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The Last horse-drawn tram  -  1907

Edinburgh's Last Horse-drawn Tram  -  1907

  Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc


Edinburgh's Horse-drawn Trams


Newington & Craigmillar Park

   Edinburgh's Last Horse-drawn Tram  -  24 August 1907

The horse-drawn tram system in Edinburgh came to an end on 24 August 1907, with the opening of  the Craiglockhart cable car system.  The cable car system was introduced into Edinburgh between 1898 and 1907.  The Craiglockhart route was the final part of the cable car system to be opened.

I was surprised to see the destination board showing Newington & Craigmillar Park, rather than a destination on the Colinton route.

Was this really Edinburgh's last horse-drawn last tram?


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Here is another tram, also referred to as Edinburgh's last horse-drawn tram.

This is not the same tram.  It has only six windows on each side.  The tram to Newington and Craigmillar Park had eight windows on each side.


Edinburgh's Horse-drawn Trams


Thank you to Peter Rivet who replied:

"I think the description 'Last Horse Drawn Tram' relates to the last horse-drawn tram on a particular route, in each case.

Edinburgh's Last Horse-drawn Tram  -  24 August 1907

The photo showing the last horse tram to Newington and Craigmillar Park clearly wasn't taken in 1907. It would presumably have been on 23 May 1900 when this route was converted to cable traction.

Craiglockhart route was left out of the original scheme because it carried relatively light traffic, and as you point out it wasn't converted until 1907."


Edinburgh Transport  -  First and Last Trams

However, it is quite possible that the Tollcross picture represents the last horse tram in Edinburgh, at least on a regular basis; though as I understand it a few horse cars were retained for some years to provide an emergency service in the event of a breakdown.


Peter Rivet, Lancaster, Lancashire, England:  October 6, 2007


This is one of three photos that claim to show the last horse-drawn tram.

HORSE-DRAWN TRAM PHOTOS:         Close-up Photo      At Tollcross.




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