'The Venchie'

Adventure Playground at Craigmillar

Adventure Playground, Craigmillar  -  When was this photo taken?

Children's playground 'The Venchie' - Craigmillar, in winter  -  which year?

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Johnni Stanton, Craigmillar                                                                Photographer not known


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    Children's playground 'The Venchie' - Craigmillar in the winter  -  When?


'The Venchie'

Thank you to Johnni Stanton for allowing me to reproduce this photo.  This is one of the photos that was featured in Johnni's exhibition, 'Craigmillar Then' at The John Maxwell Gallery, ARTSPACE, Craigmillar, during the Craigmillar Festival 2009.

This photo was taken in winter, with snow lying on the ground, but I don't know the year.  Perhaps somebody else will be able to tell me more about it.

The playground must have provided lots of scope for adventure.  I doubt that it would pass today's 'Health & Safety' requirements!

Here is photo taken of the playground in 1973

Children's playground 'The Venchie' - Craigmillar, 1973