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The Lennie Family

James, Eliza and William Lennie

James Lennie was born in South Leith in 1816 or 1817.  

The family living together at the time of the 1851 census comprised:

James Lennie

Master Optician

Aged 34

Eliza Lennie


Aged 33


Son, Apprentice Optician

Aged 13


Thank you to Norman Price, Nottingham, England for telling me more family details (below). 

Norman wrote:

"James Lennie and Eliza are the parents of William Brown Lennie, my great great grandfather.  His daughter, Violet Ade Lennie is my great grandmother.   She married Fred Percy Jackson.  William Lennie moved to Liverpool."

Norman Price, Nottingham, England:  Message in EdinPhoto GuestBook:  November 21, 2007

John, James and Joseph Lennie

James Lennie died in 1854.

Around 1872, Eliza Lennie married optician James Taylor from Haywood, England.    There were three stepsons:

John Lennie

James Lennie

Joseph Lennie

John Lennie and probably at least one of  his brothers had connections with the business.  The business traded as J & J Lennie in the early 1900s.

Joseph Lennie

Joseph Lennie became President of Edinburgh Photographic Society, 1900-01.

E J Lennie / Jack Lennie

E J Lennie gave lectures  on photographic filters to Edinburgh Photographic Society in 1938 and 1948.

Jack Lennie headed the firm in 1959, the year that the company closed the photographic side of its business.

Thank you to Paul R Lennie for sending me the following message:

E J Lennie / Jack Lennie

"I think you will find that EJ Lennie and Jack Lennie were one and the same; he was my father.

He did close the business in 1959 and move to Rome, with his second wife, my mother, and died there in 1969."

Paul R Lennie:  February 16, 2006


Source: The names above are taken from an introductory section in a chapter on The Lennie Business in:
Brass & Glass: Scientific Instrument Making Workshops in Scotland", Chapter 9  p123.