Thomas Pursey

Thomas Pudsey [in one directory]


Thomas Pursey

Artist and Photography

Thomas Pursey was Artist & Portrait Painter.

He became  Photographer and Artist. 


He used two addresses, both referring to the same premises on the corner of South Charlotte Street and Princes Street.  The addresses were:  

2 South Charlotte Street and 

- 135 Princes Street.

He also had another studio nearby, at 37 Queensferry Street.

Photography Medal

Thank you to John Donnelly, County Durham, for letting me know that Thomas Pursey was awarded a Medal for Photography in the Edinburgh Industrial Exhibition, 1901.

John tells me that he found this medal in a scrapped car many years ago, and it has lain in a drawer ever since.

Acknowledgement: John Donnelly, County Durham, England:  December 22, 2009


I have several post-cards published by J R Russell of Edinburgh [JRRE].

These all show clergymen.  Some were taken by Thomas Pursey.


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