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William T Bashford

Carte de Visite


The back of a carte de visite by Bashford, Royton Cottage, Portobello

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ron Cosens

Early Carte de Visite

Here is yet another variety of carte de visite back from WT Bashford.  His initial, WT, appear in the scroll at the top of the illustration.

This carte de visite dates from the days of Bashford's first studio, Royton Cottage, 135 High Street, Portobello.  The trade directories record that he worked from this address for one year only, in 1878.

The tower that appear in the middle of this image also appears on another of WT Bashford's cartes de visite.

Photographs Painted in Oil

It is interesting to see that, even at this early stage, WT Bashford was offering 'Photographs painted in Oil'.

In fact, a report appeared in Notes from the North in the British Journal of Photography in February 1875, reporting WT Bashford's views on  retouching.  He recommended the use of oils. 

So it appears that his professional photography business probably started at least 3 years before the 1878 date when he was first listed in the trade directories as a photographer.

Have any of Bashford's cartes de visite 'Painted in Oil' survived?  None of his photos in my collection have had any colour added.


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