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George Aikman

George Matthew Aikman

George Aikman RSW


George Aikman

George Aikman was a photographer at 15 Ferry Road, Leith from 1915.  He may have worked here from an earlier date, as this was the address of Reynold’s studio from 1913. 

Was he the same person as George Matthew Aikman


George Matthew Aikman

In 1906, George Matthew Aikman gave an illustrated lecture to Edinburgh Photographic Society, titled:  "A Sketch History of Engraving".

In 1907-09, he was a photographer based at 10 Forth Street, Leith.  Then he vanished from the trade directories.


George W Aikman RSA

Aikman  -  Engravers

George W Aikman is reported to have been born in Edinburgh in 1830 and died in Edinburgh in 1905.  He is reported to have been son of, and later partner with George Aikman, an engraver employed by WH Lizars.   [P&P:RL] 


Was George W Aikman RSA part of the same family as George Aikman above?


The City of Edinburgh Art Collection includes 32 of his watercolours of scenes of Edinburgh. 

The catalogue of the City's Art Collection reports that George W Aikman exhibited in Edinburgh and London.  The dates that it gives for his birth and death are one year later than than above.  i.e. 1831-1906.

[Catalogue of City of Edinburgh Art Collection, Vol I, pp 7-9]

Book of Golf Etchings

I heard recently of a  large book called "Golf Greens of Scotland" , published 1893, by George Aikman of etchings of John Smart's water color paintings.

[Chad Schumacher]


Is the George Aikman who produced the etchings for this book likely to be the same man as (or a member of the same family as) the Edinburgh photographer, George Aikman, above.


Aikman  -  studio addresses and dates