Postcard by PA Buchanan & Co

 Royal High School

Regent Road, Edinburgh

Royal High School, Edinburgh  -  Art Room

Postcard by PA Buchanan & Co  -  St Hilda's School, Liberton  -  Dining Room, Junior House

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Royal High School Club, London


Royal High School

Thank you to Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, for showing me the photograph above. It appears on the web site of the Royal High School Club in London.

This photograph was taken in 1925 and first appeared in the Royal High School's Prospectus, 1925-26.

The prospectus described the room as the Art Room, but Leslie Gage who sent the photo to the web site said: 

"By the time I attended the school, the room was being used for science lessons."

Here is another photograph of the same room, this one published as a postcard by Buchanan.

Postcard by PA Buchanan & Co  -  Royal High School, Edinburgh  -  Is it the Art Classroom?


Royal High School

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