Ramsay Garden

Close to Edinburgh Castle

Ramsay Garden  -  Winter Afternoon  -  2 January 1997 


Photograph by Peter Stubbs  -  Edinburgh  -  May 2002  -  The Queen's Coach parked outside Assembly Hall, the Mound


Ramsay Garden - Late summer evening


Ramsay Garden as seen from Princes Street, with the flags of the Edinburgh Tattoo on the castle esplanade in the background.


Princes Street Gardens in October  -  looking towards Ramsay Garden


Princes Street Gardens and Ramsay Garden in the snow  -  Novembe 2010


Infra-red photograph  -  Ramsay Garden  -  Photograph taken June 1996

Infra-red photo

Ramsay Garden  -  Brief History of the Building


Ramsay Garden

View from Edinburgh Castle Esplanade

Ramsay Garden  -  Photograph taken January 2013            Ramsay Garden  -  View from Edinburgh Casdtle Esplanade  -  March 2015

Ramsay Garden from Edinburgh Castle Esplanade



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Ramsay Garden

Ramsay Garden - Brief History Around Edinburgh