Kenneth MacLeay  RSA


Watercolour by Kenneth MacLeay

 Portrait of Mrs Hay Mackenzie by Kenneth MacLeay

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ron Hodgkinson



Ron Hodgkinson

Mrs Hay Mackenzie

Ron Hodgkinson, the owner of the picture and has been attempting to discover more about it.  Ron writes:

-  It is a watercolour by Kenneth MacLeay and is dated 1842

-  It is reported to be of Mrs Hay Mackenzie.

-  The background may be her home,  possibly Castle Leod.

-  What is known about Mrs Hay Mackenzie?

If you can help to answer Ron's question, please email me, then I'll pass your message on to Ron.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs




Scottish National Portrait Gallery

It may be Mrs Anne Hay Mackenzie

There is a painting by Kenneth MacLeay, dated 1842, in a private collection.  It is probably of Mrs Anne Hay Mackenzie (1829-88), later Duchess of Sutherland and Countess of Cromartie 1829-88.  She stands with the edge of a castle in the background

This painting was exhibited at the RSA (Royal Scottish Academy) in 1843.

[Scottish National Portrait Gallery, National Galleries of Scotland]




Ron Hodgkinson

It is unlikely to be Mrs Anne Hay Mackenzie

Mrs Anne Hay Mackenzie (1829-88) would have been aged about 13 in 1824.  The lady in the painting above looks older, so this casts doubt on whether or not the sitter in the watercolour above is  Mrs Ann Hay Mackenzie.

Ronald Hodgkinson




Ron Hodgkinson

Ron Hodgkinson added:

It may be the mother of Mrs Anne Hay Mackenzie

"I have been doing a little more research and I have discovered that Anne Hay Mackenzie's mother was also Anne - Anne Craig daughter of Sir James Gibson Craig - she married John Hay Mackenzie in 1828 she died in 1869.

 In 1842 she would have been thirty something so perhaps she is our mystery lady. However I would still appreciate any help to establish whether I am on the right track."

Ronald Hodgkinson




Rita Oster


Rita Oster wrote.

It is not Mrs Anne Hay Mackenzie

"The portrait is not of Mrs Anne Hay Mackenzie.  There isn't any resemblance.

The castle is certainly not Castle Loed."

 Rita added:

"Perhaps it would help if you contacted the Clan Mackenzie Society UK or Alan McKenzie, Clan Mackenzie Society In The Americas (= Canada)"

Rita Oster, Commissioner Clan Mackenzie Society USA:  February 20, 2009






Thank you to Amelie who wrote:

Probably not Mrs Anne Hay Mackenzie

"I came across your page in my search for a painting of Anne Hayes MacKenzie, later Duchess of Sutherland, as I need a picture of her for a book I want to publish in Hungary.

I surfed for hours and now my conclusion is that this picture is not of her."

Portrait of Mrs Hay Mackenzie by Kenneth MacLeay

I have found another picture of her.  If I can verify that the source is trustworthy, I should be able to confirm that the picture above is not of Mrs Anne Hay Mackenzie."

Amelie, Austria:  July 25, 2010