Postcards published by J R R E

J R Russell


Stationer and Photographer

John R Russell was listed in the Edinburgh trade directories as:

 Wholesale Stationer and Photographer.

He was listed in the trade directories from 1908 until 1929, though he appears to have been in business earlier.  Many of the postcards below were posted as early as 1904.


John R Russell published a series of postcards of clergymen,  many of the photos having been taken  by

-  J Moffat

T Pursey

T & R Annan & Son

and several other photographers.


      John R Russell:  A postcard portrait of Rev Dr J H WIlson, taken by John Moffat 


John R Russell published a wide variety of views in black and white, sepia and colour in the early 1900s.  A few of these bore the name of another photographer including James Valentine.


      A postcard view by J R Russell, Edinburgh  -  Little France