West Pilton


1950s / 1960s

Where was this photo taken?

A group of ten, somewhere at West Pilton  -  1950s or 1960s

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alan Raeburn, Australia:      March 31, 2010


West Pilton

Thank you Alan Raeburn, who has lived in Perth, Western Australia, since 1988, for allowing me to reproduce this photo of his neighbours at West Pilton Crossway and his Mum, Mary Raeburn (in the centre).  The photo was taken in the 1950s or 1960s.


If you recognise which houses these are in the background, please email me.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  April 18, 2010?

Answer 1

Thank you to Yvonne Cain who wrote:

West Pilton Crescent

"The buildings in the background could be in West Pilton Crescent.  I have a photo of myself taken in front of West Pilton Crescent houses which looks very similar."

Yvonne Cain, Australia:  April 19, 2010

Answer 1

Thank you to Alan Raeburn who wrote:

"This photo was taken on the back green of 5 West Pilton Crossway.  No 5 is on the west side of West Pilton Crossway. 

The children in the photo were facing West Pilton Bank."

So the housing behind the children would have been at the western end of West Pilton Park, a circular area of shops and housing, was behind them.  This circular area can be seen clearly on Google Earth.

Alan  added:

"I remember there being Munro's bakers, a drysalters, a grocers  and a few other shops.  In the middle was a circular area with greenery and small railings."

Here are two more photos from Alan, also taken at West Pilton:

Norrie Downie and Kenny Raeburn at West Pilton Crossway  -  1950s         A group of seven, somewhere at West Pilton  -  1950s or 1960s


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