Moir & Halkett


Moir & Halkett advertised:

Moir & Halkett Photographers

106 High Street & 34 Bath Street,
 Portobello  Established 1862  

Private Grounds for Groups and Machines

NB:.  Costumes are kept on the premises for taking Ladies and Misses as Newhaven
 Fishwomen and Highland Dresses for Gentlemen.  


I have not yet found evidence to substantiate the claim of establishment in 1862.


The advert for Muir & Halkett in the Portobello & District Directory, 1895-96 was similar to the above, except it only gave one address: 106 High Street.



The Practical Photographer

In the 1890s, Messrs Percy Lund & Co, publishers of the journal, The Practical Photographer, offered to undertake the registration of any photograph or drawing for a fee of 1/6d. 

They offered to reproduce in miniature any  photographs that they believed to be of exceptional interest and suitable for publication.   Each edition of  The Photographic Journal included a list of photographs registered during the past month.

The 1 April 1891 edition [p. 112] included:

Moir & Haskett:  106 High Street Portobello

1.  One Photograph of the Heart of Midlothian Football Team, winners of the Scottish Cup 1890-1

2.  One Photograph of Committee and team of winners of the Scottish Cup  1890-1





Jeremy Nayler

St Albans, Hertfordshire, England

Thank you to Jeremy Nayler for sending me the photo below of a cabinet print by Moir & Halkett.  The name and studio addresses given on the back of this cabinet print are:

Moir & Halkett

106 High Street, Portobello

34 Bath Street, Portobello


Jeremy wrote:

My Great Grandmother

Moir & Halkett Cabinet Print  -  Jeremy Nayler's great grandmother, dressed as a Newhaven Fisherwoman  -  Photo taken around 1889 to 1893.

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jeremy Nayler

"I believe that this is a photo of my great grandmother – it fits with your description of Moir and Halkett’s advert,"


"Costumes are kept on the premises for taking Ladies and Misses as Newhaven Fishwomen and
Highland Dresses for Gentlemen."

"I don’t know whether she qualifies as a ‘Lady’ or a ‘Miss’, but I guess it was taken before my grandmother was born in 1900."

Jeremy Nayler, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England:  August 5, 2013

Studio Dates

The Moir & Halkett Portobello studios listed on the back of the cabinet print both opened in 1888.  34 Bath Street closed around 1894 and the one at 106 High Street closed around 1896.

I don't know when the Moir & Halkett studio at Haddington operated.  All I've discovered is that William S Moir had a studio at 9 Court Street, Haddington from 1889-1893.

Perhaps this is the Haddington studio referred to on the back if the Moir & Halkett cabinet print above.  If so, this suggests that the photo of Jeremy Nayler's great grandmother would have been taken around 1889 to 1893.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  August 7, 2013



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