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Colinton Station

Colinton Station

Cointon Station  -  When was this photo taken?

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Colinton  Station

Edinburgh's Railways  -  Edinburgh to Balerno

The Caledonian Railway line from Edinburgh Princes Street Station to Balerno opened in 1874.  The line followed the water of Leith.  There were stations at Colinton and Juniper Green.

Here is a photo of Colinton Station, with a row of wagons and old advertising behind the platform.  The line leads out of the station and into a tunnel.   When was this photograph taken?

If you can estimate the approximate date, please email me



Can estimate the approximate date of this photo?  If so, please email me


Answer 1

Thank you to Stuart Rorrison, Penicuik, for sending the following reply:

"I would estimate this to be mid 1950's.

Grahams Golden Lager was re-launched as Skol in 1959."

Stuart Rorrison  - 19 April 2005

The 'Skol' comment above is interesting, but see below.



Answer 2

Thank you to Patrick Hutton, Edinburgh, for the following:

"I suspect the photo is older than Stuart Rorrison's estimate. The wagons are all labelled LMS or NE /LNER, which would suggest that the picture pre-dates the 1948 nationalisation into British Railways.

Also, the pedestrian access up the ramp at the far end of the station looks well-maintained - compare to the growth seen in the June 1958 photos (loco 47163 and one man).

The passenger service ceased in 1943, so maybe the picture is before then?"

Loco No 47163 at Colinton Station on 19 June 1958

 Maybe even pre-war?"

Patrick Hutton - 20 April 2005



Answer 3

Stuart Rorrison has replied:

"Thanks.  I guess Patrick is quite correct. The photo could be as early as 1935.  That is the year when Graham's Golden Lager was launched."

Stuart Rorrison  - 20 April 2005



Answer 4

Following up on the comments about the lager advert in Answers 1 and 3 above, M Clark writes

"Reference the question (I stumbled upon) concerning the date of the photo: 'Graham's Golden Lager' was first launched by the Alloa Brewery Company in 1925.  It became 'Skol' in 1959

Michael Clark, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland:  October 24, 2007



Answer 5

Thank you to Alan Young who wrote:

Around 1934

    Cointon Station  -  When was this photo taken?

"You ask if anyone knows when this photo of Colinton station might have been taken. I have the book 'The Balerno Branch' by Donald Shaw.  An almost identical photo of Colinton Station is in it.  The book states that it was taken in 1934."

Alan Young:  March 20, 2012



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