Pathhead Viaduct

Viaduct and Golf Course

Pathhead Viaduct

Railway photos - Postcard - The Viaduct and Golf Course, Glencorse

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh


Pathhead Viaduct

Recent Photo

Thank you to Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse Edinburgh for sending me this recent photo that he took of Pathhead Viaduct, Midlothian.

Bob's reason for sending this photo was part of an investigation to discover whether or not the viaduct seen in the background of this early group photograph by James Pike might have been Pathhead Viaduct.

A cabinet print by James Pike of a group of children with a viaduct in the backgraound

Bob concluded:

Pathhead? - No

"The arches in the large photo at the top of this page are very distinctly different from those in this photo by James Pike:

So, the viaduct in James Pike's photo is not at Pathhead."

Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh:  April 14 + 15, 2009

Which Viaduct

Please follow this link to read more suggestions as to which viaduct might be in James Pike's photo.



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