West Pilton



Children from West Pilton Crossway

A group of 21 children on the back green behind West Pilton Crossway, 1955

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alan Raeburn, Australia      April 22, 2010


West Pilton

Thank you Alan Raeburn, who has lived in Perth, Western Australia, since 1988,  for allowing me to reproduce this photo taken at West Pilton.

Alan wrote:

The District

"This photo was taken on August 11, 1955 on the back green of 5 West Pilton Crossway.  No 5 is on the west side of West Pilton Crossway. 

The children in the photo were facing West Pilton Bank. 

-  West Pilton Crossway was on their right.

-  The western end of West Pilton Park, a circular area of shops and housing, was behind them.  This circular area can be seen clearly on Google Earth.

I remember there being Munro's bakers, a drysalters, a grocers  and a few other shops.  In the middle was a circular area with greenery and small railings.

I had a magic childhood in West Pilton.

The Children

In this photo:

Kenny and Eileen Raeburn are giving raspberries.

-  Norman Downie is in the centre row on Eileen's right

Robin Downie is front right.

Evelyn Raeburn in front of Kenny.

-  there  could also be children from any of these families:





-  Watters




I don't know whether I'm in this photo or not.

Maybe someone will recognise themselves in this photo.

Alan Raeburn, Perth, Western Australia:  April 22+24, 2010?

Here are three more photos from Alan, also taken at West Pilton:

A group of ten, somewhere at West Pilton  -  1950s or 1960s ©     Norrie Downie and Kenny Raeburn at West Pilton Crossway  -  1950s ©       A group of seven, somewhere at West Pilton  -  1950s or 1960s ©




Doreen Russell

Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you Doreen Russell for posting a message in the EdinPhoto guestbook.

Doreen wrote:


    A group of 21 children on the back green behind West Pilton Crossway, 1955 ©

"I'm in this picture of the children from West Pilton Crossway with a bouquet of flowers.

-   My brother, David, is in the back row.

-   My sister, Frances, is in the third row,

-   My brother, Leslie, is in the front row.

-  The two Hackland girls, Carol and Sandra, are in the front row.

-   My name is now Doreen Keenan.

Doreen Keenan (née Russell) Auckland, New Zealand:
Message posted in EdinPhoto guest book:  February 9, 2011




Robin Downie

Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, England

Thank you Robin Downie, one of the children that Doreen Keenan (née Russell) recognised and named in her Recollections 1 above for getting in touch.

Robin wrote:


    A group of 21 children on the back green behind West Pilton Crossway, 1955 ©

"I  remember this photo, even though I was only five years old.

I left Edinburgh with mum, dad, brother and sister when dad joined Air Force. I travelled with them and am now living in Abbots Langley with Pam my wife of 44 years, two children and three grandchildren.

All the Downie family are very well and will always remember West Pilton with fondest memories.  We've been back a couple of times, but it'snot the same now."

Robin Downie, Hertfordshire, England:  September 26, 2014