Looking down on

Granton Harbour

View from Trinity


Granton Harbour  -  April 2013

Rainbow at Granton Harbour  -  Photo taken April 14, 2013

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                           Photograph taken August 2003


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    Rainbow at Granton Harbour  -  Photo taken April 14, 2013


Granton Harbour

The Harbour

Granton Harbour lies on the Firth of Forth, about a mile to the west of Newhaven, and three miles to the north of the centre of Edinburgh.

This view looks down on Granton Harbour from Trinity, during showers on a Sunday morning in April 2013.  Most of the yachts in this photo had arrived in Eastern Harbour, Granton over the previous week.

Please click on the link below to read about the history of Granton Harbour.

The Islands

The island of Inchmickery can be seen in the Firth of Forth at the left-hand edge of this photo.  The island of Inchcolm with its abbey can be just seen behind and to the left of Inchmickery, with the lighthouse of Oxcars shining in the sun to the right of it.


The coast of Fife on the northern edge of the Firth of Forth can be seen in the background.

New Apartments

Much of the land around Granton Middle Pier and Western Harbour is due to be redeveloped for housing, though probably not until the financial climate for new developments is looking healthier than it does now, in 2013.

However, a few apartment blocks have been built:

-   one, seen at the left-hand side of this photo, close to the Royal Forth Clubhouse and slipway on Middle Pier, on the corner of Lochinvar Drive (formerly Middle Pier Road) and the eastern end of a new road, Hesperus Crossway

Rainbow at Granton Harbour  -  Photo taken April 14, 2012

-   two on reclaimed land in Granton Western Harbour,  at Sealcarr Street, to the west of the western end of Hesperus Crossway.

-   one at Granton Square, on the corner of Lochinvar Drive and Lower Granton Road.

Granton Square - Looking down Middle Pier towards Granton Harbour




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    Rainbow at Granton Harbour  -  Photo taken April 14, 2012


Granton Harbour History