Early Descriptions of Edinburgh

The Lawnmarket

From:  Modern Athens - Published 1829

St Giles Church
and the Lawnmarket

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This description of The Lawnmarket refers to the engraving above.

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The Lawnmarket is a stretch of the Royal Mile to the west of St Giles church.

The Lawnmarket

"Almost constantly occupied by 'dealers and chapmen' with bales of goods exposed for sale, it exhibits an ever-moving, ever-varying appearance.

The general mart for all kinds of mercery, it is inhabited mostly by tradesmen occupied in this business, and the resort of retail dealers and private purchasers from all parts of the country.

As represented in the annexed Engraving, the rolls, or bales of goods, are often displayed on open stalls in the middle of the street and it thus assumes the appearance of an English fair.

This part of Edinburgh was formerly called the 'Land-market', but is now corruptly termed the 'Lawn-market'. "

[Modern Athens]





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