Granton Trawler

'Stewart Boyle'

The Granton Trawler, 'Stewart Boyle'

The Granton trawler, Stewart Boyle

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to The Museum of Edinburgh

Granton Trawler

'Stewart Boyle'

The trawler 'Stewart Boyle' was registered at Glasgow, but the crew were all local Granton men.

Thank you to Walter Lyle Hume for sending the following additional details about this trawler:


Stewart Boyle.

-  Official Number 133000.
-  Built at Aberdeen by Alexander Hall, Yard, No. 472, in 1911.
-  GW27.
- 197 gross tons.  
-  Served as a Mine Sweeper  1914 to 1920.
-  Fishing registry was transferred
to Granton, GN17, in 1945. -   -  Vessel scrapped 1954.

I recollect seeing this trawler late 40`s early 50`s in Granton. The only other known existing steam trawler is still to the best of my knowledge at the Leith Shore, a floating restaurant, now closed.


Any pictures of the dredger Rockchime during her time in Granton, or for that matter any other boats.

 Walter Lyle Hume , Cowes, Isle of Wight, England  -  5 April 2005





I've not yet (at Aug 06) found any pictures of the dredger, Rockchime.

However, I recently received a message from Ray Hill who spent his childhood at Granton, Edinburgh and later worked as a student at Middle Pier, Granton. 

Ray wrote:


"The book 'To the Steamie or Steam Ships I Have Known'  mentions the Rockchime.

In August 2005, I met Tam Wood, Skipper of the Rockchime, in the sixties."

Ray Hill, Edinburgh  -  18 August 2005


I received a further message about  Rockchime in October 2006 from Grant King, now working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Grant wrote:


"Tam Wood was the captain for a while before moving on to manage the floating dock that was moored at the west pier.  Prior to that Willie Russle (not sure about the name) was captain.

My uncle was Bill McKaig, the crane driver.  As a boy I spent many happy days in Granton,  including days out on the Rockchime.

On the odd occasion my father was at the wheel. It was not a fast vessel.  I remember, on one occasion, being passed by a small sail boat on our way back to Granton after dumping a load of mud.

The last I heard of the Rockchime was that it ended up it,s final days in Ireland somewhere.

Grant King, Aberdeenshire, now working in Trinidad October 23, 2006





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