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Walter Raleigh Britton


Britton Photographic Studio

Walter Raleigh Britton was related to, and possibly partially financed by, Madame Isobel Roques, formerly of Paris, who with her sister ran Madame Roques Hat Shop. 

The hat shop opened at 7 South St Andrew Street in 1863.  From 1875 until 1907 it was based at 16 George Street.

Walter Raleigh Britton and his company, Britton Photographic Studio, were based at 79 Princes Street form 1901 until 1910.  WR Britton lived at 16 George Street until 1907.

In 1908, his home address became 3 Roseburn Cliff.  Within a couple of years of moving, he had closed his studio at 79 Princes Street.

He did not appear in the trade directories again until 1915 and 1916.  By then he had moved to  38 George Square Lane.  His trade become  Motor Sales Exchange and Garage .


Walter Raleigh Britton  -  studio addresses and dates