Railway Accidents



Photos 1. and 2. below started as queries about railway accidents, thought to have taken place in Edinburgh or Leith.  In fact, the locations turned out to be elsewhere in Scotland.


Question 1

Where and when
was this accident?

An Accident, possibly in Edinburgh  -  Where is it?


Smeaton Colliery, Dalkeith
October 9, 1958

Thanks to:

John Stevenson
John Hadden
Douglas Beath
Roger Cook
Malcolm Paul
Christopher Hogan
Patrick Hutton
Rodney Marshall

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Question 2

Is this Leith?

An Accident, possibly in Edinburgh  -  Where is it?


No.  It's Tayport, Fife, Scotland.

Thanks to:

Walter Lyle Hume
Patrick Hutton
Phil Wilson
Richard Hollingworth
Ian Lindsay

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Question 3


There was an accident on New Year's Day 1941, when a goods train crashed through the buffers at Musselburgh Station.  Alan Grieve emailed me asking:

"Does anyone have information about the accident or a copy of the report, if there was one produced?"

Alan Grieve Minehead, Somerset England:  January23, 2009

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Question 4

Leith Walk

Douglas Robertson wrote:

"My Great Uncle, John Robertson, was killed on January 9, 1945 when he was run over by a train at a Railway Goods Station in Leith Walk.

I've found his death certificate on 'Scotland's People' and this has filled in some gaps, but there still persists the fact that my own family recollections tell me that he may have been involved in an incident.  He was a Railway Constable at the time.

His younger brother, Alexander was also also killed in the same way, albeit at a different time, within a few years of John's accident."


Can anybody point me to any archive that I could possibly research?"

Douglas Robertson:  October 17, 2010

Advice for Douglas

If you can suggest where Douglas might be able to do any further research into these accidents, please email me, than I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs, October 17, 2010

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Early Accident

A railway accident between Trintiy and Granton in 1860

Between Trinity and Leith


This is an illustration from the London Illustrated News on July 21, 1860