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Model Steam Engine

Model Steam Engine from E Lennie, Opticians

Model Steam Engine sold by E Lennie, 46 Princes Street, Edinburgh

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alan Battson, Wilstead, Bedfordshire, England


E Lennie

Lennies are well know for thier optical and photographic equipment.

However, Alan Battson has written to tell me about another item that he has bearing an E Lennie nameplate.

Alan wrote:

Model Steam Engine

"I have  a model steam engine with a nameplate 'E. Lennie-optician 46 Princes Street'.

It was given to me in 1943.  I can only assume that it was made as a pastime or hobby by Mr Lennie."

Alan Battson, Wilstead, Bedfordshire, England:   August 14+15, 2009


E Lennie

Alan added:

Age of the Model

"The dates 1857-62 that I concluded above (possibly incorrectly) are based on the title of the business at 46 Princes Street given in the historical notes on the E Lennie web site.

However, I must agree that to put the full title of the business on such a small nameplate would be quite an achievement!

Also, when I was given the engine in 1943, it was described as 'very old - approaching 100 years old'."

Alan Battson, Wilstead, Bedfordshire, England:   August 21, 2009




John Somerville

Seattle, Washington, USA

Thank you to John Somerville who read Alan Battson's comments and wrote:

Model Steam Engine

"I'm a steam enthusiast and have spent months in southern England visiting steam museums.  My favourite is the Kew Bridge Engine Trust.

I recently purchased a very fine model steam engine at an estate sale.  Here is a photo of it...

Model Steam Engiine by Lennie

... and a photo of the 'Lennie' name placard from the model."

Model Steam Engiine by Lennie - Nameplate

John Somerville, Seattle, Washington, USA:  December 13, 2010

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John:  Do you know the approximate date of your model?

Peter Stubbs:  December 17+20, 2010


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