Charles Jenner

One of the two founders of Kennington & Jenner

 later to become


Cabinet Print by Bashford, Portobello

Charles Jenner

Cabinet Print by A Swan Watson  -  Charles Jenner, one of the founders of Kennington & Jenner, later to become Jenner's Department Store in Princes Street

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Susan McKean, Paisley, Scotland
whose great-grandfather was Dougald Macdonald, butler to Charles Jenner.


Charles Jenner

Charles Jenner was one of the two founders of Kennington & Jenner's store in Princes Street in 1838.  The store was re-named Jenners in 1924.

He lived at Easter Duddingston House, Portobello.

Cabinet print by William T Bashford  -  Easter Duddingston House, Portobello  -  The home of Charles Jenner



Thank you to Stuart Brown who wrote

Who was Thomas Peasegood

"I visited Rosslin Chapel yesterday but, at 7.50, I decided to only walk round the graveyard.

I came across a gravestone which was enigmatic and I was curious.  The gravestone inscription read:

 Thomas Peasegood, 1842,  aged 15

Erected by Charles Jenner.

That was all. There was no parents to Thomas, nor siblings mentioned. The Charles Jenner on the gravestone just appears to either have had a sense of responsibility for Thomas - possibly as his employer or as a philanthropic attitude, with money to match.

I don't think I would be far wrong in thinking that it is THE Charles Jenner.  Just in case you know anything about Thomas I would be interested if you let me know."

Stuart Brown:  July 9, 2010

Reply to Stuart?

I don't know anything about Thomas Peasegood, myself, but perhaps somebody else will know about him.

If you know anything about him, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to Stuart Brown.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  July 9, 2010


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