Copyright Notice

Ian Thomson

Lake Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia

Thank you to Ian Thomson, Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia, for allowing me to reproduce a photographs including classes at Murrayburn School, Sighthill taken around 1944 and Broughton High School taken in 1949

I am trying to discover who took these photos, so that I can discuss copyright with them.  If you know, please e-mail me.

Thank you.

 Peter Stubbs:  December 12, 2007

Photo of Royal Navy & Royal Marine Club Members  - 1970s

This is one of the photos sent to me by Ian Thomson.  The photogrpaher is not known, but the name and address on the back of the print is 'Scottish County Press, North Wynd, Dalkeith, Scotland'.  Scottish County Press were based at Dalkeith, Midlothian  from 1959 until 1979.  They then moved to Bonnyrigg,  Midlothian.

Scottish County Press tell me that they may well have printed this photo for the Dalkeith Advertiser.  Thank you to the Dalkeith Advertiser for allowing me to reproduce this photo (if it is one of their own photos).  If you are aware of the photo having been taken by somebody else, please email me so that I can contact them.  Thank you. 

Peter Stubbs, May 13, 2010.