Peter Low

Peter Low was described himself as Photographer until 1876, then as Photographer, Miniature and Portrait Painter.

Was this the same photographer as Peter Low who had two studios in Glasgow in 1864-67?

Lecture to Edinburgh Photographic Society


Below are some  brief extracts from a lecture given by Peter Low to Edinburgh Photographic Society on 6 June 1877:

"I desire to say a few words tonight by way of encouragement to amateur photographers, with, perhaps, a few hints to aid those who are just beginning to try their "prentice hands" on that portion of our beautiful art which, as a matter of course, I consider the highest as well as the most interesting  -  I refer to portrait photography"

"I have always found that beginners in either painting or photography are apt to imagine that a great deal, if not all, depends on the amount and variety of compounds used.  However, as they gain experience, they find out that the simple palette both of colours and of chemicals is the best, and that the production of good pictures in either branch of art depends not so much on the materials used as in the amount of talent and perseverance of the user.  With these few remarks we will go to work.  ..."

"Collodion - A mixture of two good makes works the best when a few days old.  Make up a little at  a time, so that you may get plenty of detail, softness, and quickness of working. ..."

"Developer - The following is one useful for all class of work:

Sulphate of iron ................. 1/4 ounce

Iron of ammonia ................ 1/4 ounce

Spirits of wine .....................1 ounce

Glacial acetic acid ............... 1/2 ounce

Water ..................................... 8 ounces"

"On the table you will find a few groups taken a Holyrood last week.  They were simply developed slightly, washed and not fixed till the evening.  Others taken the same day were not finished till the following morning.  I merely mention this to show that negatives are not spoiled by being kept for some time, but, on the contrary, I think hey rather improve."

[BJP:  15 June 1877;  p.283]



Messrs Low

Messrs Low were  Photographers and Miniature Portrait Painters.

They produced: cartes de visite, cabinet prints and Gem portraits including one mounted on card reading:

"Wishing you the compliments of the season, 25 December 1880"

Messrs Low also had a studio in Dundee 

Messrs Low illustrated a book which was sold by Alexander Hill, brother of David Octavius Hill.

"Photographs from life at Inverary Castle photographed by Messrs Low 130 Princes Street and published and sold by Alexander Hill Publisher to the Queen, 12 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh”