Alexander McGlashon


Alexander McGlashan -  spelling used sometimes up to 1862

Professional Photographer

In the late 1860s, he worked under his own name, which he appears to have changed from Alexander McGlashan to Alexander McGlashon in1863. 

His photographic business was based at 130 Princes Street until 1867, then at 26 Clyde Street for two years.

26 Clyde Street was the address of:

McGlashan & Wilding - probably not photographers (1855-56)

Alexander McGlashan [home address] (1856-70).  

He then moved to 27 St James Square (1871-77).

This address became home to the steel and copperplate printing business, McGlashon & Smith (1875-78).

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery has a collection of McGlashon’s Scottish Stereographs.


Question 1

Is this a different Andrew McGlashon?

There was also Alexander McGlashan at 2 Sciennes Place (1870-76).  Was he one of Edinburgh's professional photographers?  He does not appear to have been the same person as Alexander McGlashan above.

I believe that  I reached this conclusion through seeing two separate entries in the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office directories for Alexander McGlashan, one at each address  -  rather than the more usual format of a single entry listing both the business address and home address.


It's probably the same man

Alexander McGlashon, listed in the trade directories as living at 2 Sciennes Place, does in fact appear to be the same man as Alexander McGlashan, the photographer of 26 Clyde Street.

The photographer of 26 Clyde Street was the husband of Mary Ann McGlashon who died at 2 Sciennes Place.

Thank you  to Alister Huth for this research into old Birth, Death, Marriage and Census records.

2 Sciennes

Ron Cosens, North Yorkshire, tells me that he has an Alexander McGlashon carte de visite bearing  the address '2 Sciennes'.  Might this be an alternative address for 2 Sciennes Place (above).

Ron Cosens, Pickering, North Yorkshire

43 Sciennes

Constantia Niclaides tells me that she has just catalogued a carte-de-visite of the novelist Mrs Gaskell (Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell (née Stevenson)) by Alexander McGlashon, and that the photographer’s stamp on the carte says ’43 Sciennes / Edinburgh’.

Constantia Niclaides, Photographs Cataloguer, National Portrait Gallery, London:  June 5, 2007


Question 2

Was Alexander McGlashon related to James McGlashon, EPS Hon Treasurer 1888 to 1894?


Question 3

Was Alexander McGlashon the same person as took early views of Melbourne, Australia?

There is a suggestion on Ray Norman's World of Stereo Views web site that he may well be the same person.

Alexander McGlashon

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McGlashan in Australia

McGlashon's Scottish Stereotgraphs

   stereo view in the "McGlashon's Scottish Stereotypes" series  -  The East Window of Holyrood Abbey ©

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Edinburgh Castle

Holyrood - 4 views

Old Town - 2 views


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