Edwin O Catford

Transport Photographs

We are indebted to Edwin O Catford for the many photographs he took of early trams and buses in the streets of Edinburgh, and for his many  posed photographs taken inside Edinburgh  Corporation Transport Department's depots and workshops.

EO Catford was head of the corporation transport, and was obviously keen to record views of his vehicles, both on the road and in the depots and workshops, though he was never employed by Edinburgh Corporation as their official transport photographer.

Many old books on the history of Edinburgh's transport, and this web site, contain views by EO Catford.

Tower Wagons
North Bridge

    Edinburgh Transport  -  Tramway Maintenance

Through Tram

Pilrig  -  The Official Party crosses the Edinburgh/Leith boundary at Pilrig on 20 June 1922  - the first day of operation of through trams between Edinburgh and Leith

Most of the details above are taken from: The work of Reginald P Phillimore in old picture postcards (Introduction)


Other Photographers