Engraving from Old & New Edinburgh - published 1890

Broughton Hall


Engraving from 'Old & New Edinburgh '  -  published 1890  -  Broughton Hall

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Broughton Hall

Where was Broughton Hall?

Broughton Hall was about a mile to the north-east of Central Edinburgh, in the middle of section C of this map of Edinburgh.

Map  -  Edinburgh, with key  -  Produced for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

Please click here to see the a), b) and c) below:

a)   Section C of the map above, showing Broughton Hall and the surrounding land in 1844.  Broughton Hall is on the eastern side of Broughton Street, just opposite Claremont Crescent.

b)  The same area in 1925, more fully developed, with a row of tenements replacing Broughton Hall

c)  An aerial view of the same area in 2001.

When was Broughton Hall demolished?

The National Library of Scotland Maps web site includes maps that can pinpoint the date of demolition of Broughton Hall more precisely. 

-  Broughton Hall appeared on the Bartholemew Plan of 1890
(Please click here to open this page on the NLS Maps web page, then click on the central map - No 5 - to find Broughton Hall.)

-  It was shown as still standing on the 1894 Ordnance Survey map.

-  It did not appear on the 1905 Ordnance Survey map.

[With acknowledgement to Jenny Parkerson for details of the National Library of Scotland maps.]