Where is It?

Answer:   Henderson Street, Leith


Kenny Raeburn (left) + who?

Kenny Raeburn and Car  -  1960s  -  Where was this photo taken?

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alan Raeburn, Australia       March 31, 2010


Where is It?

Thank you Alan Raeburn, who has lived in Perth, Western Australia, since 1988, for allowing me to reproduce this photo taken in the 1960s.  On the left is Alan's brother, Kenny (now deceased).


The branch of Leith Provident Co-op and the police box in the  background may give a clue as to where this photo was taken

Do you recognise these streets?  If so, please email me.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  April 18, 2010



John Gray

Portobello, Edinburgh

Thank you to John Gray, Portobello, Edinburgh,  who sent me an immediate answer.  

 John wrote:

Henderson Street?

"I think the photo was taken at Henderson Street, Leith,"

John Gray, Portobello, Edinburgh, April 18, 2010



Mary Johnston-Small

Thank you to Mary Johnston-Small who added:

Henderson Street

"I agree that this photo is of Henderson Street, Leith.

Albert Street also had a Police Box.  I looked hard, then remembered that Albert Street was not divided."

Mary Johnston-Small: April 19, 2010



Ian Smith

Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland

Thank you to Ian Smith for writing about the time when he grew up in this part of Leith.

Ian wrote:

Henderson Street and Henderson Gardens

"The tenements in this photo are in Henderson Street  (one of a triangle of roads to the east of Great Junction Street, Leith.

Kenny Raeburn and Car  -  1960s  -  Where was this photo taken?

-  The road on the 2nd side of the triangle, where the car is parked is Henderson Gardens.

-   The road on the 3rd side of the triangle is Yardheads.

-  The swing park is in Henderson Gardens.

 - The Police box is where Henderson Gardens blends into Henderson Street."


"I lived at 10 Henderson Gardens, then moved in with my sister at 17 Yardheads.

 At age 11 and a half, I started as a milk laddie.

-  Then, at age 12 I started as butcher boy within the Leith Provident Co-op.  (ie 'The Store').

At 16, I had learnt enough to become the Store's Holiday Relief Manager !"

'The Store'

"The buildings in the background in this photo, from left to right, are departments of Leith Provident Co-op

-  Bakery Dept

-  Bakery 'back door'

-  Grocery Dept

-  Grocery Dept 'back door'

-  Butcher's Shop  (the 'star')"

Message Bike

"I had the use of a message bike. It was a solid machine with large wicker basket on the front that could take a maximum load of around 140 lbs (10 stones).

I was around 5ft and 5 stone at the time !"

Ian Smith, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland:  October 6,+ 17 2014



Ian Smith

Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland

Thank you to Ian Smith for following up his comments in Recollections 3 above with more memories of working for Leith Provident Coop ( The Store).

Ian wrote:

'The Store'


   Kenny Raeburn and Car  -  1960s  -  Where was this photo taken?

"I remember that the rules for working while at school were that:

-  We must be 13 years old.

-  We must not start earlier than 7am.

I was 11.5yrs old and we were expected to start at 6am.

My run for 'The Store' was around the Broad Pavement, Henderson Gardens, and Yardheads.

-  My wages were 13/6d (0.675) per week.

A Rammy

"One Saturday morning, while I was being paid at the Grocer's,  the Butcher, John, came through looking for the Grocer's Message Laddie to deliver to a couple of customers.

The Laddie was meant to be shared between Grocer's and Butcher's, especially for deliveries.  A rammy broke out.  I spoke out and said I would do the deliveries.  This worked out for the next 10 yrs.

So, after school and (full time) during any holidays my time was spent as butcher at 'The Store'.  By the age 16 yrs I had learnt so much that I became Holiday Relief Manager.

Other Work

"Even after getting a job in Brain Research, I still continued to work for 'The Store' on Saturdays and in my holidays.

So my week became:

-  Monday to Friday:  Brain Research

-  Friday night:  Memphis Road Show - Roadie

-  Saturday:  'The Store'

-  Saturday night:  Memphis Road Show - Roadie

-  Sunday:  slept."

Ian Smith, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland:  October 16, 2014


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