Names, Addresses and Businesses

E Lennie's studio  -  Princes Street

The following names and and addresses have been taken from the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directories. 

They show a range of businesses tried by J Lennie and his family in the early days.

I have not yet produced a family tree for the members of the Lennie family listed below.  However, E Lennie was Mrs Eliza Lennie, widow of the firm's founder James Lennie.

14 Leith Street

1840 J Lennie Opticians
1841 J Lennie Perfumer
1842 J Lennie Dealer in Hardware
1843 J Lennie Jeweller & Optician
1844-1849 Jas Lennie Jeweller & Optician
1850-1856 Jas Lennie Optician

46 Princes Street

1857-1858 Mrs E Lennie Optician
1859-1861 E Lennie Optician
1862-1864 E Lennie Optician & Manufacturer of Photographic Apparatus
1865-1874 E Lennie Optician
1875-1901 E Lennie Optician & Spectacle Makers
1902-1903 J & J Lennie Optician & Spectacle Makers
1904-1906 John Lennie Optician & Spectacle Makers
1907-1921 Lennies Optician & Spectacle Makers
1922-1935 E&J Lennie Opticians Spectacle & Eyeglass Makers
1936-1953 Lennies Opticians & Spectacle Maker

5 Castle Street

1954-1958 E & J Lennie Opticians & Photographic Dealers

56 George  Street

Incorporated by J Turnbull & Co

1959-1971 EJ Lennie Opticians



Lennie  -  Retailer or Manufacturer?

The company  appears to have been retailers rather than manufacturers of instruments for most of the duration of the business.

The book "Brass & Glass: Scientific Instrument Making Workshops in Scotland"  has been published by the National Museums of Scotland and is available from their bookshop at the museum in Edinburgh.  It has a chapter devoted to the Lennie business.

Alison Morrison Low