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Post Card - Portobello Beach - James Valentine

The Waverley Handbook to Edinburgh, 1870, included a Bathers' High Water Time Table to the end of September. It was introduced with the following paragraph:

Portobello and Trinity are the two great resorts for Bathers.  The beach at Portobello (where the machines, with the use of towels, may be had for 3d each) is the finest and safest bathing ground in Scotland, while the pier at Trinity (for the use of which 1d is charged) affords admiral scope at all stages of the tide for experienced swimmers and bathers - its least depth at low water being 6 feet 4 inches - its ordinary depth 17feet - its greatest depth, at spring tides, 26 feet.

A train to Trinity for Bathers at present leaves Waverley Bridge Station every morning at 6.5 a.m., returning at 7.4 a.m.; but  trains and omnibuses to both Portobello and Trinity may be had every half hour during the day.




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Granton Breakwater  -  8 September 2002


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