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Edinburgh Photographic Society

Practical Section

Elementary Lectures, began in 1892 - the year that EPS  moved into its new premises at 38 Castle Street. 

From 1898 onwards, these lectures were described as Practical Photography Lectures, and from 1919 as Practical Section Lectures.  They continued until 1925 - the year that EPS left the premises at Castle Street.

In later years, a wide range of speakers gave these lectures.  Many of the lectures included demonstrations. Here are some of the subjects covered in the last three seasons. 

They include one of the early lectures by Archibald MacLucas.  He gave his first lecture in 1917, when he was President.  He was still giving lecturing to EPS throughout his further spell as President from 1942 to 1945, and gave his final lecture in 1953.

20 Dec 1923

G W Wight

 Lantern Slide Making

17 Jan 1923

R S Galloway

 Photographic Chemicals and Their Uses

21 Mar 1923

G K Ritchie

 Cameras, Lenses and Shutters

18 Apr 1923

J W Thomson

 Carbon and Kindred Processes

14 Nov 1923

W F Slater

 Enlarging  [demonstration]

19 Dec 1923

E F Spaven

 Bromoil  [demonstration]

23 Jan 1924

V L Alexander

 Carbo  [demonstration]

20 Feb 1924

A H MacLucas

 Mounting Methods  [demonstration]

16 Apr 1924

J W Thomson

 Some Applications of Photography to Modern Printing

22 Oct 1924

E F Spaven

 On Choosing a Camera

19 Nov 1924

H N Usher


17 Dec 1924

W B White

 Carbro  [demonstration]

21 Jan 1925

J Campbell  Harper

 Retouching the Landscape Negative

11 Feb 1925

J Adam Watson


18 Mar 1925

F M Duthie

 Lantern Slide Making

15 Apri1925

A H MacLucas

 Useful Dodges in the Dark Room


Technical Lectures


The Practical Section Instructural Lectures of the 1920s were followed by a few Technical Lectures in the 1930s

21 Oct 1936

G W Wight

Lantern Slide Making

18 Nov 1936

G J W Thomson

The Print and Enlargement

20 Jan 1937

G W Wright

The Lantern Slide

`7 Feb 1937

A W Hill

The Bromoil Transfer

20 Oct 1937

H D Wyllie

Elementary Darkroom Technique

17 Nov 1937

A H MacLucas

Mounting the Print


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