen - James Johnston, Royal Scots, New York City, New York, USA

Karen - Texas, USA

Karen - Valentine photo  of Holyrood, Fort Worth Symphony, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Karen - Waterston's sealing wax works, Edinburgh, Seattle, Washington, USA

Karen Ann - Colinton, Edinburgh, Canada

Kari - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Taylorsville, North Carolina, USA

Kari - Tintype photo from Henderson's studio, Edin., Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Karin - Paintings by the Edinburgh photogrpaher, John Lamb, Canada

Karin - St Margaret's School recollections, Tasmania, Australia

Karina - Dallmeyer 4B lens, Westport, Connecticut, USA

Karishma - Searching for a photo of St George's Church, Charlotte Square,, Singapore

Karla - Cape Town, South Africa

Karla - Reproduction from an old negative, King County, Washington, USA

Katarina - Employment in Edinburgh, Poland

Kate - Photograph of South Leith Parish Church, Queensland, Australia

Kate - Buildings near Goldberg's, High Riggs, Edin., St Catharine's, Ontario, Canada

Kate - Old engraving of Liberton, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Kate - Scottish landscape painting, possibly by William Barry, Polson, Montana, USA

Kathee - Charles Reid, Wishaw photographer, Connecticut, USA

Kathleen - Plumber's shop at Albion Road, Edinburgh, Australia

Kathleen - Jerome's studio, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Canada

Kathleen - Bomb at Springwell Place, Dundee, World War II, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kathleen - Recollections of Edinburgh, USA

Kathleen - Collection of dry plate photographs, Big Bear, California, USA

Kathleen - W & A K Johnston botanical charts, Costa Mesa, California, USA

Kathleen - Photos of Newhaven fishwives, Edinburgh, Stockbridge, New York, USA

Kathleen - EdinPhoto web site, San Diego, California, USA

Kathleen - Recollections of Wardie School, Edinburgh, Crossville, Tennessee, USA

Kathleen - Duncan's Candy Co, Edinburgh, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Katherine - Photograph of Grace Cochrane Darney, Perth, Western Australia

Katherine - Yerbury photos, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Kathryn - Photo taken by James Davidson, Edinburgh, Australia

Kathryn - Fred Judge sketch of Trafalgar Square, London, Western Australia

Kathryn - Albert Watson, photographer, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Kathryn - Todd family history, Lakewood, Ohio

Kathryne - Thomas Glen, photographer, Traverse City, Missouri, USA

Kathy - Morrison's Studio, Leith Walk, Edinburgh, North Queensland, Australia

Kathy -  Kilmarnock photographer, George Booth, Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Kathy -  Devlin family, Grace Darney, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Kathy -  Postcards published by J B White, Dundee, USA

Kathy -  Denver, Colorado, USA

Kathy -  Old Forge, New York, USA

Katie - Edinburgh professional photographer, John Ross and his family, France

Katie - Engraving of Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Katie - Maps of Edinburgh, 1925, North Carolina, USA

Katja - Photograph of Dundas House for Architecture Encyclopaedia, Cologne, Germany

Katy - Photograph of Highland Cow, Rice Lake, Wisconsin, USA

Kay - Date of a carte de visite, Barcelona, Spain

Kay - Turnbull & Sons, photographers, Glasgow, Cape Town, South Africa

Kay - Postcard portrait of Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat, Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Kay - Gt-gt-granddaughter of The Roarin' Shepherd, Swanston, Veneta, Oregon, USA

Kaye - Photo from studio of James Auld, Edinburgh, Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland

Kaye - William Barry paintings, New Zealand

Kaye - Postcards of Blackford Hill, Edinburgh, Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

Kayla - EdinPhoto web site, Victoria, Australia

Kazik - Edinburgh Clubs + Discos, 'Beachcombers', Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Keelee - Portobello photographer, Wm Kyles, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Keith - Bonnington School, Edinburgh, 1893, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Keith - Family photos by D&W Prophet, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Keith - Possible photo for EdinPhoto web site, Toronto, Ontario,  Canada

Keith - Photographs of Edinburgh buses, New Zealand

Keith - Photo of himself in a pram at Keddie Gardens, Leith, Hamilton, New Zealand

Keith - Photos from the studio of Colin Campbell, Edinburgh, Portugal

Keith - D&W Prophet studio portrait, Fairfield, California, USA

Kelly - Victorian portrait of a man, painted on tin, Amarillo, Texas, USA

Kelly - Pipe Street, Portobello, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Alberta,  Canada

Kelly - London Road Fire Station photo, Toronto, Ontario,  Canada

Kelly - Photographing a musical event in Britain, Mauritius

Kelsey - Engraving of the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ken -  Gt. gt. grandfather, Charles Wallace  Australia

Ken -  Souvenir mug from International Exhibition of Science & Art, Edin.,1886,  Australia

Ken - Photograph by WK Munro, Radcliffe, Queensland, Australia

Ken - Photographs by D & W Prophet, Dundee, Shailer Park, Queensland, Australia

Ken - Lanarkshire photographers, Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia

Ken - Old screw top bottles manufactured in Portobello, Edinburgh, Canada

Ken - Recollections of Edinburgh during World War II, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ken - St Leonard's Hill, Edinburgh, Ontario, Canada

Ken - Photo of horse-drawn tram at Tollcross, Edinburgh, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Ken - Forbes Street, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Ken - Looking for 1940s photograph of shop at 80 Causewayside, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Ken - Exhibition and book on GD Valentine, photographer, Auckland, New Zealand

Ken - James Valentine, Christchurch, New Zealand

Ken - Wet Collodion Process worker, USA

Ken - Portraits by Charles Reid, Wishaw, USA

Ken - Early colour prints - what style of print? Long Beach, California, USA

Ken - Old engraving of West Port, Edinburgh, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

Ken - Tennent Street, Leith, New Jersey, USA

Ken - New York, USA

Ken - Research: Hugh Paton's photography, Newton Centre, Massachusetts, USA

Ken - Value of Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Ken - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Ken - Vancouver, Washington, USA

Ken - Operation of an old exposure meter, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

Keniesha - Edinphoto web site, Jamaica

Kenneth -  History of Whytock & Reid, Edinburgh, Maine, USA

Kenneth -  Painting of Edinburgh, Houston, Texas, USA

Kenneth - Alex Ayton cartes de visite, Turkey

Kent - History of the Granton trawler, 'Bluebell', Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Kerry - Were there ever any shops in  Balfour Street, Leith, Donegal, Ireland

Kerry - Scotland at Work photos, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Ketan - British Linen Bank, India

Kevin - Photography at Edinburgh Military Tattoo, New South Wales, Australia

Kevin - Photograph of Middleton School Camp, 1963, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Kevin - Pictures of the Grassmarket, Edinburgh,  Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Kevin - Horsburgh photo of Queen Victoria, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Kevin - Book by WR&S: Edinburgh and Vicinity, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Kevin - Photo from EPS International Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kevin - Family connections with Princes Public House, Rawdon, West Yorkshire, Germany

Kevin - Restoration of old photographs, Galway, Ireland

Kevin - Ritchie, clock winder in Edinburgh, 1990s, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Kevin - Photos of pupils at St Bede's Grammar School Bradford,  California, USA

Kevin - Visit to Edinburgh,  Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Kevin - Portobello Open Air Bathing Pool, recollections,  Richland, Washington, USA

Kevin - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Kevin - William Barry painting,  New York, USA

Kevynne - Exchange of postcards between New Zealand & Edinburgh, New Zealand

Khaled - Visit to Edinburgh and finding EdinPhoto web site, Egypt

Kieran - Printing plate by John Sellers & Sons Sheffield, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

Kieran - George H Laing, Broxburn photographer, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Kim - The history of ACME Farmers' Dairy, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Kim - Engraving of a golf match on Leith Links, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kim - Photos for Bank of Scotland Christmas Cards, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kim - Maryland, USA

Kim - Photograph by John Moffat, Norfolk Virginia, USA

Kim - Making a model of Carron Dock, Grangemouth, Western Australia, Australia

Kim - Bagpipes made by John Center, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Kim - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Kim - Making contact with contributor to EdinPhoto, Grand Valley, Ontario, Canada

Kim - Photo: Temple Church, Redaktionschef, Glydendal Uddanneise, Denmark

Kim - Book published by Valentine, Rose Library series, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Kim - Photos of Deacon Brodie's Tavern, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Kimberlee - Travel, and photos of Edinburgh Closes, California, USA

Kimberly - Web site for stock photographs, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

Kindra - Annual art auction, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Kip - Fortuna, North Dakota, USA

Kip - A set of photos of Loch Leven, Fife,  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Kira- J W King sketch of Riddle's Court, Canada

Kiriakos - Greko Turkish stereo views, Qatar

Kirit - Early photography images, Mumbai, India

Kirk - Edward H Amet research and camera collecting, North Eastern Illinois, USA

Kirk - Whole-plate size of glass negatives, Chicago, Illinois USA

Kirsten - Photo of Montreal in the Fall from Mount Royal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Kirstie - Looking for set of John Center bagpipes, Yallourn North, Victoria, Australia

Kit - Keystone stereo views, Hong Kong

Kitty  Research into early photography, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Kiyoshi - Tour of Scotland in 1803 by Wordsworth and Coleriidge, Japan

Klaus - Photo of Great Argus, taken by another Peter Stubbs, Dusseldorf, Germany

Knut - Translation of a Norwegian message, written on an Edinburgh postcard, Norway

Kola - Boxing Clubs, Nigeria

Kong - Translation of a message on a poster in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Koos - Cartes de visite from studio of Adam Wardrope Steele, Leith, Antwerp, Belgium

Kornelia - Black & Lizars, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, California, USA

Kotie - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Pretoria, South Africa

KR - Stereo views by Archibald Burns, Janesville, Wisconsin USA

Kris -  A W Elson photograph: 'Anne Hathaway Cottage', near Albany, New York, USA

Krisanda -  The family of Hercules Ross. Zimbabwe

Kristina -  Union Cases, 1850s Alice Springs, Northern Territory Australia

Kristine -  Old German Engraving, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Kristy -  Old  photos from studios in Glasgow and London, Australia

Krzysztof  -  Reproduction of Fox Talbot's photo of Latticed Window, Cracow, Poland

Krunoslav -  History of British postcard exhibitions and clubs, Zagreb, Croatia


L -  Books published by Valentine, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Laetitia -  Photographic tuition in Edinburgh, Paris, France

Laetitia - Suggested web site link, Morocco

Lai-Yee -  D O Hill painting of the Disruption, 1843, Singapore

Laine - Photograph of a Hong Kong tree used in a poster, Arizona, USA

Laise - Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography, 2006, Brazil

Lajos - Hungary

Lal - Photography of Charles Reid, Pathra, village in remote NE India

Lana - Photography in 1881, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Langford - Any interest in photo and painting? Newfoundland, Canada

Larry - A W Elson photograph, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Larry - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada

Larry - A W Elson photograph, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Larry - W H F Talbot researcher, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Larry - Alex H Burr print:1858, Morehead City, North Carolina, USA

Larry - Advice on FrontPage web design, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Larry - JB White postcard, Lincolnton, Georgia, USA

Larry - Stereo view cards, Mesquite, Dallas, Texas, USA

Larry - Photograph of Montreal, winter, Houston, Texas, USA

Larry - Waco, Texas, USA

Lars - Steering column from Brown Bros., Edinburgh for boat restoration, Narvik, Norway

Laura - 'Rose Series' book published by Valentine & Sons Ltd., Australia

Laura - Photographs of Edinburgh, Italy

Laura - Title of a painting by Bellini in an A W Elson print, Verona, Italy

Laura - Rock House, Edinburgh, Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky,  USA

Laura - Edinburgh Cow Parade auction, Nebraska, USA

Laura - History of buildings: Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Lauriston, Pearland, Texas, USA

Lauraine - John Black Douglas, portrait painter, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Laurence - Donaldson's Hospital query, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Laureen - Value of a print by Milllais, Port Alberni, British Colombia, Canada

Laurel - ACME Farmers' Dairy milk jug + history, Southern Ontario, Canada

Laurel - Early Daguerreotype photography, Maui, Hawaii

Lauren - Dating old photographs, Canada

Laurenz - Bank of Scotland, Wiesbaden, Germany

Lauri - Birth and other records from Norwegian Church, Leith, Blenheim, New Zealand

Laurie -  Australia

Laurie - Photograph of London Road Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Laurie - Etching by George Aikman, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Laurie - Photographer, Alexander Crowe, Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand

Laurie - USA

Laurie -  Turnbull & Sons, Cabinet Print of Campbell Family, California, USA

Laurie -  Lafayette, California, USA

Lawrence - Photos of Whitechapel Bell Foundry, Wundowie, Western Australia

Lawrence - Galloway, New Jersey

Leah - AW Elson print of a church and river, Savannah, Georgia, USA

Leanna - JMW Turner and J Horsburgh, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Leanne - Morrison studio postcard portrait, HMS Zedwhale, contacting Maureen, Canada

Leanne - Photos of Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Alberta, Canada

Leanne - Film about Horatio Ross descendant, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Lee - Bank of Scotland, Malaysia

Lee - How to contact James W Turner, Christchurch, New Zealand

Lee - Recollections of Fountainbridge, USA

Leeanne - Nicol family tree, New Zealand

Lefteris - History of Wishaw Photographic Association, Greece

Lenna - History of flashlight photography, Fresno City College, California, USA

Lenny - Old photo, possibly of Robert Louis Stevenson, Upstate New York, USA

Leo - Family history, the Horsburgh family, Australia

Leo - Photography by DA Grant, Nairn, Scotland. St John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Leo - Adolfo Braun books of carbon prints, 1860s, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Leon - Photograph of firework display on Calton Hill, Corral de Tierra, California, USA

Leonard - Bonnington Rd, Trinity Academy schools, Sammamish, Washington, USA

Leona - Looking for postcards of Rosslyn Chapel,  California, USA

Leon - Michigan,  USA

Leonie - Manchester early photographer, Benjamin Consterdine,  Burra, South Australia

Leonidas - photos on EdinPhoto web site, Helsinki, Finland

Les - Evalson & Wilson, photographers, Townsville, North Queensland, Australia

Les - Buster Black, Leith Nautical College, 1950s, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Les - EdinPhoto web site, Narre-Warren North, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Les - Toronto, Ontario,  Canada

Les - Kalispell, Montana, USA

Lesley - Old photographs of Edinburgh, Australia

Lesley - William Brown, Edinburgh publishers, Australia

Lesley -  St Aiden's Church, Stenhouse, Young, New South Wales, Australia

Lesley -  Reply to Boroughmuir School Annex question, SE Queensland, Australia

Lesley -  Workers who built the Forth Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Lesley -  Small book, published by Valentine & Sons, Uraidla, South Australia

Lesley -  Memories: Fountainbridge, Niddrie, Bingham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Lesley - Estimating the date of an old photograph, Tasmania, Australia

Lesley - Recollections of Fountainbridge, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Lesley - Netherlands

Lesley - Small book published by Valentine & Sons, Christchurch, New Zealand

Lesley - Investigating the identity of the sitter in a photo by W Crooke, South Africa

Leslie - USA

Lettie - Brown, Barnes & Bell photographs, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Leonie - East Thomas Street residents, around 1900, Australia

Leonard - Date and value of a pot produced by Buchan Pottery, Oklahoma, USA

Lewis (Louie) - Recollections of Dalry district, Edinburgh, Dallas, Texas, USA

Lex -  Recollections of Palais de Danse, Edinburgh, New South Wales, Australia

Leyanne - Johannesburg, South Africa

Leyanne - Value of postage stamps, Gibraltar

Lia - Old engraving of Edinburgh, Canada

Liam - The Reid Family, Cork, Ireland

Liam - Old etchings, Dublin, Ireland

Liane - George Morrison's Studio;  postcard portrait of a sailor, Netherlands

Libby - Alex Ayton carte de visite, Puckapunyal, Victoria, Australia

Libby - Employment in Edinburgh, Slovakia

Libor - Photos of new Edinburgh trams for a Czech transport magazine, Czech Republic

Lilian - Recollections of Restalrig and Craigentinny, Edinburgh, Italy

Lilian - Recollections of Restalrig and Craigentinny, Edinburgh, Italy

Lilian - Arden Street and Ian Rankin's character, John Rebus, Auckland, New Zealand

Lillian - Memories of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Australia

Lillian - Mount Alvernia Convent, Liberton, Edinburgh, Rome, Italy

Lilian - Old Slateford photographs, Hamilton Square, New Jersey, USA

Lilian - High School Yards, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Lilias - 1850s glass plates, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Lin - Jerome postcard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lin - Memories of working in Edinburgh shops in 1960s, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Linda - Nineteenth century family portraits from Edinburgh studios , Australia

Linda - Charles Spence, Lerwick photographer, Australia

Linda - Death records: Foulis Close, Wollongong, New South Wales,  Australia

Linda - Musselburgh Races, Bahrain

Linda - Copyright Laws, Canada

Linda - Pettigrew & Amos postcard portrait, Canada

Linda - Date of a carte de visite by P Gilchrist, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Linda - Engraving by John Smith, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Linda - George McKenzie Sr.+Jr., photographers, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Linda - Photos: Warrender Park Road and Meadows Walk, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Linda - Family photo by RK Thomson, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Linda - Photographic wallet from JB Watson, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Linda - History of SMT buses, Northern Ireland