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Fettes College

Fettes College    -    Postcard posted 1903

WR&S Postcard  -  Fettes College  -  posted 1907

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Fettes College

The School

Fettes College, is immediately NW of Inverleith Park, about two miles to the NW of the centre of Edinburgh.  This is the school attended more recently by the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

The Back of the Postcard

This postcard was sent from Edinburgh to School House, Roxburgh in the Scottish Borders on 18 September 1903.  The writer wrote messages on both sides of this card. 

The message on the back of the card said:

"Dear Eva,

I daresay you will be surprised to receive a P.C. from me.  Well it just came into my head that you were collecting P.C.s before I left Kelso.  So I thought I would send you one for old times sake. 

How are you all getting on?  Give the girls all my kind love, not forgetting your own dear self.

Your loving friend ... ... ...

I hope Eva did not feel that the postcard had suffered too much by messages being written all over it.

The Front of the Postcard

The message at the left on the front of the card begins:

"We are back to Madame Roques again, getting on a treat."

This is presumably a reference to Madame Roques hat shop at No 7, South St Andrew Street in the centre of Edinburgh.

Madame Roques is thought to have financed the Edinburgh photographer, Walter Raleigh Britton's photographic studio in the early 1900s.


Fettes College

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Fettes College

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