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Craiglockhart Station

Craiglockhart Station  -  1955

Edinburgh Railways  -  Craiglockhart Station  -  1955

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Neville Stead, A J Mullay and Ian Allan Publishers          G M Staddon / N E Stead collection

Craiglockhart Station

A 'Glen' class engine, No 62487, Glen Arklet, passes through Craiglockhart station as an Edinburgh  tram passes over the bridge in July 1955.

The tram in the background is on Colinton Road, close to Meggetland playing fields.  Trams on this route were replaced by buses in October 1955.

Craiglockhart station was built for the North British Railway in 1887.  Except for a short period, 1917-19, at the end of World War I, the station remained open to passengers until 1962.

The station was on the Suburban line that carried passengers through  the southern suburbs of Edinburgh until 1962.  The line still carries freight traffic and there are now plans to re-open it to passengers.

Craiglockhart station was between Gorgie station and Morningside Road station.  It can be found a little to the right of  centre on this map, beside George Watson College Sports Ground on this map:

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