Royal Navy & Royal Marine

Association & Club (Edinburgh)

Mixed Group  -  When?

A mixed group of members at Royal Navy & Royal Marine Association & Club (Edinburgh), 1 Broughton Road, Edinburgh

  Thank you to Ian Thomson, Lake Maquarie, NSW, Australia  for allowing me to reproduce this photo.     Photographer not known.


The Navy Club

Thank you to Ian Thomson for writing again and sending another two photos taken at the 'Navy Club'.  When Might these photos have been taken?

Ian wrote:

Mixed Group

"Bill and Jean Kernan, my wife's parents are in the 2nd back row, on the right.

On a Saturday night at the club, there was great entertainment with some fine singers.  I had a hired car and used to back it up to the front door, then take the old folk home.  They were quite merry by the end of the night."

Lake Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia:  February 14, 2011


The Navy Club

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