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Sotires Georgiades

OR Sortires Georgiades [in directories until 1855]


Sotires Georgiades

Carte de visite

Sotires Georgiades  -  Professional photographer

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of Scotland.
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Birth in Greece

Sotires Georgiades was born in Argos in Greece, one of the famous ancient cities. Herodotus, on the first page of his celebrated Histories, describes Argos as once “the most important place in the land now called Hellas”.  [Ian McHaffie, Edinburgh]


Photography in Edinburgh

Sotires Georgiades became one of Edinburgh’s early daguerreotype photographers.  He appeared in the trade directories from 1851 to 1862, at various addresses, described sometimes as Artist,  sometimes as  Photographer and sometimes as both.



Sotires Georgiades died at Westbank House, Portobello on 14 May 1890, aged 79.  He was described on his death certificate as 'photographer retired'.  His Death Certificate makes no reference to his parents or to other members of his family.

Sotires Georgiades' gravestone  -  Calton New Burial Ground ©

He is buried in Calton New Burial Ground, Edinburgh.



Sotires Georgiades

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Sotires Georgiades  -  Professional Photographer ©

Sotires Georgiades' gravestone  -  Calton New Burial Ground  -  zoom-out ©

  Sotires Georgiades' gravestone  -  Calton New Burial Ground ©