Ferry Boat

'Mary Queen of Scots'

 North Queensferry  -  1964

Mary Queen of Scots at North Queensferry, 1964

   Reproduced with acknowledgement ot Michael Slorance, Fife.                             The photo was taken by Michael's father in 1964.


'Mary Queen of Scots'

Thank you to Michael Slorance for sending me this photograph of 'Mary Queen of Scots' taken at North Queensferry

Michael wrote:

"This photo was taken in 1964 by my Father."

 Michael Slorance, Fife, Scotland:  March 6, 2008

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   A ferry  -  probably 'Mary Queen of Scots'  -   at South Queensferry          Queen Margaret  and other ferries at North Queensferry  -  Photo probably taken shortly before the Forth Road Bridge opened


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