Old & New

 Its history, its people and its places.

Author: James Grant
Published in instalments over 3 years,
Now usually found bound into 3,
 or occasionally 6, volumes
Cassell & Co, London, Paris, New York,

Opening Page

Opening page of 'Old & New Edinburgh'  -  published 1890

  Reproduced by courtesy of Jenny Parkerson

The illustrations on this opening page are:

              TOP -  Edinburgh Castle, The National Galleries, The Scott Monument

        MIDDLE -  St Giles Cathedral

      BOTTOM  -  Holyrood Palace

The first volume of Old & New Edinburgh begins:

"Every old city has its origins generally placed among the fables and obscurity that envelop the infant state of society, and thus, like that of many other towns and cities, the origin of Edinburgh, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Scotland recedes so far back into pre-historic times as almost to almost elude the most patient  investigations and labours of research; but in these pages we propose to trace the annals, and to describe the varied and stirring events of which it has been the scene, from the days when all around its site was a wilderness of wood and water ..."




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Thumbnail images

Edinburgh Old Town

The Royal Mile

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh New Town

Distant Views of Edinburgh

Around Edinburgh - North + East

Around Edinburgh - West + South





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