Poor Clares Convent

Lasswade Road, Liberton, Edinburgh


  Frank White, Blackley, North Manchester, England                                                                                    Photographer not known


Poor St Clare's Convent

Thank you to Frank White for allowing me to reproduce a photo of Poor St Clares Convent in Edinburgh, which I have not added to the Liberton Recollections page on the EdinPhoto web site.

Frank wrote:

Poor Clares Convent

Sister Anthony

"Here is a picture of Poor Clares Convent, Lasswade Rd Liberton, Edinburgh.  On the back of the picture it is blank apart from an address.

My great aunt, Sister Anthony (Honorah White, b.1892 Preston) was a nun at the convent from 1955 up to her death in January 1959.

She joined the order at Bullingham, Hereford, then moved in 1927, as a young professed, to open help establish an order in Workington.  By 1945 she was in charge of the externs

In June 1948 sister Anthony and twelve other sisters moved to Tadcaster, West Yorkshire, where they founded another foundation.

In 1955 the community moved, yet again, to Edinburgh. Sister Anthony remained in Edinburgh till her passing in 1959."


"Can anybody give me any more info on Sister Anthon  -  photos or anything at all?  I am tracing my family tree and any info would be helpful

She was from a large family.  Her father was born in 1852 Boston USA.  Her brother, William, died in Glasgow due to a fall into the dry dock on June 15 1915, while serving in the royal navy."

Frank White, Blackley, north Manchester, England:  November 16, 2011

Please see this Liberton Recollections page to read any replies received to Frank White's question above.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 27, 2011



 to Frank White

Thank you to Danny Callaghan for following up Frank White's question by visiting the site of the convent, now converted to housing at Mount Alvernia.

Danny's comments can be found in 'Recollections 2' on the Mount Alvernia page.



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